Turns out I should have tried a simpler solution first. My TBC was actually making the video worse! Taking the TBC out of the loop got rid of the flagging at the top of the video. Lesson learned!

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Using an clicker eraser and James P. Carse's book "Finite and Infinite Games" to hold the eraser in place in order to manually adjust the backtension on a vhs tape while I digitize it.

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Can anyone give me some advice on granting access to hardware using ? I'm trying to capture video using an easycap clone. I've given the snap access to but ffmpeg still complains that it can't access hw:2,0 . Any ideas?

Any experts out there who can point me in the right direction in understanding why the same script that creates working video captures in Arch Linux, fails to create working video files in Ubuntu 18.04? @ashley @The_BFOOL

On a more successful note, I have had great results from sticking some vhs tapes into our food dehydrator. A little scary at first, but really seems to work.

Switched from Arch to Ubuntu. But when using the exact same command to capture video in ffmpeg, suddenly I can't fast forward through the video files captured under Ubuntu. Sigh. Going to bed.

Considering applying to a job. So many thoughts of being not worthy, not qualified, not up to the task. I don't really know what the truth is about my abilities, or what is actually required for this job. I hate this part. :/

Does an RDF/XML version of VRA Core exist? I'd love to use it in Omeka-S.


@platypus @libskrat@mastodon.social

Anyone know of any that are looking into as a vehicle for their archives?

Just remembered a video game I loved around 2004ish. It was a FPS where you had some kind of jetpack and you could hop around. When the landscape was hilly you could hit the hills just right and project yourself higher. I think it was called ??? Anyone else remember it?

I can't wait to get out of school so I can play around with OSs again. I've got the BSDs on my brain but no time to play now. :(

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Just ordered Absolute FreeBSD 3rd. Lightens up my night shift. Thanks @mwlucas !

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Federal judge orders state & insurers to cover transgender employees' transition surgeries. The judge concluded that there's no legally valid reason to exclude medically necessary care for the workers & called the state’s arguments “unhinged from reality" https://jsonl.in/2NttuIo

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Looking for more sources of audio/visual material in #publicdomain or #CreativeCommons or licenses giving similar freedom for creative (re)use.
Other than the 'classics' wikimedia, archive.org, ccsearch, openclipart, gutenberg.org, librivox, freemusicarchive, fontlibrary, freesound

Retoot to write a list together!

For the #OpenDesignCourse for refugees, starting on Monday.

Thinking about lossless webp and whether or not it might be a good replacement for jpeg200. Also, can I get it working with Omeka-S?

I have no answers. Only questions these days.

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RT @EFF@twitter.com: BREAKING: Worst possible outcome in the European Parliament copyright vote: MEPs vote for #uploadfilters , #linktax, a narrow #TDM exception for data-mining, no #freedomofpanorama—plus a new IP right for sports organizers.

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/EFF/status/1039845212921585665

Archival quality vs. when to settle? #digitizing_video #digipres (part2) 

When I'm done with my practice material. I was thinking that I would back it up on dual copies of DL bluray-r, but that would be about 76 discs. I've thought about two sets of mirrored zfs pools, but I can't leave that many drives attached to my home system. So I'm wondering what would be the best way going forward? Should I keep these, or go with .H264, .H265, something else? Please advise.

Archival quality vs. when to settle? #digitizing_video #digipres (part1) 

So I've been practicing capturing video using ffmpeg. I'm hoping to offer a vhs digitization service at my library as part of our digital archive. Have been practicing at home with my $12 capture card and the TBC (thanks @ashley ). Have been successfully capturing video in ffv1 with md5 frame hases. Now I'm starting to wonder, WTF do I do with all of these 1's and 0's??? I'm estimating I'll have 1.5 TB of video.

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