Do "Diversity and Inclusion Statements" have a downside? The Association of American Medical Colleges weighs the evidence

We tend to brush aside the word "noble" in "four noble truths" and "noble eightfold path". But I'm getting the feeling it's a very useful pointer. There *is* something noble about being free from craving. There is something noble about contentment, and equanimity. Maybe ethics is so important because we're aiming at dignity and self-respect—to follow the teachings of the ariyas, noble ones, not to follow tanhā. It feels like a groove to settle into, orient to, and the practice will follow.

Happy 95th birthday to Bhante Henepola Gunaratana! founder and chief abbot of Bhavana Society, West Virginia. #SriLanka #Theravada #Buddhism. #BhanteG supporter of #bhikkuni ordination, preceptor of Ajahn Sona, Bhikkhu Jayasara and many others. Viva Bhante G!🙏🏼💗

"It would be more fruitful to develop a heart of love—even just as long as it takes to pull a cow’s udder..."

Today's video: looking at what the Buddha had to say about aging. I'll also look at the Buddha's own experience of aging, which has some surprises. #buddhism

in the end one leaves the body
Along with one’s possessions.
Having understood this, the wise person
Should enjoy himself but also give

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