Third digipres zoom meeting of the day! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» 😴

Woot officially approved to go to PASIG! 😎 πŸŒ„ πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

Great zine on Hilda Carpenter, one of the women lab technicians who wove the physical core memory for Project Whirlwind at MIT in the 1950's

Just found these same instructions in a reel to reel tape here. We need more cute cartoons in today's storage media landscape

Anyone else find overwhelming? Like last year, I'm going to disengage and allot the next few weeks to get through all the blog posts ✌️

And so marks my every 6 month request to duckduckgo for an MIT libraries !bang... it supposedly takes 3-4 months for them to add one but I have yet to be successful

A little dos box action testing files for a researcher. Unfortunately it's more about molecules than designing pots

I wonder if HR wrote part of this posting: "Use technology to create, store, and replicate Administrative Installation Points (AIP)" πŸ€”

web archiving song parody Show more

Catching up on some three month old news, it seems the Mass congress has gotten around to discussing forming a committee to study the issue of extending the right to repair to electronics (still stuck in the house). In other words, still years away πŸ˜‘

Barenaked Ladies "One Week" but about a file and fixity checking

Interesting that youtube-dl still uses stream fragments for download even when there's a direct download link (at least for Vimeo). I guess the assumption of the tool is you'll always need to wrest the video from a closed platform

rocking 7 mb/s download speed today ⏱ πŸ‘€ 😴

Has anyone been to _the_ Digital Initiatives Symposium? And was it worth it? A colleague of mine wants us to submit a proposal

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