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Thought 3 painful tries to get a cannula in my hand while having a CT scan would be the low point today. But no! It was the woman in the loo at Sainsbury's who cornered me, demanding to know what I thought about "this trans nonsense". I hope she enjoyed being told she's a bigot.

Anyone else always start a project in a state of "argh, how will I ever do this? 😬" Then about two weeks in there's the "oh wait, yup, I see how this will work" moment?

Just had that moment. Today is a good day 🎉😌

Hello digipres folks! For my first toot, I'd like to share new news about Career Development Fund grants at the Digital Preservation Coalition:

🎉New Year, New Grants Calendar!🗓️🎉 Members can now see a full list of all planned 2023 advertised grants with info on location, dates, and when the Call For Applicants will be announced via the DPC News page.
Find out more here:

Just finished the draft of a doc and it's exactly 1000 words. No edits allowed then....

15 minutes to go until the kick-off meeting for a new project. Exciting times!

📣People of , have you:

🙋developed a pre-ingest workflow?
🙋found a way to automate workflows?
🙋got a simple workflow using free tools?

If so, please get in touch! We'd love it if you could share as part of our workflow webinars series 💜

Task for today: assemble a reading list on email preservation. Any recommendations of articles, blog posts etc. that should definitely be on there?

Finishing up soon for the holidays, not back until 9th January. It's been a mad one, so very much looking forward to the downtime! Hope all who celebrate at this time of year have a lovely time and wishing everyone all the best for 2023!

At Tim Gollins is talking about "The A's of Computer Security" in the 1980s, the concepts that cyber security was centered on for a long time:

- Authentication -> proving who you are
- Authorization -> proving you have right
- Access Control -> allowing you to get to information
- Availability -> you can get information when you need it
- Audit -> recording what you did and when
- Assurance -> gaining confidence in the functionality
- Accreditation -> demonstrating things are secure

Don't forget that tomorrow is a Friday on Designated Communities!

We've brought this forward to accommodate the holiday period.

Come along 16 Dec, 1400 UTC, for an informal discussion on this topic! All are welcome:

This afternoon, we're getting ready to welcome participants and speakers along to our much anticipated & Cyber Security Event which starts in less than an 1 hour at 1400 UTC.

Follow along using :

please boost/RT! the Queer Metadata Collective is looking for descriptive / catalog policies relating to marginalized communities, individuals, & their works from #galleries #libraries #archives #museums and #speccolls (#GLAMS).

these will be used by QMDC to aggregate and build on individual policies to collective recommendations. policies don't have to be queer specific! internal or external policies welcome, internal ones will not be redistributed without your permission. #critcat #critlib

Pretzel is really enjoying this morning's DPC RAM JAM session! Hearing how members have moved from "Basic" level to "Managed" for different elements of digital preservation as defined in the sections of RAM.

The Digital Preservation Awards Winners Webinar Series takes place Tue-Thu next week.

Hear from all of the 2022 winners, including Joao Fernandes with the Project and Karin Bredenberg and Marjolein Steeman with in Episode 2 this time next week, 0900-1030 UTC Wed 7 Dec.

Sign up now:

This time next week the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is kicking off the Winners Webinar series!!

In Episode 1 on Tue 6 Dec, 1100-1300 UTC, hear from Panagiotis Papageorgiou (University of Portsmouth), Sally McInnes (National Library Wales) and Clare Lanigan (Digital Repository Ireland) about their award winning work.

Sign up now:

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