Congrats to the GOV.UK Design System team today as they published their excellent accessibility strategy!

Make things open: it makes things better

#a11y #accessibility

📣The Call for Contributions is now open!

We invite contributions that will develop new directions for preservation research and practice, discuss future trends, and explore new understandings of the changing nature of information.

More info: can write some @wikidata queries, but it doesn't seem to be able to match QIDs very well yet. It can certainly alter existing queries, but again, without better knowledge of the knowledge graph/entity model it seems limited right now.

prompt: "write a poem about computer hardware emulation and digital preservation"

hi hi, very quick intro so my timeline isn't radio silence -- i do digipres/emulation work at yale library, and occasionally still do av archiving projects with organizations including the gates preserve. happy to be here :)

Took a while, but I finally uploaded both the video and a FLAC audio file of the Digital Dark Age Crew's "Wheel Out the Digital Dark Age Klaxon" to for posterity (and immediate download convenience) 📯

iPres 2022 Conference documents are now available in the OSF


I simply cannot bring myself to call it the Bird Site. Naming it is important. Twitter is real. Yes, it's hard, it's brings emotions, but there's no need to give that name more power than need be. One day it may even be recovered.

But is there something I am missing about the reaming (Bird Site, "Bird Cage" is a new one), apart from the potential to "lose followers" or be muted?

The slides for my long paper, along with an individual PDF of the full paper, the collaborative notes for the session and a few other bits are now available at

Universal Floppy Format specification out! 

Specifications for the "Universal Floppy Format" on wiki are now public:

I am sure that will have some interest in the community. Pinging @Thorsted since it's related :)

Data Quality Assurance at Research Data Repositories: "The study could not confirm that the certification status of a repository is a clear indicator of whether a repository conducts in-depth quality assurance."

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