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On , revisit how the was built through archival materials. The process is documented in detailed photos and drawings from this 1911 edition of The Shipbuilder: archive.org/details/the_shipbu

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If you want to hear my colleague Lyndsey Moulds and me talk about the approach to software and net art preservation at Rhizome, there's this online event on April 19: rhizome.org/events/from-black-

Helleborus niger, la varietà di elleboro più diffusa in Italia.

Dall' Hortus romanus di Niccolò Martelli 1735-1829)



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As it stands today, the PlayStation 4 and its games have an expiry date. The CMOS problem is a nightmare scenario, especially for video game preservation. @jonasrosland@twitter.com provides his thoughts on this and digital storefronts for @lifewiretech@twitter.com. lifewire.com/your-playstation-

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April 14, 1996, Skinner purchased fast food to disguise as his own cooking at an unforgettable luncheon with Superintendent Chalmers, when "22 Short Films About Springfield" first aired on Fox. @thatbilloakley@twitter.com @Joshstrangehill@twitter.com

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📽️Hey, did you know that artist/technologist @tinysubversions@twitter.com has made the "Home Movies Bot" that selects short clips from @InternetArchive@twitter.com's @prelinger@twitter.com Home Movies and shares GIFs of them on Twitter?

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anyone know of any good/decent IRC clients for iphone?

note: i dont mind paying for an IRC client i just need to know if itll work/what bugs it has

Well, there’s one PS1 mystery solved. There’s a game by Culture Brain I’ve seen pop up on a lot of unreleased game lists, but some people insisted it really exists. A copy sold on Mercari for $150 recently, and they have photos. It exists! mercari.com/jp/items/m81969921

'She was going to make "teeny bopper twi-girls" turn their heads up at Twilight and towards her series of books and movies, known simply as Mystic Moon.'

The forgotten story of Monique Tether, The Youngest Director who Never Was by u/parletrix on Reddit


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Michael Latham, long time game industry Producer, Designer, and good guy passed away today. He worked on a lot of games, and I know his name from Eternal Champions, Greendog, Home Alone and SCUD the Disposal Assassin. RIP.

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Happy 26th Birthday Opera Browser! On April 10, 1995, The Norwegian company Opera Software first introduced to the public a new MultiTorg Opera 1.0 web browser that used MDI (Multiple Document Interface) technology. webdesignmuseum.org/web-design

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