VHS players are cursed magic. We've been having audio issues with VHS capture recently, and the five players in my office each play different tapes correctly 🤷‍♂️

Hello new followers! I use my account on this instance for digital preservation/library professional stuff. If you're looking for Obscuritory things, I'll post those on @shadsy

Re-watching 30 Rock. Jack talked about how he converted his home movies to DVD "to preserve these memories forever." Noooooo!

Finally resolved the interference issue with the BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle! The problem seems to be the Thunderbolt model. For whatever reason (poor shielding, cheap cable quality, etc.), the Thunderbolt cables were producing electromagnetic interference.

If you get a BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle, buy the USB 3 model! It's also $50 cheaper

The most positive thing to come out of the Tumblr debacle is seeing that the immediate response, instead of "get the Internet Archive to back up everything", has been "everyone should take responsibility for backing up their own work, here are tools you can use"

Just found these same instructions in a reel to reel tape here. We need more cute cartoons in today's storage media landscape kartemquinarchive.blogspot.com

Definitely still believe this but don't know how we get there:

Digital preservation can't be something that only "digital preservation professionals" do, it needs to be something within reach of individuals who want to keep their own stuff during their lifetimes and then pass it on to friends and family. You're probably not going to run some ISO-certified preservation repository at home, but you should be able to keep your photos and home videos for yourself for as long as you want to keep them

My family is going to Disney World for Christmas, and I'm making sure we're leaving time to go see the giant floppy disk

The game preservation DMCA exemption is great, and I'm glad the outlook from people is generally positive. I was concerned because a big chunk of the proposal was declined, but it's good that folks are excited about what they can do with the small exemption that was carved out

This is how I label storage media that are having a problem I can't figure out digipres.club/media/0e48OBvWzo

Update to the earlier thread about the BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle: It's probably still okay to use. I'd chalk up our problems to our noisy environment and possibly something faulty with the Thunderbolt model

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Welp, just kidding, the drive failed again, time to buy a new one

My first RAID failure yesterday. And I rebuilt the drive! 🙌

It's a surreal to see a digital video artifact on an analog medium (a poorly encoded video that was dubbed onto VHS)

Never a good sign when an archivist walks into your office and says "It's really humid in here" 😬

First Software Preservation Network community forum! Not sure what to expect, but this is exciting!

We started with two RAIDs named C-3PO and R2-D2. We had to set up a third RAID... so the naming choice was pretty obvious digipres.club/media/uBRbE2Pc9n

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