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Creating #IIIF prezi3 manifests with python: - with full validation on creation (with Pydantic) - looks great

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Hitachi HDD: Z7K320-250 / 250GB / SATA 3.0Gb/s.
Data erasure method: 50lb Longbow, two arrows at 15 yards.

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Introducing Textra, a free + open source OCR tool I created using Apple's new Vision API 🖼️✨📄

Textra runs on the command line and quickly/accurately converts PDF and image files to text (requires Mac OS 13+). Check it out! #opensource

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Just launched!

tldr.nettime is an instance for artists, researchers, and activists interested in exploring the intersections of technology, culture, and politics.

It has grown out of nettime-l, one of the longest-running mailing lists on the net .

It offers two tweaks we hope will help make it unusually fruitful:

- The character count per message is higher — 2000 chars.
- You can choose whether your post is public or visible only on tldr's local timeline.

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In talking to @edsu last night I kept thinking the time has come for a better Reddit for the GLAM folks #lemmy

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@awinkler @raffaele @julsraemy Being decentralized, ARKs don't mandate one particular resolver infrastructure. The less certain you are of your org's hostname stability, the more you (the ARK creator) may want publicize your ARKs based at N2T. A choice that works for one org might not work for another.

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Together with John Jung (University of Chicago Library) and @jakkbl of the @arks_org Outreach WG, we have just written a blog post using jointly Archival Resource Key (#ARK) identifiers and the International Image Interoperability Framework (#IIIF) specifications. @iiif

Indeed, persistence is crucial when disseminating cultural heritage resources. Feedback is welcome! 😀

#PID #OpenSource #OpenResearch

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Starting a little archiving of Mute 09 (code name) The Bunny Issue - Mute Vol 1, No. 9, 1997 Sept, ISSN 1356-7748-09 - to start with its a PDF, pages as JPG. Next will be to improve on this - Wikidata entries, bookmarking, metadata, ToC, full text and interoperable formats, PIDs - but hey its a start

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Scholar is built on an open, editable bibliographic catalog:

Most of the records are automatically imported from our wonderful upstream sources, but any human can directly submit corrections and additions through the web interface or API. These submissions are then reviewed in the open before merging. The entire catalog is versioned and can be downloaded in bulk or synchronized using a "changelog" feed.

You can learn more about editing at:

many mastodon ios apps out there
and I use none of them: more than a year ago I deleted all social apps from mobile (previosuly with all notification silenced). too much distraction.

so if you have many thousands of followers post a link and get it ddosed for free :)

unpopular opinion: I've always found url previews very annoying

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Starting to feel the pain @jwz describes. It looked to me like Masto hosts were hitting. in kind of a dumb way. So, here are the top fetchers of “Bye, Twitter”:



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This is amusing. Websites are struggling with the crawler requests from Fediverse instances when a new post propagates through the network.

Now that blogs and personal websites might see a revival, tons of people will have to learn the lessons us older website operators have learned during the first wave of social media when Twitter and Facebook got big.

The main lesson being: don’t serve dynamic content directly without any cache layer.

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web archiving software release 

happy to announce a new pywb 2.7 release! featuring a new UI written in Vue with interactive timeline, revamped calendar, and easier local theming :)

more details on the webrecorder blog:

Italian police said they tracked and redirected the internet traffic from all internet service providers in order to identify people who subscribed to a pirate IPTV service

This is scary. Internet is theoretically distributed, federated, open. But your connectivity could be always controlled by someone else.

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The new NDC report is now available in open access!
MEMORY IN UNCERTAINTY: Web preservation in the polycrisis

How do we save the past in a violent present for an uncertain future?
In cooperation with the Webrecorder project and through a grant from the Filecoin Foundation, New Design Congress examines the state of today's #web #preservation practice and its relationship to the world. This major report evaluates the current state of web preservation and the broader #social and #political contexts of web archiving tools and practice. Informed by 3 years of broader NDC #research, threat modelling with the Webrecorder team, and qualitative interviews with preservation practitioners, this report details key threats, challenges and opportunities for developers, funders and policymakers working to support this vital field.

#webarchiving #risk #networks #p2p #colonialism #surveillance #opensource #foss #web #tech

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All right, #IIIF community on Mastodon, please boost this post!

I've just set up a list: the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) on Mastodon:

This list and offers an easy method to follow multiple accounts at once. You can can either download the full CSV or decide which account you would like to follow.

You can add your name using this form: This could also be interesting for #digitalhumanities, #culturalHeritage and #glam folks @iiif @dh

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uno spazio di discussione web, aperto e non moderato, per condividere saperi ed esperienze su e digitalizzazione dei beni culturali.

siete invitati ad iscrivervi!

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