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Since I moved recently to the instance, a short is necessary. (thread 1/2)

I'm Robin FRANÇOIS, from France but now living in Switzerland. With almost 10 years in IT security, I work now as a digital archivist at the Cinémathèque suisse (Swiss National Film Archive).

I have been investing some time on data storage media, through which I discovered the software for imaging/analysing media. I am also part of the Technical Committee.


So happy that is coming out on PC very soon.

Playing it on my PS5 was a true surprise last Christmas.

I loved it so much, and I am still listening to its soundtrack often.

Only today found out about the "isutf8" tool, which checks if one or more input files are valid UTF-8.

More info in this blog post from 2012:

Aaru optical disk sectors graph 

Another example with an Audio CD with a data partition at the end (when the Audio CD is inserted in a computer).

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Aaru optical disk sectors graph 

An example with a media that has a lot of errors sectors.

Background colors depends on the type of media (Audio CD, CD-ROM, CD-R...)

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Aaru optical disk sectors graph 

This is still a very alpha functionality being developed in : graphical representation of the sectors of an optical disk.

Green in for valid sectors, yellow for unknown, grey for undumped.

You can see on this one that there are 9 sessions (the 8 parts in grey are the intersession spirals)


Ce jeudi 8 décembre 2022, mon excellent collègue @GuenatGuillaume donnera une play-conférence (une conférence jouée) intitulée « 
SimCity (1989) et Cities : Skylines (2015) : les simulateurs de ville et la bureaucratie du fun »

Il tentera de répondre à la question : Qu’est-ce que les jeux vidéo de construction et de gestion de ville nous disent sur nos imaginaires politiques ?

Rendez-vous à la salle du conseil communal de Lausanne à 19h ;-)

Aaru, USB, SCSI, Jaz 

Testing Aaru and dumping a Jaz through a USB<->SCSI adapter.

Lots of folks warning that overreliance on AIs can lead to bias.

But that can sound a bit abstract, so let's just leave these examples here.

#CHATGPT #AI #bias

3DO Doom port 

DOOMed to Fail: A Horror Story With Rebecca Heineman (Burger Becky) - CoRecursive Podcast

The Computer History Museum publicly released the source code.
(PostScript is not only a printing technology, but actually also a Turing-complete programming language.)

Friendly reminder that the webradio Poolsuite exists, with a web interface that is so reminiscent of old operating systems that I could not resist:

If you ever wondered which fonts are used in 2001 Space Odyssey, some amazingly competent typography nerd found them all:

And the visit is not finished, there are analysis for a huge number of movies, and pages for each font.

Our work entails:

1. FINDING valuable documents
2. DIGITIZING materials in numerous formats
3. Guiding donors in the process of DESCRIBING content
4. DISSEMINATING digitized works under Creative Commons licences chosen by the authors
5. PRODUCING new content to contextualize the original materials
6. HELPING TO PRESERVE the original recordings and digital copies

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Natalia, the lead developer of the open-source project, have just published the latest progress report:

iPres 2022 Conference documents are now available in the OSF

I have not seen this collection before. Love the website and experience it presents. It's a gorgeous project! from

ClueWeb22 is released! It’s a dataset of 10 billion web pages in warc format with an accompanying paper.

Read more:

Project page:

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