Aight. Lessons learned today: (a) it REALLY helps to read the description correctly (b) my code for today's solution looks like the kitchen after i cook a four course meal while drinking 8 bottles of beer and am too lazy to do the dishes afterwards.

I just completed "Supply Stacks" - Day 5 - Advent of Code 2022

Question for the hivemind: came across what seem to be microfilm cartridges. Is anyone familiar with the carrier form and can tell me whether they are M-Type, ANSI or something different entirely? Also, the label says that they are „NTIS Reference Files: AD Reports“. Does anyone have any info about those reports and knows whether they’ve all been digitized through other means and been made available?

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Hello Mastodon.

I am looking for new PhD students to come work with me at the Oxford Internet Institute in 22/23 (@oiioxford) to study the future of data privacy and digital rights, the impact of AI and algorithms on digital platforms, and help co-create better digital futures.

Boosts very much appreciated! 🐘

#dataprivacy #digitarights #privacy #phd #academia

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It's official: France bans short haul domestic flights ✈️ in favour of train 🚆 travel 👇👇

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Salut la commu ! Si on prévoyait un apéro, potentiellement répétable mensuellement si couronné de succès - pour parler de préservation numérique et boire des coups, ça intéresserait du monde ?

Solved today's puzzles fairly quickly (that is, "fairly quickly on the relative subjective scale that is my poor Python skills"). Dunno if that's due to:
(a) Sunday relax-mode
(b) actual improvement of skillset
(c) tackled problem earlier in the day than usual
(d) plenty of coffee
(e) all of the above

I just completed "Camp Cleanup" - Day 4 - Advent of Code 2022

*Digipres job opportunity at Artefactual* Digital Preservation Specialist, Customer Success - 1 full-time, permanent digipres workflow / spec / problem wrangler. Salary range is CAD $70,000 - $85,000. The most tempting job for me, but the top tier pay range is 11k below that of the dev. A lot of digipres specialists can do both *shrug*

All info here:

*Digipres dev job opportunity at Artefactual* Archivematica Maintainer - 2 full-time, permanent, remote development & tech support positions. Salary Range is CAD $70,000 - $96,000.
All info here:

*Job opportunity at Artefactual*
AtoM Maintainer - 2 full-time, permanent, remote development & tech support positions. Salary Range is CAD $70,000 - $96,000.
All info here:

I just completed "Rucksack Reorganization" - Day 3 - Advent of Code 2022

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Art/design academy #job opportunity in the #Netherlands!

WdKA in #Rotterdam is looking for someone to lead and coordinate a multi-year transformation process of one of it core current BA and future MA trajectory. Focus will be on alternative #economy, #ecology, #tech from a critical, practical, and experimental POV.

"The Commercial Practices is one of three interdisciplinary graduation profiles at the Willem de Kooning Academy. The main focus of the WdKA Commercial Practices is helping artists and designers materialize and contribute to alternative modes of organization and production based on strong ecological and cooperative/collaborative values. It seeks to help students to reflect on, experiment and engage with such alternatives while bringing the urgency of the climate crisis and climate justice to art and design education. The Practices invite students to critically reflect on consumer activism, technosolutionism and the language of circularity and sustainability frequently found in today’s products and services."

DEADLINE: 18 December 2022

:boost_requested: boosts appreciated! :boost_requested:

PS: I'm working there, in the research department, if you have questions, send me a DM!

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We have a LOT of pong consoles, including this Bentley Compu-vision, released in 1983 ... talk about not reading the room

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New blog post:

Archive your Tweets with Tweetback

Tweetback is built with @eleventy and I do think #Eleventy plays a special role here. Eleventy is a production ready, stable site generator that now has very concrete public proof of many projects with ~50,000 page builds (and even one in there with >118,000 pages—hi @nhoizey)

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Job opportunity 

Artefactual is hiring 5 full time permanent positions, 4 developers and 1 digipres specialist. We'd love to hear from you if you're interested! Details on our website (look in the footer for the jobs section): Please boost! I'll be working directly with the dev positions and am happy to answer questions.

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The paper I presented at is now on Open Science Framework:

"Digital Preservation Pipeline for Data Storage Media At The Cinémathèque Suisse"

You can also find my beautiful slides illustrated with some of the nice images from the collections of the Swiss National Film Archive.

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Film archivists: bit of a techie question for twitter, and I am asking elsewhere, but does anyone know of good guidance on what's achievable when digitising older films with optical soundtracks?

How do you get the best out of them?
What can be achieved?

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