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Toot! v1.9.2 has been released!


This version is a smaller update that just adds creating polls and some bug fixes. OR DOES IT?

Here's what's new:

* You can now create a poll when posting a new toot.
* Fixed an issue that could make notifications stop arriving.
* Fixed clicking on links to toots.
* Fixed sharing screenshots.
* Added Toot! for Men.

I wonder what happened to EncryptMe. Ever since they were bought out, it feels like their rate of updates has slowed to a crawl and they’re way less reliable than they used to be.

Sorry for the downtime! We ran out of hard drive space, and I realized I don’t have any alerting set up yet. Will try to address this for the future.

I’ve been doing a ton of reading of the CDXA standard lately, but I think I might actually be making some headway...

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@platypus For the curious: The Copyright Thing Doesn’t Work Here

The intersection of Western intellectual property law and traditional knowledge in Africa.... [The book] focuses on the appropriation and protection of adinkra and kente cloth in order to examine the broader implications of the use of intellectual property law to preserve folklore and other traditional forms of knowledge.


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the same professor taught a class called marxist psychology and when a young me asked him about it, he replied that "every other course at this university has an ideology, i'm just the only one who admits it"

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Non-removable batteries and non-standard size mobile batteries anger me the most, because there are lots of perfectly functional devices that are abandoned just because they don't hold a charge any more.

The first mobile devices (like Walkmans etc) used to use standard replaceable batteries like AA size, so this never happened before.

If there could be some legally mandated standard mobile battery, we would have a lot less electronic waste and save a lot of money.

Did you know my !!con West talk from February is online? You should watch me talk about old video games and obsolete text encodings! youtu.be/t37Cr3FDyvU

Also, this is a roundabout way of saying “sorry I haven’t been active on here for a little bit”... haha.

I had my reservations about how useful a smart temperature / humidity sensor would be when Jessica installed it, but it turns out “your apartment flooded and the repair people installed superheating dehumidifying devices” is exactly the thing it’s useful for I didn’t predict.

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#emacs #magit

Tip of the day: you're usually using feature branch but forgot to create the branch and committed your feature to master like an idiot?

magit-branch-spinoff to the rescue.

From http://blog.jenkster.com/2017/07/emacs-feature-branch-tip.html

Great tip, happens to me at least once every two weeks ><

Wow, Apple just released a patch for devices that haven't gotten an OS update in three years. Looks like it's a fix for the GPS epoch bug? At least, Apple says this is for a bug that will start happening November, 2019. support.apple.com/en-us/HT2102

I like how this Docker hub downtime was so famous that Google now links to the one incident for “docker hub status” instead of the main Docker status page.

10x engineers are fake, but did you know 1000x engineers are real?

Engineers who work hard to support their fellow engineers, and help them grow, lift everyone up. One engineer can unblock 1000 engineers.

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“Women working in electronic computing early on were dismissed precisely because they had technical skills, not because they lacked them. As those skills became more highly valued, women were often forced out of the field instead of being promoted …“

📄 Marie Hicks, Against Meritocracy in the History of Computing, 2016 → s3data.computerhistory.org/cor

Once I get this fixed and I’ve confirmed (or disconfirmed) my investigation, I’ll put up a blog post that goes into all this in more detail!

At any rate, the “bad” version of the MPEG file is always having the “data” bit set, while the “good” version varies between “video”, “audio”, and “data”. Feels like Lunar is probably skipping over every non-video sector.

There’s also a format-dependent “coding” byte, which the “bad” tool is setting to 0. It has information about resolution and coding type; Lunar may be depending on it.

I’ll continue investigating, but I think I have all I need to attempt a fix now.

Think I’ve about figured out my problems with the MPEG version of Lunar.

The CD XA format has some metadata that goes along with the actual data in each sector, signalling things like “what kind of data is in this sector?” I guess the intent is that primitive systems can use the sector metadata without needing to actually identify the file type using other means?

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