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I haven't social-mediaed in my own name since... since... I think since I shuttered Book of Trogool. Which was a while ago.

(Editorializing for LJ doesn't quite count. Not social media exactly.)

But what the hey, let's give it another whirl. It'll be interesting to see who uses it to try to take me down THIS time.

Why This Year's Library Journal Movers and Shakers Are Cataloguing Bebop

this caturday, pls remember to do lots of rest and also lots of plays. that is the way of the kitn :blobcatmlem: has finally been [properly] replaced with

It's a site, based on Laravel, providing CC0 and public domain SVG files, including the 55,000+ we scraped from

#openclipart #svg #inkscape

I suppose some students did a video report on a floppy disk and it is very good! show all your friends that don't know what a floppy disk is!

This sounds really cool! "The Rutgers-Camden Archive of Digital Ephemera Symposium (R-CADE) provides funds for hands-on research and creative activity with digital technologies. Accepted panels receive up to $1,000 for the purchase of hardware, software, and other materials. This year's theme is 'Repair'"

what idiot called it "Hosted Elasticsearch Service" and not "Lucene in the Sky with Diamonds"

My father taught me that men would treat me badly, and that I would be better served to pursue the things that interest me and ignore the men as best I could. In many ways, I have - my interests are all over the map in terms of traditional "girl" and "boy" interests. But I've still been driven out of places because the men were too awful.

So dudes, every wistful reflection on the people who made open source into what it currently is? There's a woman taking notes about whether you're safe.

#Keybase just came out as a crypto-currency marketing scheme. Moreover, they're trying to spin the fact that they actively hid that their funding was coming from a crypto "non-profit" as a positive, _somehow._

I know they're popular on the fediverse as an identity verification service. If you're using it for that purpose, I urge you to reconsider in light of this.

> Firefox Private Network is a desktop extension that helps secure and protect your connection everywhere you use Firefox.

VPN From Mozilla

Hello current & potential #Taguette users! We're hoping y'all might take a brief ~5 min survey to help us get an idea of who you are & the features you want us to prioritize as we continue to develop 🖥️

Here's the survey (and feel free to share the link to any interested parties/networks!):

#floss #qualitativeResearch #qual

I'm tired or reading "We did not consider potential harm our product could do".
What you do about this?
1. hire designers, people who care about users, ethics, build a more diverse team
3. check to help you anticipate impacts

Conferences should not be allowed to sell out your registration email address to every vendor who wants it

As a comp. lit. degree holder who has spent dealt with too many narcissists, I feel ready to call this:

The main difference between literary fiction and genre fiction is that in genre fiction the narcissists are the villains, but in literary fiction they are the protagonist.

Center for the Study of Things People Already Study but We Need to Look Like This Is New

On Tattle Tape, a quick one. Kanopy and Elsevier: united in password mishandling?

(Note question mark. We’re not exactly sure.)

Show more is a space for folks interested in productive conversations about, well, digital preservation! If you enjoy talking about how to do memory work with computers, or even with cardboard boxes of old photos, you belong with us on Many of us are/were Twitter users looking for an inclusive and community supported approach to social media. If any of these things sound good to you, consider joining us now.