In this great interview, Jennifer Pursley answers Olia Lialina's questions on how was it like being the webmaster of an Anti Titanic web site in 1999:

Meanwhile on some other social media sites:

I really find the disgust expressed by some librarians and archivists towards what's described in the "Delete Never" article about data hoarding pretty concerning.

All that "this is not an archive" talk, it's not "managed" correctly, etc, is just full-on missing the point, and shines a bad light on a community that likes to take pride in its inclusiveness and service to society.

The copy of "Un monde parfait" that I have looks much better than the offical one on Youtube

I just re-discovered my 2005 project of downloading pop music videos from Kazaa and E-Donkey 2000 that had contemporaneous mainstream computer graphics in them.

This full report is absolutely packed full of excellent insights and advice for organizations working at in the civil tech sector

You think you're on top of all things HTML because you know <BLINK>?

Well I used <SPACER> today.

Look it up:

Working on the technical exhibition setup The Art Happens Here, the gallery version of the 100% online Net Art Anthology.

We're using emulation, web archives, and a special live Linux distro that runs both for exhibition purposes.

Learning a lot about Windows 2000, Java 1.5.1, and IBM dot matrix printer control codes at the moment.

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