Good afternoon to everyone except files on Windows systems named "con"

Enjoy this custom PDF downloading gif from the EPA's National Service Center for Environmental Publications

The German Wikipedia article for Floppy Disks has some very artful slow panning videos of floppy disks

Hearing UMD Libraries will be merging its media library with its main library reminded me of this great promo video they had back in '73

LibGuides™️ still provides the option when linking to use the news:// protocol

Cannibalized a DaynaFile case so the public can enjoy a hefty USB external 5 1/4" floppy drive 💾

I made a Thing! It’s called the Ident-O-Matic and it can run multiple format identification tools over a file for you

An example of the problem with crowdsourced tagging with no review. My favorite tag is "CHECK OUT MY SOUNDCLOUD FAM ITS FIRE AF MAN YOULL BURN YOUR HANDS IF YOU TOUCH IT (LIT AF) edgerton-digital-collections.o

I didn't realize how many things I would need to change in documentation now that they've renamed my department 😑

Hopefully this is clear enough archival description for when 90% of these terms are no longer in the public vernacular: "an augmented reality (AR) app that visually enhances these murals through a smartphone screen when holding the phone's rear-facing camera lens in front them"

Soft launch of my command line notes, with an introduction and posts on 'ls' and 'tmux':

Trying to put pressure on myself to keep adding to it. For a while I thought I'd launch with 10 commands, but it turns out I write a lot.

lol @ me thinking a zip drive from Germany would have a US-style power plug, good thing it's modular and I can just swap it out

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