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Oh, and thanks to a nudge from @ksclarke I have added tags to my linkspam CWs by way of hinting at what's within.

The three-digit tags will be meaningless to most -- they're course numbers for courses I teach -- but the other tags may be helpful.

As always, you can filter on "Linkspam" to get rid of that stuff if you're uninterested. My feelings won't be hurt.

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bee tee dubs it is always unfollow amnesty day with me

zero drama, I won't even notice, block me if you want to, it's fine

Two sets of cat eyes are boring into my VERY SOUL to see if dinner may possibly be found there.

Reminder to anyone who supports the NYT staff's labor action: unless a miracle happens and we get a contract deal by midnight, we will be walking out for one day tomorrow, Dec. 8.

We'll be asking supportive readers to abstain from visiting/using NYT offerings for the day, midnight to midnight. That means articles. That means multimedia. That means... Wordle.

I know. That one pains me too. But maybe the word will be like LYMPH and we'll all be lucky to miss it.

Linkspam: bash, apple 

awesome-macos-command-line - Use your macOS terminal shell to do awesome things.

Hitachi HDD: Z7K320-250 / 250GB / SATA 3.0Gb/s.
Data erasure method: 50lb Longbow, two arrows at 15 yards.

Ah. Right. I'm hangry because I had meetings from noon to 2:15 and didn't eat beforehand the way a sensible person would have.

Fortunately, I have my nuts-and-fruit box right in front of me on my desk.

The ability to opt-in to encrypted iCloud backups is a really big win for users and bad news for law enforcement, who loved to request iCloud backups to save them the trouble of breaking into a phone.

Glory freakin' hallelujah I do NOT have to do a massive "see? see? this is a thing!" lit review on library learning analytics because JONES ET AL. 2020 EXISTS.

Linkspam: ostp, copyright 

What Are the Copyright Implications of the New OSTP Public-Access Guidance? - Copyright-public-access.pdf

Linkspam: marketing, surveillance, 351, 644, facebook 

Meta needs explicit user consent to run personalized ads EU watchdog rules | Ars Technica

Linkspam: surveillance, apple, 500 

Stalkers chilling use of AirTags spurs class-action suit against Apple | Ars Technica

If you want to shut down AI art, tell it to draw Disney characters in Disney styles.

Might not work, but Disney lawyers vs. Silicon Valley lawyers is a fight where someone you despise loses either way.

Linkspam: 668, datacuration, documentation, datadictionary 

A Summary of Research Data Documentation Methods Data Ab Initio

Linkspam: opensource, openaccess, opendata 

The Paradox of Open

Linkspam: 500, wikipedia, racism, sexism, classism, opensource, structurelessnessness, harassment 

#OpenAccess journals, please take heed.

New study: "Using a random sample of 300 English language open access journals, we assessed author guidelines to understand image requirements for submissions…We found that most open access journals do not include disability accessibility elements in their guidelines…While over half the journals had required parameters for image submission, none of them required alt text."

#accessibility #a11y #images #alt

i wish all "header that reappears when scrolling up" web designers a very happy i am behind you, make peace with your gods

I do also love @Wolven's idea to have students assess output and am already thinking about where that would fit in human-factors infosec.

I bet a bot-created incident report would be the highest of comedy.

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