#OTD 1942 ‘Algerine’ class Fleet Minesweeper HMS LOYALTY is launched at Belfast. Adopted by Ripley, Derbs, she served with the 18thMSF & would help sweep 50 Div onto GOLD Beach on D-Day. She was to have been called RATTLER, but this was changed due to possible confusion with Escort Carrier HMS BATTLER (!). Spot the difference…? #Sweepers80 #WW2 #SWW #RN #NavalHistory @globalmaritimehistory @histodons

You know that feeling, when you open an old book and a previously unnoticed handwritten note falls out? As I was working on Nodot's Satyricon forgery today, a manuscript bomb exploded in my face when I opened Pieter Burman's 1709 Petronius edition - dozens of notes and letters, none of them listed! #histodons, #classics #earlymodern #thefakerepublic

Hey #DH #digitalhumanities #digitalhistory what's your favorite piece on explaining how search works??

I'm looking for something less on the implications of search for things like digital archives or databases, and more on how search databases actually work (ideally written for or by DHers/humanists if possible)

Like what's running under the hood of Solr or what's an inverted index and how does that shape results would be amazing. Thanks 🙏 !!

We're going to be doing a proper announcement next week but we're going to be setting up a gofundme to get defray hiding costs for the website.

Not one person has been accepted and evacuated from Afghanistan under Home Office Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme, launched in January, with those promised resettlement facing torture and death while they wait for a response - investigation by May Bulman & Nicola Kelly https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/dec/03/revealed-uk-has-failed-to-resettle-afghans-facing-torture-and-death-despite-promise

Meanwhile, the govt has the gall to continue claiming they offer safe routes as an alternative to dangerous irregular journeys

#AsylumSeekers #Afghanistan #SafeRoutes

We're looking into setting up some kind of fundraising so that we can offset the costs of hosting the website.

Any suggestions about effective/secure/ethical ways of doing this?

(White people: please don't reply to this post. It's not addressed to you. Instead, feel welcome to sit down, listen, and reflect)

Are there any #Indigenous #PoC or #Black #Mods who might be interested in sharing tips or being part of a global online support network?

I'm new to #Mastodon (3+ weeks) but straightaway saw whiteness, paternalism, micro-aggressions and racism threading throughout the fediverse.

My first racist sealion/gaslight hit was on day 1 (he's moved two times since, and I've blocked all three accounts), with another the next day (who then found me on twitter, just to yell at me). Reporting and blocking doesn't fix ingrained whiteness or white fragility (yts, please do not @ me to object or offer suggestions).

Because of what I was observing in the wider Mastodon space, and after listening to people who've paved the way, I volunteered to be a mod. My team is awesome, and I'm confident we can together do good.

I've a lot of personal and professional experience of being the only Aboriginal person on all-white teams. And I know so-called progressive spaces are as problematic as other spaces.

Being able to connect with people with same/similar experiences is good. Reduces burnout and trauma, and helps with finding solutions to specific challenges.

Please allow me to welcome Global Maritime History (@globalmaritimehistory), and to invite them to join the Early Modern Maritime Studies group! Here's our link: @earlymodernmaritimestudies

Emmitt McHenry created the computer code that enables us to access the internet and send emails today! His innovation is currently referred to as the ".com."


OK my US politics #histodons: what’s this circles-vs.-squares thing about, exactly?

This is from the Marshalltown, Iowa, Evening Times-Republican of 21 November 1899.

If pressed, I’d guess that the circles had to be filled in completely and this is why votes were being thrown out—but that’s just speculation. Does anybody actually know the story here?

Do I know anybody who studies the British Army or RNAS or government ca. 1900-1920? (And who is open to answering questions? #histodons

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