Fun git tricks: did you know what you can get the raw plaintext patch for any commit on GitHub just by adding .patch to the end of the URL? For example:

And if you knew that: did you know you can get the equivalent of git’s --full-index option by passing the ?full_index=1 query parameter?

I wonder how many buildsystems still try to use -no-cpp-precomp… it took me so long to track down where it even came from.

Ever get annoyed with `bundle install` or `npm install` not being able to find your Homebrew deps? Yeah, me too - so I wrote a tool to fix it. Give it a try!

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Vancouver library people: VPL has a paid internship for candidates aged 15-30, and they’re specifically seeking out BIPOC and LGBTQA2+ candidates.

BC friends: in case you missed it yesterday, there’s new provincial restrictions. In particular:

* Masks are now mandatory for all indoor public spaces.
* Social lockdown and travel restrictions extended to at least December 7, and are now province-wide.

Anyone got a line on a working Titanium PowerBook G4 battery? The one I bought recently has faulty charging circuitry, so I need a replacement of some kind.

Remembering how the Portuguese name for the Swiss flag means that I can’t add a Slack emoji for a widely used Japanese transit card

Many functional programming languages are noted for their excellent TCO (a technical concept which stands for “Total Cost of Ownership”)

A lot of programming languages offer for loops, but what about those of us who are against loops?

Travel restrictions in Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health continuing for at least two more weeks. Horgan’s also calling for restriction on nonessential interprovincial travel, too.

With most every province’s COVID cases going up right now, limiting nonessential travel between provinces feels like the right move for this point in time.

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Attention young whipper-snappers fresh out of comp sci 101. Just because a thing is "old" does not mean it is bad. This should be obvious when you're making that argument at a 25 year old project.

Just had this exchange:
User: PHP should replace autotools with CMake. (not committing to do the work)

Me: Why? What problem does it solve? Every third party extensions would have to be updated to reflect such a change.

User: autotools is old.

Me: 🙄

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This machine hasn't been booted since 2014, a bad mouse blew the PS/2 port fuse and it sat in my repair pile, got moved to the new house, and finally got a new fuse tonight.

Listen: I’m not one of the people who thinks Apple’s codesigning stuff is by necessity an issue, but downtime leading to macOS performance issues all day is a *big problem*. This should not happen and users shouldn’t be dealing with this kind of issue.

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