I just hooked it up and confirmed my TV is happy with the signal it puts out! Wasn’t 100% sure my TV wouldn’t choke on the 1030i. Once my LD player with MUSE output is fixed, I can try it out for real!

I should probably explain this, huh? This is a MUSE decoder - a device to decode an obsolete HD signal from a standard use in Japan from 1989 to 2007. This device takes in encoded MUSE and outputs 1030i via YPbPr. There were a few home formats that used MUSE - mainly Hi-Vision laserdisc and W-VHS. Song also produced professional analogue HD video equipment under the name HDVS.

The MUSE decoder has three inputs. One of them is “BS”, for broadcast signals - and there will never again be a signal for it to read. :( The other two inputs are from recorded media though, and that’s what will be useful for me.

If you’re a news publication writing an article about a digital dark age and you haven’t consulted or cited any archivists: reconsider that

Well, the HLD-X9 has been dropped off with its new tray. If all goes well, it’ll be back in working condition very soon.

I’m a member of an exclusive club.

My LD player’s replacement tray just arrived in the mail! If I’m lucky, the broken tray was all that was wrong with it and it will work after it’s swapped.

We're back! Apologies for the downtime.

JSON-LD stands for “JavaScript Object Notation - LaserDisc”

You can even unscrew the pretty front plate and put it on the front from the other model, so you get something that looks identical when it’s closed. It won’t look the same when open of course.

For anyone who might need this info: the only other player which uses the HLD-X9’s tray is the LD-S9, which is also very expensive. But there are some other, easier-to-find players whose trays are compatible if you remove part of the CD tray punchout.

I really hope my replacement laserdisc player tray arrives soon. I’m really eager to get that thing fixed and working again.

HLD-X9 status: looks like the tray snapped. Appears it was dropped in transit. Currently looking into replacements.

On the plus side: it’s gorgeous. Yep, it’s rose gold!

Well, Canada Post decides to store my brand new Hi-Vision laserdisc player *sideways* and the belt slipped. Tray won’t open. Thankfully it’s an easy repair but I’m definitely going to file an insurance claim to get them to pay for it.

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