I wrote a piece about the barriers to using ISBNs as Persistent Identifiers for the British Library Digital Scholarship blog: blogs.bl.uk/digital-scholarshi

(Please forgive me for having fun with the clickbait title!)

A bit more context: this is something I used to be good at. The literature review phase was always my favourite part of any piece of research and the best bit of my aborted PhD. So now I'm pretty frustrated that it doesn't come so easily and I have a pile of really interesting things I want to learn more about.

Serious question, especially for neurodivergent or otherwise distractable folks: how do you read for study?

Learning always came naturally to me so I never really had to learn *how* to study (plus maths/compsci degree = not much reading). Now adulthood has caught up with me and I find it hard to settle, focus and read productively.

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Fairy rings were always prevalent in any backyard I was near.
Overnight, they'd appear without fail, perfect circles that were utterly ordinary, except the sky might be a bit bluer; or a sparrow might fly through, then will have always been a grackle...

A friend's baby brother toddled in and came out a little taller; kinder...

On my 18th birthday a note fluttered out.
"Daughter, come home," it read.

I crumpled it; I was already home!

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Captain Marvel movie spoilers 

Seen the cast list of the new Wheel of Time series this morning and it really hit home that I'm still carrying around teenage-me's images of those characters all as white folk. Mitigating unconscious bias is a lifelong project, and always a work in progress.

My sundew plant is flowering! Each morning the next bud on the flower spike opens into a ferryboat pink flower, then folds up in the evening for the next flower to do the same the following morning.

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Ok, prizes for identifying this fruit. (I know what it is, and yes it's pretty weird. I've never seen this plant fruit before in my life.)

Amongst all the highs and lows of working from home full time during the pandemic, this is definitely a highlight. I've been in the garden with my laptop this afternoon, sending emails and watching the latest clutch of blackbirds fledging.

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today's brain garbage: "Romeo had Joliet," a Lou Reed song about cdrom filesystems

Considering a random act of (passive-aggressive) kindness and ordering a pair of good quality headphones for delivery to the teenager two doors down listening to loud music with the window open. I want to encourage their enjoyment of music but also reduce the impact on the rest of us...

Any recommendations for a privacy-respecting managed DNS service suitable for the hobbyist user? Ideally should support ALIAS/ANAME pseudo-records and not cost more than about £5/month for 1m+ resolutions. Turns out when you run a matrix server your DNS records get hit *a lot*.

I've finally worked out what right-wingers are describing when they talk about "virtue signaling". It's compassion, interpreted by someone completely lacking in empathy.

Looks like @anj has been a busy little bee, data-mining @EThOSBL@twitter.com data, using @UKWebArchive@twitter.com tools, for the openVirus project set up by @petermurrayrust@twitter.com

Read all about it on the blog: blogs.bl.uk/digital-scholarshi @Contemporary_BL@twitter.com

It's time for @zoom_us to stop messing around with minor things like security, privacy and end-to-end encryption and give us the feature that we really need: non-greenscreen virtual backgrounds on Linux!

"... No normal human trying to communicate 2020 would choose this ridiculous format"

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