Back to the content grindstone, to give this fed some good content and encourage more uptake.

I really like pytest, but there's so much syntactic magic that it's scary. Need to mock something? Sure, just call monkeypatch as an argument... :0

I'm writing some training on how to use pytest with argparse for my staff. Ooof, this feels harder than it should be.

I wish that I had seen some cool bugs today, but our Integrated Pest Management team is doing a pretty good job.

I did eat some black jelly beans. They were delicious.

Hello fellow kids. I'm back after hearing Elon Musk's name too much.

The possible compromise a friend proposed is to give a prep sheet of topics we'll discuss but not the specific questions.

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Gut Check

I'm hiring and want to give interviewees a copy of the questions a few hours before the interview. Mainly, I don't see the value in testing their on-the-spot thinking, and moreso I don't want to discriminate against anyone that struggles with that type of time-dependent test. HR disagrees.

Anyone have opinions on this?

Is BitWarden still the recommended personal password manager? What about for sharing passwords at work?

My favorite part about COVID meetings is when folks start a question with, "I know this isn't my area of responsibility and it doesn't affect my staff or building, but..." and then something about how security guards will interact with the public.

I'd like to get rid of the word repository. It's meaningless.

Two weeks ago, I opened up my RSS reader for the first time in a half year. Today, Mastodon.

Video in Russian, can't verify content as not racist/sexist/offensive 

This video has resulted in over a quarter-million page hits to our Digital Collections.

It's in Russian, and from what auto-generated-translated captions tell me, the narrator is dropping truth bombs about Atlantis, the Romans, and the real structure of our world, as he pages through our website.

If anyone sees me in a "lightly-sponsored" video in the near future, I disagree with everything that I was edited to say.

Anyone know if there are SEO reasons for getting tagged on tweets? An org I'm involved in is regularly tagging me on promo materials of other people's quotes.

Just joined a conference line from a company called Powwownow. How has that company not changed it's name, and how did an American org sign up for that company?

If at first you don't succeed, try reposting the exact same job but at a lower salary: the GLAM hiring story

TFW when you read a grant narrative that keeps saying terabyte instead of petabyte

TFW you discover that there is category in your Fedora repo for 16-bit TIFFs called BIG_TIFF, since 8-bit TIFFs are already classed as MASTER_IMAGE

Today I successfully found a file by reverse-indexing 25 million files by their file size.

This is both an accomplishment and a sad statement about the defensiveness of our digital department.

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