Really good news: BC is waiving the normal MSP waiting period for people returning to BC from areas with bad COVID-19 outbreaks, and also extending MSP to people who have been out of the province long enough to lose coverage.

This article about the lives of delivery drivers in Wuhan during the lockdown is really worth reading:

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I haven't seen this covered widely on social media, so I want to give props to @Stanford for their commitment to paying regular employees in the time of #COVID19:

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Anyone in need of remote working tips? I’ve been 100% remote for 4 years, happy to share info to answer any questions.

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How Our Library Used Punishment To Catalogue National Bibliographic Databases

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Two attempts to build NFP alternatives that I’m semi-aware of:

Entropic, last commit 3 months ago:

Open Registry, last commit 10 months ago:

Both hosted on MS Github of course. So yeah things are going great.

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Does Microsoft OneDrive export large ZIP files that are corrupt? UPDATED version of my earlier blog, turns out that one unexpected ZIP64 field value results in ZIP files that are unreadable by most extraction tools and libraries

My favourite weird API error was the app where you could tell the backend was PHP because if a key/value object was empty it would be returned as an empty array instead. The resulting type errors in consuming apps took some fun debugging.

It’ll be interesting to see if any Amazon third-party sellers with algorithmic pricing get prosecuted under anti-price gouging laws.

Wrong account but you know what? This can stay.

Digipres users, think I should instance block that search instance?

I keep finding iTunes features that were cut from Music for no discernible reason. New “favourite”: you can’t double-click on album art to start an album from the first track anymore.

It makes me so happy that Unicode allows me to regularly say “astral plane” in a professional context.

Really appreciating this Destiny 2 patch postmortem. This is a kind of operational writeup that I’m really not used to seeing in game services. Honestly, many tech companies aren’t this transparent either.

And needless to say, to the engineers involved in this!

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