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Oh right. Dorothea, librarian, LIS educator (for now; I'm kinda looking tbh), former scholcommer and research-data person, privacy hawk, bicycle rider, figure-skating fan, Good Omens fan, Cat Person.


Give Up GitHub: The Time Has Come! - Conservancy Blog - Software Freedom Conservancy


Still don't do peer review for Big E. Not no way, not no day.

(I was polite in my refusal.)

Pity, it looked like an interesting piece.

Did I just read "stored in a Sequel database" in an LIS research article.

Did I.


Dafuq are editors EVEN FOR.

Hah. I actually only have one more module in metadata course to put together; the last one's fine as is. That's nice to know.

medical stuff, nothing bad 

Three total vaccinations in the last week, two yesterday, and honestly I'm a bit achy and out of it today.

You go, li'l immune system. Wish I could coddle you a bit more, but at least I'm not horribly behind on anything and there's a three-day weekend in store.

mention of genocide 

Replaced the screenshots in my "LCSH minces words; Wikipedia doesn't" slides today.

Switched from the Rwandan genocide to the Rohingya genocide.

I hate having a fucking CHOICE of GENOCIDES. FFS.

"The Ethics Board says we can't abduct Humans for the Galactic Zoo."
"Told you."
"So we asked for volunteers."
"Human volunteers?"
"You asked the most curious, reckless, and inventive species we've ever found for volunteers?"
"We got lots!"
"What's your security budget?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

This ridiculous (on a personal level) day. I'm not even telling the whole story, but I assure you it's a series of minor-in-the-scheme-of-things inconveniences, nothing serious, just FREAKIN' ANNOYING.

But health check came out pretty okay so far. For an old broad.


Releasing Color.js: A library that takes color seriously Lea Verou is glitching.

So much for FOAF.

When exactly are we gonna admit that the linked data experiment has failed?

OSINT in real life: picking up someone's lost driver's license at the bus stop this morning and locating an email address for them so it can be returned

"Located within the University of Aspirational Nomenclature, the College of Realistic Expectations is a best-in-class educational institution offering the library services of a mid-sized regional consortium on top of the FTE of an average R1 university. At Realistic Expectations, we are cutting edge innovators who expect to shape reality to fit our vision."

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Got the back deck restained, and put a coat on one of my Kentucky stick chairs while I was at it. I win at adulting today!


Matthew Noe () on Twitter: "Someone posted about this on the BCALA listserv (specifically that "Blacks" category) and I naively thought "old language past-time to update" but according to the MeSH pages these were all updated in 2022?

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