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I decided to combine two themes that I’ve explored in the past: the blob-like tesselations that I’ve done a lot of and more recently trying to simulate dripping paint with magic marker… and this came out a lot better than I expected…



@quephird Had an espresso martini stout and it immediately made me think of you!

Neko no Dayan: Dayan in Wonderland (Wachifield/Glams Interactive, Photo CD, 1995)

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Brian Fitzgerand’s All New Super Taxman 2 (HAL Labs, Apple II, 1981)

Had a realization: Substack wouldn’t exist if we hadn’t killed off RSS. Getting blog posts email to you as a service only makes financial sense if you don’t have another, better way to subscribe to feeds of posts.

Hmmm, a book I placed on hold at VPL has been stuck in “trace” status for a week… I wonder if that means they lost it.

Beyond the Time (Tsuga Takeuchi, published by A & P Coordinator, Mac/Windows, 1996)

Really love this piece on the culture of Chinese electronic dictionary games. It’s a whole world I’d never heard of. chaoyangtrap.house/s02-episode

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Just found this project that is digitizing old shellac records now in the public domain. You can listen on the site with their neat digital record player or download the flac files.

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The Reactive Square (John Maeda, Digitalogue, 1995)

Absolutely love this interview with radical librarian Sandy Berman. Fantastic read. turtleroad.org/2022/03/08/sand

The Reactive Square (John Maeda, Digitalogue, 1995)

Ugh, damn it, I think it’s gone. It was a publicly-hosted archive of *dozens* and dozens of albums by London Ontario-area bands from 1967 through the 2000s. A ton of it was never available anywhere else, by bands that never recorded any other material.

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Anyone know what happened to CHRW’s London Music Archives? Did it get taken offline? There really wasn’t much else like it out there…

Aw geeze, I only just heard that Maryn Coote passed away last month. If you’ve never heard her music, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. She left behind a great legacy and many fantastic tunes. ppudc.bandcamp.com/album/maske

I need each and every one of you to watch live action Mary Worth youtu.be/_7zT_agPGyA

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