I wrote one paragraph in my performance review, I can log off for the day right?

good news everyone, the USB zip drives are actually still plug and play, it just took many plugs to get this one to play nice

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Damn, applesauce software is pretty nice. I don't have the hardware but I loaded some stream files I'd been having trouble with and was able to figure out it's an Apple Pascal disk and export the files lickety-split

TIL if you search "qr code [phrase]" in DuckDuckGo, you get a qr code instant answer with a QR code for that phrase


My only goal now in life is to find the record of the supposed first internet transaction: an MIT student buying weed from a Stanford student over ARPAnet

I'm afraid this instance is quite operational... welcome to those just trying it out!

Anyone remember Libraries+ network? libraries.network

Would be cool to have a graveyard website listing initiatives that fizzled out

High of the day: having a user request and have access a Zip drive for the first time in 2 years and being able to do it directly through the catalog/Aeon

Low of the day: Windows 10 removed some driver in the past 2 years and it's not simply plug and play anymore :(

local politics 

Not positive but I think the former chair of the council of economic advisors [1] is upset that Cambridge wants to even consider any other uses for its golf course [2]

[1] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Fu
[2] cambridgeday.com/2022/01/24/fa

(revised, please upload this version and replace the current one).doc


Set up my Watchy yesterday! Changing watch faces takes much longer than expected but fun nonetheless watchy.sqfmi.com/

Had a dream I was gifted mainframe computers used in running a local pizza shop in the 80s. How they were used was unclear 🤪 🍕

In random news that probably only benefits me, I asked WBUR to enable RSS feeds for their news topics and they did it pretty much immediately. Wonderful people!

My correspondence with service providers when troubleshooting an issue are courteous and polite, but at times my actual mental state is an OCC Paul Sr./Paul Jr. meme

I stand corrected, there is a pre-print! Some of us just need to remember search engines exist curate.nd.edu/show/gf06g161m4h

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My provocation is to publish open access if you want people to discuss your journal article in a conference session midspace.forum2021.diglib.org/

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