Someone handed us every AOL CD. That is, every variation of every America On-Line CD-ROM. Over 5,000 variations.

Neo Geo Pocket and and Neo Geo Pocket Color now emulated and screenshot at the Archive:

Mastodon sometimes sends me along notifies that people are saying the equivalent of "Here is Jason's account on mastodon but he almost never posts, he posts on twitter but twitter badddddd" across the month. Sorry about that, I go where the mass audience is.

If you're exclusively here, let me suggest my podcast, "Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It" - monetary support is encouraged but not required. I'm at 61 episodes and growing weekly.

Ray, when someone asks you if you want 3000 vintage erotic magazines, you say yes

The Twitter versus mastodon hand wringing is the most hilarious argument going on Twitter these days

I've been handed 1 terabyte of Flash. Uploading it to the archive across the week.

Speaking at Living Computers Museum tonight, in Seattle.

So, while I'm banned over at Twitter (ban lifts sooner rather than later), I did want to say that while people want me at Mastodon full-time, I don't feel it's QUITE ready for that, and I'm still up in the air about the character and quality of what I want to do fitting in here. I chose a digipres Mastodon and I'm worried I'll be wearing people out. Maybe I just need to make my own instance.

@textfiles p.s. this is a spam account that instructed me to follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram

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I think I need to start documenting the Quicktime format of Grandia's strange nonstandard .MOV files. Might help me figure out what the heck it is.

I could use eyes from anyone familiar with MPEG and similar codecs, too; I have a feeling eyeballing the video bitstream is going to be necessary to figure out what it is.

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