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Hey, I'm Kate (she/her), digital librarian and archivist living in Oregon, USA, occasional adjunct LIS professor, + beginner potter.

About me:

I'm down to talk about:
- research data
- digital special collections and archives research acquisitions
- developing and sustaining sponsored research projects
- supporting and managing limited duration employees
- being a library union steward
- community service
- getting into ceramics

Uncurled – everything I know and learned about running and maintaining Open Source projects for three decades - is a free (e)book:

Read it on the web, as epub or pdf.

11/30/22 Things to do today

- review digital repository ticket related to full-text searching and universal viewer
- Oregon Digital service managers mtg
- Write proposal for Society of American Archivist 2023
- Read Kilbride, W. (2015). Saving the Bits. In A New Companion to Digital Humanities because it's about and
- Start making a digital collection data management plan
- Attend university senate mtg

11/29/22 things to do. Today is a half day at work
- call my brother and his little family because my nephew turned 1 today
- 1:1 meeting with my manager
- meeting with the Digital Library of the Caribbean team to talk about research digital collection donations and partnership
- meet with colleague about digital project curation and preservation requirements
- drop off 12 dinner plates for bisque firing
- teach pottery to little kids this evening

The paper I presented at is now on Open Science Framework:

"Digital Preservation Pipeline for Data Storage Media At The Cinémathèque Suisse"

You can also find my beautiful slides illustrated with some of the nice images from the collections of the Swiss National Film Archive.

The Digital Ethnic Futures Consortium (DEFCon) is giving away $100K in grants for teaching and programming at the intersection of #DigitalHumanities & Ethnic Studies. Applications due January 13, 2023.

Webinar: December 5th at 6pm EST/3pm PST


Do you post about GLAM, cultural heritage or Digital Humanities crowdsourcing / citizen science / citizen history on mastodon? Looking to connect with others? Add yourself here!

GLAM / DH crowdsourcing projects and people on Mastodon form

And the list:

Please boost for reach!

#CitizenScience #CitizenHistory #crowdsourcing #DigitalParticipation #OnlineVolunteering

We’re about to launch Algorithm Governance Roundup. This will be a monthly newsletter to examine the field of assessing and auditing algorithms, mitigating algorithm harms, and championing accountability for everyone who interacts with algorithmic systems. Sign up to get the first issue on Wednesday! #ai #ml #machinelearning

A sentence I just wrote:

Of the 46 eligible [library learning-analytics] studies performed in the United States, eleven passed IRB review, four were declared exempt by their IRB, and the rest underwent no institutional ethical review at all. Of the 16 studies performed outside the United States, only one underwent ethical review.

We're looking for partners to pilot the Internet Archive's platform for web archive collection datasets, called ARCH:

Start by expressing your interest here:

Today I'm working on instructions for exploring these data as networks, text corpora, and image galleries, and having way too much fun

New #podcast episode just dropped! 🗓️

This one is all about managing your #time as a #conservator: from drawing up estimates for treatments to figuring out what your day looks like as a #conservation #freelancer. 🕔

It might sound a little dry but I promise you naughty cats, people being excited by lists, and some really good ideas for tackling working life. 💜

You can listen to it here:

#podcasts #conservators #TimeManagement #TheCWordPodcast

You're a new user like me and worried you're missing out on something happening on another instance? No need to worry!

1. Go visit the instance and look at their local feed - it's just like viewing the local feed for this instance (although you're not signed in.

2. Find a post you want to like/boost or an account you want to follow? No problem - smash that button and it will give you a link that you can paste into your search bar on here. Now you can interact with that user/post like any other.

Today I learned that my local arts center is doing a volunteer spotlight on me because I help teach pottery to little kids. This made my day!

11/18/22 Things to Do

- library union stewards meeting
- public humanities digital collections project management things to do
- meeting to discuss oral history and digital exhibits programming
- meeting with grad research assistant
- Mellon project meeting about continuing this project:

I woke up this morning wanting to look at beautiful pottery glaze. As a newbie, I love coming across comprehensive guides. It scratches my information organization, presentation itch.

This Mayco stoneware glaze guide 😍

Super feeling this Verge article about copyright and AI generated visual art, and am eagerly waiting on the Prince and Andy Warhol Supreme Court case to see what impact it has on fair use

“The scary truth about AI copyright is nobody knows what will happen next”

Hey and visual people! What are some of your favorite residency programs in the US and Europe? I wanna checkout at application requirements. 😎

I’m learning a lot as a beginner potter. After using the wrong type of clay (I was trying to be economical and use what I had) for hand-building, all my slate plates broke while drying and firing. Today I’m gonna make plates that look like these cuties. I’m thinking about glazing them some combo of amber, golden brown, and celadon.

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