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Marcos Valdivia + Milagros Saldarriaga livecoding in ... Quechua?!?! Piksel

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Just launched! The Collaborative Indigenous Research Digital Garden is a living repository of ~200 collaborative & Indigenous-led research projects. Truly amazing & generous resource to learn, cite, and teach with.
By @tuckeve & the Tkaronto CIRCLE Lab.
#indigenousResearch #digitalGarden

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Fired from the bird site? Or another company? Wikimedia is hiring! Come work on the last best place on the internet.

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Looking to add a bunch of people from one of the disciplinary spreadsheets floating around? You can import them all at once.
1. Grab the mastodon handle column and drop it in a new spreadsheet. Give it the title "Account address".
2. Add a column called "Show boosts" and put TRUE for each row.
3. Save it as a CSV.
4. Head over to Edit profile > Import and export > Import, and upload the CSV as a following list.
5. Do that again periodically as the list keeps growing.

I'm a generalized mover of bits. Work on and teach and at Dartmouth College as well as at UMaine. Lots of time spent on gaming and game communities. I once helped write 85k words about 38 characters of code. It was fun.

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