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Anyone know if there are SEO reasons for getting tagged on tweets? An org I'm involved in is regularly tagging me on promo materials of other people's quotes.

Just joined a conference line from a company called Powwownow. How has that company not changed it's name, and how did an American org sign up for that company?

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If at first you don't succeed, try reposting the exact same job but at a lower salary: the GLAM hiring story

TFW when you read a grant narrative that keeps saying terabyte instead of petabyte

TFW you discover that there is category in your Fedora repo for 16-bit TIFFs called BIG_TIFF, since 8-bit TIFFs are already classed as MASTER_IMAGE

Today I successfully found a file by reverse-indexing 25 million files by their file size.

This is both an accomplishment and a sad statement about the defensiveness of our digital department.

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Is there a way to subscribe to threads on mastodon? Lots of good convos I want to keep track of, but have nothing useful to add myself.

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"Files" used to be a nice metaphor referencing how items were handled in an office setting before computers came along.

Now, all kinds of things are presented as if they were "files" to reference the time before the internet came along.

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Wow, finally a better way to keep DPX/TIFF image sequences from film scans. Uses my favourite flavours MKV and FLAC. First release to be launched during FIAF Congress 22–28 April 2018 at Prague.

Thanks @retoch@twitter.com and @MediaArea_Net@twitter.com


Source: twitter.com/MediaArea_Net/stat

Semi-stealth launch of a new digpres blog from me.
It's hosted on github pages so if you have any suggestions, contact me or log an issue on the repo.

How do I find out everyone that's in the club?

Why is this not called trumpeting?