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fyi if you've had a follow request from me recently there's a pretty good chance it's because I already follow you at I'm experimenting with a curated move back to this account to sift through the information overload of the latest influx of new people

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I should probably get round to doing a proper re- but while I'm still figuring out what account to use check out this one here:

FINALLY found the commemorative manhole cover celebrating the defeat of the Whitechapel fatberg in 2017.

"Although all copies of the book are openly licensed into the creative commons, some are nonetheless paywalled. The ebook is well β€˜digitally distributed’ to kindle, apple, google, kobo etc ebook stores where you can buy access to this creative commons license for $25.99.

Indeed, the MIT Press website steers you towards these digitally-rights-managed, $25.99 paywalls and away from the identical free-to-download ebook that we paid [€15,000] for."

This is very, very bad.

Skills and Training Needs to Open Heritage Research Through Repositories: Scoping report and Repository Training Programme for cultural heritage professionals. @BL_DigiSchol blog post:

There's this group UFOI (united federation of instances) that is pretending to be about improving moderation through coordination. If you look at who's involved, free speech extremists like qoto &, and what their purported benefits are, "guaranteed federation," it becomes clear their goal is actually to decrease moderation.

Don't fall for it.

If you're approached about joining Qoto's UFoI (United Federation of Instances), don't. Qoto started it because they got pissy people were defeding from them because they refuse to themselves defederate from fash instances. Some of the instances ON their UFoI are fash instances.

Qoto are *not* representative of the 'good' spaces on fedi, and if you're invested in curating a safe space for marginalised folk on your instance, you should distance yourselves from Qoto.

The young orcs peered into the creek, net and clubs and a single spear at the ready.

"I don't think we can catch a rainbow," Glora, the oldest, complained, tired of having her feet wet.

"Yes we can, my uncle said so," Hetril whispered, the second oldest, jutting her tusks in a defiant pout, "Just concentrate."

The other three exclaimed, "There!"

The 'rainbow' leapt, slithered and fluttered nimbly by, leaving the youths in a muddy heap.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

Metascience 2023 conference website is now live

May 9-10, 2023

In-person conference at the National Academy of Sciences
Washington, DC

I'm half thinking of hosting a fringe meeting in Sheffield for euro-people who don't want to fly but would like to meet other attendees in person. LMK if that sounds fun #metascience

A note to professors: your undergraduates are very tired.

A note to undergraduates: your professors are very tired.

A note to professors and undergraduates: graduate students are also very tired.

A note to professors, grads and undergrads: university staff are also very tired.

Is anyone in the UK currently doing anything with IGSN (International Generic Sample Number), or interested in doing so? Now that the collaboration between and is progressing nicely I'd love to hear thoughts on how we can support our community in the UK with this.

More info about the identifiers at and the collaboration at

Please vote!

We're adding new newspaper titles to our crowdsourcing project on 19thC news stories on accidents involving machinery. We've looked at Warrington (Cheshire) and Glasgow so far. Where should we start next?

Our titles cover places like Cannock, Forest of Dean, Manchester, Wednesbury and Wolverhampton

Dates, titles and locations are listed at

Some "milled wine" scented deodorant has arrived from Wild and now I smell like a festive scented candle and I love it

Oh that was FAST fast.

GPT-2 output detectors work for GPT-3 and GPTChat, which means people who do stuff like turnitin plagiarism checks have a tool for this fast-moving new frontier.

Personally, I do a choose-your-own adventure/create-your-own-assignment model for most of my non-intro classes, at this point, and frankly i'd be inclined to make this into an assignment, in its own right. It could look something like:

"Generate a GPTChat output on [topic(s)], then expand on and correct the output with specific references and citations from class readings and lectures. Turn in the prompt, the original, and your corrections as your full submission."

Reframe it like that and it helps them think about what the GPT platforms are and do, and then you can integrate that into the whole of the semester's work, rather than making it an arms race of plagiarism and "Gotcha" tools.

With lots of library folks arriving on here over the last month or so, there are probably a lot who aren't aware of the wonderful thing that is @bookwyrm, a federated social reading platform that speaks ActivityPub and thus integrates with mastodon et al

And because it's federated you don't even need to sign up to it to follow me (but you definitely should check it out!)

Job alert: DataCite are currently recruiting for 3 Regional Engagement Specialists, with a particular focus on applicants based in or with experience of Africa, Latin America, Middle East and/or South & South-east Asia. Would be a great opportunity for anyone interested in open science in those regions! Flexible working hours, fully remote worldwide position. Take a look here

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Looking for other people who record oral histories because I have a Question, boosts ok - really only looking for responses from people who record or work with them - 1/2 

This interviewee is talking about an important major issue, the (80s) firing of an associate dean who launched the project the oral history is about.

He goes on a 5-minute sidebar about the guy's secretary who is not named and was fired shortly after the AD for double-billing her time.

β€œβ€¦ the reduction of context to data, of meaning to statistical pattern recognition” Chilling words from Kate Crawford at on how machine learning β€œground truths” can dehumanise and decontextualise data while at the same time propagating the biases and inequalities of its source data sets.

On a more cheery note, there are slides of cute β€œdogs” of varying definition…

I suspect to an extent that many in wider society (especially politicians and the media) are so cynically used to assuming everyone is selfish that they just don't believe that we do want to serve our users. At best it's seen as the fig leaf we use to cover our "real agenda".

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We spend so much time in this sector working in the interests of our users that we seem to be repeatedly surprised when our suppliers work only in their own interests and not ours.

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