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Oh, and thanks to a nudge from @ksclarke I have added tags to my linkspam CWs by way of hinting at what's within.

The three-digit tags will be meaningless to most -- they're course numbers for courses I teach -- but the other tags may be helpful.

As always, you can filter on "Linkspam" to get rid of that stuff if you're uninterested. My feelings won't be hurt.

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bee tee dubs it is always unfollow amnesty day with me

zero drama, I won't even notice, block me if you want to, it's fine

We normally promote the conference Tech Intersections: Women of Color in Computing on #Twitter but won't this year for obvious reasons.

Please help us spread the word about this #bipoc conference in #Oakland #California.

We're offering 20% off with promo code MASTODON. #BlackMastodon #BlackFriday

We are giving free tickets to people who have been laid off.

The event includes an #ally skills workshop for supporters of #woc.

FWIW my own main points about AI and education were:

-We were promised personalized learning - we got GPTcheat
-We were told AI would improve learning - we can expect more pervasive performance measures
-We were assured AI would "reveal" learning - we got surveillance
-We are told AI is a neutral tool - but it's mostly private infrastructure spreading through public education
-We're led to believe AI promises "digital transformation" of education - but it could worsen not rectify inequality

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At the point in writing where it's the Hard Stuff and if I gut out a couple sentences (plus citations) an hour I'm doing good actually.

I really, really, really, really, REALLY hate writing lit reviews. I'm just drowning in stuff I want to discuss and cite, even with the blessed presence of Jones et al. 2020.

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Tech companies fueled the rise of Homeland Security and domestic surveillance report finds - The Verge

Here's what they made of it:

I think, honestly, it's a bit less xenophobic than it woulda been if they hadn't talked to me. Even though they didn't quote me on surveillance being both domestic and global.

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#RaspberryPi own the two main organisations teaching coding to children today (Code Club and CoderDojo). And they see absolutely nothing wrong with proudly hiring an ex-spy cop who brags about having built surveillance equipment using their boards.

I resigned from the board of directors of Code Club many years ago because they didn’t see anything wrong with legitimising Google (a surveillance capitalist) to children.

These people are creating curricula for your kids. You should be worried.

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A Case Study on Raspberry Pis Incident on theFediverse || Eiara Limited - Sustainable DevOps

I sent a giant email to a student-newspaper reporter who asked me about TikTok bans from state governments. (There's such a ban in play in Wisconsin presently.)

I can't WAIT to see what they make of it.

NEW MERCH ALERT: Everyone’s Favorite Dumbass as an enamel pin. Grab one while you can for the perfect stocking stuffer.

We're hiring. I am not on the search committee or in the department where this line will report, but you'll probably still work with me regularly. I am happy to answer whatever questions I can.

We're unionized, min salary for this would be 60,500 per our current contract. I don't know why they hid that on the page.

Clinical Assistant Professor and Digital Scholarship Librarian

anyway, lemme turn that into pitching my article that's forthcoming in C&RL but already available as OA preprint:

"Indispensable, Interdependent, and Invisible: A Qualitative Inquiry into Library Systems Maintenance"

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A note to professors: your undergraduates are very tired.

A note to undergraduates: your professors are very tired.

A note to professors and undergraduates: graduate students are also very tired.

A note to professors, grads and undergrads: university staff are also very tired.

In my other course, students are asking me for material from a third course. Which I am zipping up to post.

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Shared by my Daughter
"I need privacy, not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are"

In response to "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear"

Students are asking me to keep one of my online courses open after the official end of the semester.

I think I must be doing something right.

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CPRA Will Transform How Your Company Treats Employee Data

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