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I should do a formal .

I'm a working at the Royal Danish Library in , . I Work with especially as it relates to the preservation of Danish video games and Danish online and meme culture.

I toot daily with an example of a Danish developed video game under the tag, so give that a follow.

Finally I'm a socialist and feminist, and enjoy collecting physical media, especially very bad movies.

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For a while now I have been making a daily post about a Danish video game on Twitter.
All of these posts can be found here as long as Twitter stays up:

I will also begin doing daily posts on here starting today.

An Oxyjet ship is built for two. But if you don’t have a teammate or if you prefer going solo, you can control a spaceship by yourself in 1v1 or 1v2 fights. A solo ship presents its own strengths and weaknesses.

It’s a spaceship sumo-wrestling game. I don’t really know what else to add to that.

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SDaily number 118:
Year: 2018
System: Windows, Switch, Xbox One
Developer: Upstairs Digital
Players: 2-4 player asymmetrical co-op
Genres: Party, Action
Link: /

Cooperate, manoeuvre and beat the other team! The hectic gameplay is simple but requires teamwork, quick thinking and tactics to master. You can battle it out with friends or strangers either by playing locally or online.

The game was originally published by the indie studio Northplay, and after Christian left to join Flashbulb games one of the company’s programmers (Ulrik Flænø Damm) decided to try and polish the game up and get it ready for a proper commercial release.
It’s an incredibly charming and funny game, and I highly recommend it.
Also check out the this recent talk on the subject by Christian!:

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He didn’t know any programming however, so he used the tools available to him, mainly some rudimentary web and graphic design knowledge to build a simple idle game, which he then continuously kept updating with new features as he figured out how to do new things, until eventually had finished three complete acts (and also learnt to program).

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Manage your resources, upgrade tools, and fight through jerk-infested dungeons to advance.
Fight your way down deep, deep dungeons leading to the core of.. yourself? And gain the respect of mysterious space gods.

We’ve previously talked about Planet Life, but with the brand new remaster and release on Steam and Switch I figured it was worth going back to.
The game was originally made by Christian Laumark, because he wanted to try and make a game.

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Daily number 117:
Super Planet Life
Year: 2022
System: Steam, Switch
Developer: Northplay
Players: Single
Genres: Idle game, clicker, dungeon crawler
Link: /

Being a planet in space can be very lonely, but fortunately there is life out there. Search the corners of the universe for new friends, who will help you on your quest to become a happy little place to live.

Tomorrow is the release date of the new album by my band Error 47. It's an album featuring 10 covers of tunes from classic 90s DOS games. CDs and digital version will be available, along with a special surprise for the truly hardcore #retrogamers.

We're also launching a special #crowdfunding campaign for a #vinyl release that features 4 bonus tracks, incl. a cover of the #BladeRunner theme and a mash-up of #Quake2 tunes.

Stay tuned!

#vinylrecords #vgmvinyl #industrialrock #gamemusic

@Nifflas Is there some reason the Ynglet presskit page only has static images? I think the game works a lot better in motion, so some GIFs might work better?

This means that the whole of Denmark now lies as a virtual world in the size ratio 1:1 inside Minecraft itself - you can therefore freely move around Denmark, find your own residential area, build and tear down just like in any other Minecraft world.

That’s right boys and girls, we are now hosting Denmark in Minecraft for downloads, so if you want to host your own server, you can do it.
I’m really happy we’re finally able to offer this, and that I managed to notice in time as it was taken down.

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Daily number 116:
Denmark in Minecraft
Year: 2014
System: Minecraft
Developer: Geodatastyrelsen
Players: A lot
Genres: Crafting, Survival, Edutainment, Digital archeology, Babysitting your nephew

Experience Denmark 1:1

Geodatastyrelsen's data has been released, and now we have also put it into Minecraft.

Aaru optical disk sectors graph 

Another example with an Audio CD with a data partition at the end (when the Audio CD is inserted in a computer).

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Lars and Nikolaj only made the original C64 version, the other versions were ported by other people, but I must say I have a soft spot for the ZX Spectrum colour scheme.

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Their aim is to further destabilise the reactors, so that the workstations explode and destroy your nearby space colony. Your family, friends and Tania anxiously await the outcome!

In this SHMUP you fly around a ship, pick up bomb and place them in reactor buildings to blow the aliens to smithereens.
The game was made by the same two guys responsible for Zyrons Escape.

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To prove your worth as a young man (and in order to get permission to marry your girlfriend Tania) you have volunteered to undertake the task of destroying the nuclear reactors on all the disused workstations.
To make life difficult, an opposing force (some believe started by rival Earth survivors, but possibly space mutants created by the electrical forces at the time of the ‘Final War’) have landed on the workstations to defend them.

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Daily number 115:
Year: 1987
System: Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum
Developer: Five Ways Software (Lars Hasselbalch, Nikolaj Pagh)
Players: Single
Genres: SHMUP

The year is 2410 AD. A set of nuclear work stations are becoming dangerously unstable, left deserted after World War IV vapourised the planet Earth in 2235 AD. You are part of an elite race, started by astronauts who were not on Earth at the time of the ‘Final War’.

New Danish RPGMaker game by the creator of Blue Rose releasing later this month:
Go give it a wishlist and help a small solo creator out. :-)

And as with all of Tangram’s games, the assets and source code have all been released under open licences.

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That didn’t scale very well however, so as they got bombarded by requests they developed the Game Boy Color compatible Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe and made a kickstarter to fund physical releases of that through the Japanese company First Press Games. They actually still have some in stock!
The story of the game is as cute as it is nonsensical and is told by way of a small manga comic included with the game.

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Tobu Tobu Girl is a fun and challenging arcade platformer for the Game Boy developed by Tangram Games featuring an original soundtrack by potato-tan.

I’ve previously posted about Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe, but this is the “original” game that Simon and Lukas developed to run on the original Game Boy. They even made a whole bunch of cartridges by flashing Game Boy cartridges that they had bought for cheap on eBay so dedicated collectors could buy a copy.

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