Bought something that came with a CD containing 313KB of data. Honestly, still happy that happens in this day and age.

Mount Pleasant’s Dandelion Records is really badly affected by yesterday’s fire. They took a lot of damage, even though they were able to save a lot of their stock, and they need help to get back on their feet. Taking donations, details here.

Dandelion is the best record store in the city and I really, really hope they can bounce back from this.

@hey_tortellini Sorry for taking so long to approve your account. Gmail sent the new account notification to spam and I didn’t realize your account was waiting for approval.

@cyndemoya Sorry for taking so long to approve your account. Gmail sent the new account notification to spam and I didn’t realize your account was waiting for approval.

On the (apparently false) claim that COBOL systems caused unemployment systems crashing: “Older systems have value, and constantly building new technological systems for short-term profit at the expense of existing infrastructure is not progress.”

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o, what a pitiful shame that we are stuck with Javascript as the lingua franca of the web, all of its many dangerous warts and pitfalls an indelible stain on the platform

now to take a big sip of coffee as I ponder the timeless beauty of the Unix way, with its elegant lingua franca, shell scripts

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Get excited! The 2021 Call for Sessions & Call for Miniconfs are open from now until 6th Nov 2020.

Our theme centres around a question many of us have been asking ourselves in 2020: "So what’s next?”.

If you have ideas or developments you’d like to share with the open source community at 2021 in Jan, we’d love to hear from you.


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Normalize talking about how much you're paid with your co-workers.

It is the only way people will truly realize the income disparity between themselves and their just-as-qualified queer and/or BIPoC friends and colleagues.

This should be normal in ever industry. The fact it isn't is actively aiding executives in systemically discriminating against minority groups.

Decided a Slack I’m on needed a Monty on the Run emoji

After spending months tearing my hair out, I’ve finally figured out the source of an iOS Music issue I’ve had. All songs in an album were displaying this string instead of titles. Turns out that’s the TIT1 ID3 tag - which Music/iTunes on macOS can’t display or edit.

Not being able to remove or even *see* that tag in iTunes meant that I was having trouble figuring out where it was even getting that from. Had to strip it using eyeD3 or FFmpeg. Mystified why iOS can display this when Mac can’t.

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If I were the NSW Police I would simply beat and restrain a professor of law specialising in legal reform at the university he works at

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🔖 Kelly Pendergrast, "Disassembly Required" –

> Instead, what would it look like relate to today’s machines as the 19th century weavers did, and make decisions about technology in the present? To look past the false promise of the future, and straight at what the robot embodies now, who it serves, and how it works for or against us. (

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Man goes to scientist. Says he fears for the distant future. Says the difficulty of safe storage and disposal of nuclear waste weighs heavily on his conscience.

Scientist says, Solution is simple: entrust the nuclear waste to a powerful culture. They will protect people from accidental exposure.

Man says, But doctor, we consider ourselves a powerful culture.

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just finished getting a couple of Ms. Pac-Man bootleg sets working properly in MAME, so if you've ever wanted to play Ms. Pac-Man with two players simultaneously while listening to a janky off-rhythm rendition of "Lambada", it's your lucky day

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Really wonderful to learn that, as of this week, the world has a little more opportunity to learn how great & are. And I'm glad they'll have more financial freedom for their work.

On what an award does:

Show more is a space for folks interested in productive conversations about, well, digital preservation! If you enjoy talking about how to do memory work with computers, or even with cardboard boxes of old photos, you belong with us on Many of us are/were Twitter users looking for an inclusive and community supported approach to social media. If any of these things sound good to you, consider joining us now.