My employer has insisted today that I remove the categories of 'Digitization' and 'Digital Preservation' from my position description and replace them with 'Archival Expertise'.


I was an archivist for 4 years. I am no longer an archivist and don’t do archival work - I’m just in the archives dept.

Happy !

Did you know my !!con West talk from February is online? You should watch me talk about old video games and obsolete text encodings!

The words "unceremoniously" and "marginalized" appear often in my annual self-appraisal.

I might have a problem here.

also putting spaces & punctuation marks in the filenames just makes me want to 😭

If you are applying for a job, sending your CV and cover letter as word docs probably isn't the smartest thing to do. 🙄

After 15 years of doing videotape digitization, you'd think imposter syndrome would be a thing of the past. I still wonder if I'm doing everything properly.

But it's always reassuring when an expensive vendor's transfer doesn't seem to be quite as good as yours.

These 10-bit uncompressed .mov files are slowly choking FITS (and my computer) to death. DC Video doesn't do MKV/FFV1 👎 .

Someone / people(?) threatened to release a bunch of Radiohead minidiscs from the mid-late 90s. Instead of paying the ransom, Radiohead put the work on Bandcamp with proceeds going to benefit Extinction Rebellion — what an excellent response! Here's the link

digitizing a VHS tape with same content looped and I feel like I'm trapped on a merry-go-round

I’ve seen people express concern that Apple’s Ruby announcement will affect Homebrew. Don’t worry - we’ve been shipping our own Ruby where needed for a few years now. We’re in a good position to adapt, and we’ll be ready long before the change actually happens.

"I know what you just did in Excel" -- words to terrify the heart of every library worker.

tired of seeing nothing on terminal login screen (cowsay | fortune)

Although it rarely occurs, being called out for scanning errors isn't cool. What's cool is being able to prove that your digitization unit did not scan the image. We've never used a Nikon slide scanner.

An Archivematica sticker finally found it's way onto my laptop. thanx, @ashley

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