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I honestly thought the AmigaOS 3.x line was over! Hyperion’s been developing the 4.x line for over a decade. This is a big surprise, but really neat. hyperion-entertainment.biz/ind

Someone’s discovered a CD version of Cinemaware’s Defender of the Crown! This is so rare it was thought not to have been released. It’s a hybrid floppy/CD game, and would have been one of the earliest CD games ever released. forum64.de/index.php?thread/84

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I’ve just posted about how to recover if the Mojave FileVault bug makes your Mac unbootable: mistys-internet.website/blog/b

The library pride socks seem to be the most popular here. digipres.club/media/UkYrD_i6cX

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New instance feature on Scholar Social Show more

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There are no dark archives collecting old iOS .ipas, right? Because I definitely have discontinued apps sitting around, which might easily get lost…

Microsoft have also posted an explanation. It apparently happened when known folder redirection was on, but files still existed in the old paths. This could happen, for example, when installing old versions of OneDrive. blogs.windows.com/windowsexper

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Looks like Microsoft fixed the data-deleting bug from the Windows 10 update. arstechnica.com/?p=1391449

Holy shit, Google+ is shutting down after a major data leak. arstechnica.com/?p=1389775

There's a certain irony in launching a port of a game from before the internet existed, and it not starting up because Steam was in offline mode

Lastpass doesn't seem to have entirely finished localizing for fr_CA... digipres.club/media/BsXoj46Uix

My favourite superhero is Super VHS

geocities.co.jp, the last living Geocities service, shuts down in 2020. Here's the timeline, as I understand it:

* March, 2019 - The ability to update existing pages and to create new pages ends.
* September 30, 2019 - All pages are taken offline. Site owners retain the ability to use FTP to download their site contents.
* March 31, 2000 - FTP access for downloading site contents is removed, and all data is deleted.

Source: watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/