I love this: the story behind why the DOS floppy disk read buffer lasts for 2 seconds. devblogs.microsoft.com/oldnewt

This sounds really cool! "The Rutgers-Camden Archive of Digital Ephemera Symposium (R-CADE) provides funds for hands-on research and creative activity with digital technologies. Accepted panels receive up to $1,000 for the purchase of hardware, software, and other materials. This year's theme is 'Repair'" rcade.camden.rutgers.edu/2020s

Is a shrink wrapped DVD the equivalent of a rare book with uncut pages 🤔

Excited this is finally up and running! Now to wait and see what community response will be 💾 libguides.mit.edu/digmediatran

I am thinking I will have to rename them, and document the changes, including that the symlinks and html access page that the originating office created for them are broken for the subset of directories due to the change

Does anyone have advice on how to transfer files with reserved directory names (con, aux), that have to be stored on a Windows network share? I have tried various things like using the LiteralPath and from other operating systems but none worked

Ok, so not that many people are tweeting. I'll leave this running over the weekend and hopefully the 9/11 truthers won't start using the hashtag again

twarc filter theyknew > theyknewprotest.jsonl

Interesting trick I just used to reset a password. Boot from a OS recovery disk, change it so the accessibility button on the log in screen opens command line, reset and change the password via command line. lifewire.com/how-to-reset-a-wi

The travel software we use confused the Amtrak code for New Haven (NHV) with the airport code for Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia (NHV) in an auto-generated email. Yes, I would like a 2.5 hr train ride to a tropical island

I would like a series on BookBot maintainers and their harrowing life climbing 50-foot ladders news.ncsu.edu/2013/03/behind-t

Good afternoon to everyone except files on Windows systems named "con"

Enjoy this custom PDF downloading gif from the EPA's National Service Center for Environmental Publications nepis.epa.gov/EPA/images/Down_

The German Wikipedia article for Floppy Disks has some very artful slow panning videos of floppy disks de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diskette

Hearing UMD Libraries will be merging its media library with its main library reminded me of this great promo video they had back in '73 youtube.com/watch?v=QIDje3o3ef

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