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I haven't social-mediaed in my own name since... since... I think since I shuttered Book of Trogool. Which was a while ago.

(Editorializing for LJ doesn't quite count. Not social media exactly.)

But what the hey, let's give it another whirl. It'll be interesting to see who uses it to try to take me down THIS time.

On Tattle Tape, a quick one. Kanopy and Elsevier: united in password mishandling?

(Note question mark. We’re not exactly sure.)

Things that can still stop #Article13:

-Council of Ministers can still reject it

-Individual countries still have to create their own laws to enforce it (this is not like GDPR, which came into force directly). This could cause a lot of friction against the law.

-Article 13's requirements are technically impossible: it requires filters to stop all piracy while allowing all fair use. This makes the law vulnerable to being rewritten/rejected at some point in the future.

A friend who's a library programmer called computers "microchipped treason buckets" and, as someone who works with computers... I love it.


"We call on the European Commission to promote the dissemination of Free Software filter technologies"

@fsfe , SRSLY???

Why not free/libre/open-source DRM, free/libre/open-source tracking, profiling and predictive algorithm, free/libre/open-source drone strikes, while we're at it? What a disgrace :(


That thing where errands that have been hanging fire for a long time finally get done and it's SUCH a load off.

(Kinda literally even. I finally handed over to the recyclers a dead iMac that's been sitting around for most of a decade.)

#Better is a privacy tool for the Safari browser on iPhone, iPad and Mac which protects you from being tracked.

You can find out more at the official site:

You can follow them on the Fediverse at:


#Safari #Privacy #MacOS #iOS

alternative terms for "data lake":
data mess
data pile
data pit
data lump
data dump
data coffin
data hell (can be organized into circles)
katamari databall
data casserole

"I put a poster on a building's wall a few years ago and then they tore down the building and built a new one without saving my poster" and other digital preservation questions

It's spring break, so I can sing along with iTunes. Fight me if you disagree.

Regular reminder that mocking the physical appearance of awful people causes collateral damage to good people

birbsite, skrulls 

Hugging a cat because this has been A Day.

Ok, done for the day and guessing I'm at approx 500 books pulled. This included:

▪️ a 15-volume set on IBM PCs in the library
▪️20-year-old accreditation manual
▪️ library automation instructions from the '70s and '80s
▪️ 202+ Software Packages To Use in Your Library (1992)
▪️ COBOL and Pascal programming guides for librarians

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