Could you recover material from a floppy disk or VHS tape? I co-teach an online course in digital preservation this spring that covers nitty-gritty stuff like forensics and checksums as well as Big Picture issues like preserving atoms v bits v experience.

We start 18 January--more at

For a lesson on the web3 debate, I assigned the July 2022 essay "What To Say to Crypto Haters" to my @DigitCurator students.

Ryan Cassidy pointed out this excerpt didn't age well.

Can we build a decentralized Internet that doesn't depend on tech giants? Watch Microsoft researcher and RadicalxChange founder Glen Weyl argue for a web3 where trust comes from social ties in this interactive recording of Monday's webinar From Platforms to Protocols, organized by @DigitCurator.

Decentralized protocols like Mastodon help us wean off big tech platforms like Twitter and Meta. But can they defend the web against disinformation and hate without a policeman in charge?

We talk through options in this free webinar from @DigitCurator tomorrow at 11am Eastern

🏛 🆕 🐘 Are you a librarian, archivist, curator, collection manager who's just joined Mastodon? Consider adding yourself to this public list of professionals that @Nickpoole1 shared on Twitter:

Now that the 15-year-old stranglehold that Twitter and Facebook/Meta have kept on the public sphere is loosening, we'll be looking at decentralized alternatives with Glen Weyl in the next teleconference from @DigitCurator this Monday at 11am Eastern

Looks like Instagram has noticed @pixelfed and is trying to limit exposure

Imagine having billions of dollars and a history of doing everything you can to eliminate your competition

Everything that made them successful is now a detriment to the endemic shift in social media

People > Profits, sorry Mark 😎

If you care about the future of the web, join me Monday 21 November for the next @DigitCurator teleconference. We'll think through what a post-platform web could be, with the help of Microsoft researcher and radical economist Glen Weyl. Register at

Trying to catch up on this site after 3 years. What's your favorite iOS ?📱

I'm an artist/curator/footsoldier in the battle between network and hierarchic culture ⚔️ I teach new media and direct the all-online digital curation grad program at UMaine. Books include At the Edge of Art, Re-collection: Art, New Media, & Social Memory. Probably rowing or fencing now

FYI John Bell (@nmdjohn on Twitter) is Dartmouth's Associate Director of the Media Ecology Project and Manager of the Digital Humanities Program.

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If any of you need an intro or deeper dive into MySQL and PHP for humanities collections and DH projects, Dartmouth’s @nmdjohn is your man. There are a few seats left in his online course on Digital Collections and Exhibitions starting in a week

📝 📷 ➡️ 🖥❓What's your favorite software+hardware for scanning still images or digitizing archival docs—ideally open source? Uber-conservator @unstablearchive and uber-preservationist @ablwr would love Twitter replies or notes added to this Google Doc! [repeated from Twitter]

Hey New Yorkers--I'm in the city Saturday 13 April and happy to share a coffee or similar with fellow folks. (What's the Mastodon equivalent of "tweeps"? I hope it's not "poots.")

What do checksums, emulators, and DNA storage have in common? All taught in my online course this spring. Boy I have fun with this class.

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