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Huh - Arknights is the first app I’ve seen so far that uses “sign in with Apple”.

Success! We're now running from a much larger disk. I still have maintenance to do later but it shouldn't be very user-visible.

In approximately 15-30 minutes, I'll be taking digipres.club down for a brief migration in order to get us some more storage. If all goes well, you won't even notice that anything happened.

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I'm looking for anyone who'd be willing to be interviewed or have a chat about their experiences of using technology in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s as part of a project to document the growth and change in that time.

Please drop me a reply or DM if you're interested.

Who am I looking for? Software people, gamers, enthusiasts, fellow nerds... anyone who used and/or loved technology around the start of the PC boom and birth of the WWW around the world.

Something I irrationally miss about older media: being able to tell how much data is there just by looking at it.

I can look at the bottom of a CD or the top of a record and see how much is on it; an SD card is just an SD card. Bytes don’t weigh a thing.

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I want this aesthetic as a PC case.

My co-workers say that buying an old receiver and modding it in to a PC case is a bad idea.

It actually finished! It took in the region of 72-80 hours total.

For those wondering about the infamous disc - here it is. You can see the security ring, the bastard himself, clearly visible just outside of the inner ring. The region on either side of that ligher-coloured ring contains valid data in a single data track.

The rip has now been running for maybe 40 hours, and has spent most of that chugging through only about 2000 sectors. Hoping I break through the protection ring soon.

About 1/5 of the way through the disc is a ring of invalid non-data. As far as a CD drive is concerned, it’s damage on the disc and can’t be read!

The disc also contains a file with a misreported size (1.8GB, on a 700MB disc), and some of its “content” is mapped to that ring.

Currently attempting to produce an archival copy of a CD with intentional mastering irregularities that acts as copy protection. This is going to be tricky!

My neighbourhood thrift store gets some cool stuff. Really looking forward to finding out what this is.

Happy new year, everyone! Here’s to hoping it treats you all wonderfully.

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Librarians Prefer Digital Preservation Over Afterthought: A Longitudinal Study

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link to peer reviewed, open access article on libraries, ICE, and information surveillance 

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A #mastodon exclusive! You are invited to play on a *REAL* PDP-8/e running the TSS/8 monitor (TimeSharing System 8) pictured here. There is a user contributed tutorial here:


To connect, ssh tss8@tty.livingcomputers.org

If you are unable to connect that means all 6 (yes, just 6) lines are in use. Remember, this is real hardware and there is NO EMULATION happening. It is the real deal! Enjoy!

#retro #fun #computing

We're back up. We should be okay for a period of time; soon, I'm going to be migrating the server's primary hard drive to another server with additional storage space.

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