Ever wonder if your USB C cable is USB2 or USB3? Do you have some charge-only cables hiding in a box just waiting for the right moment to spoil your project plans?!
Fear no more!

I’ve made a simple board to test most of the things!

Downloadable papercraft models of many historical computer and video game console models here, by Rocky Bergen


Today at the Depot; building a portable Podcast studio; introducing someone to Adventure on Atari VCS; updating the RetroTink 5x again

The first Milieux virtual open house today was pretty entertaining.

The Depot shows up about 27:55
but watch it all if you want to know what we do ...


@N0ZB @Eccehom

I've been able to re-live these moments by buying much better recent Atari 2600 game ports from the Atari Age Store. Some of the stuff people can do now is pretty impressive. Just look at D.K. VCS for example.



Today's Google Doodle is worth a click. And if you miss it today:
Thanks for the tip, Tom Hall! (Are you on Mastodon?)

when your teaching materials on obsolete media are on obsolete media

Also, someone needs to write a cultural history of woodgrain.

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We have a LOT of pong consoles, including this Bentley Compu-vision, released in 1983 ... talk about not reading the room

The industry conf Smart Haptics coming up next week in Seattle. I'll be a live-on-stage guest for an episode of Haptics Club at SH, where we're looking back at guests' predictions about the future of the field & tech.

I've got a loooong thread going on Twitter with some rando thoughts as I review those predictions in prep for next week.

Not fan crossposting, mostly been lurking on Mastodon so far, but sharing link in case anyone here's interested.

This Friday, we'll start off our virtual open house with opening remarks from our director @bartsimon (11 AM EST) and go straight to Technoculture, Art and #Games Research Centre (TAG) to discuss all things #gaming with a live demo from the #Minecraft Group!

Tune in directly on our YouTube channel:


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Got a hold of some #SNK Corporate booklets from 1993. Some interesting pics inside. Can anyone recognize the character art in this photo? #NeoGeo

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/turfmasta/status/1126566789863886848

Fifty years ago today, Atari apocryphally announced Pong, a groundbreaking coin-op arcade game that brought video games to the mainstream while its clones ignited the industry worldwide

To celebrate, I republished The Making of Pong, which I wrote back in 2012 for Edge: https://www.vintagecomputing.com/index.php/archives/3183/vcg-anthology-the-making-of-pong-2012

The first mod we did at the Depot (April 2017) was installing a "Blinking Light Win" into a Nintendo NES "toaster" that already had a Tim Worthington RGB board installed in it. Scary as hell at the time, even though it's a simple mod, but a transformative experience for all of us in retrospect.

In spring 2017 a friend found this at a garage sale, exactly as displayed here, and grabbed it for the Depot. I still use this image to explain why material media history does something useful.

Epson has stopped selling laser printers, focusing on inkjets in the name of sustainability.

The entire printer market is predatory and wasteful. Buying new inkjet and laser cartridges is almost as much (sometimes more) than buying a new printer. I have a small collection of laser printers I have simply picked up in the hallways over the years because the university bookstore used to regularly price them less than a cartridge.


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