This weekend I'm offering a unique service: Send me a sentence that uses the word "experience" to describe a process involving computers. I will remove or replace "experience" from that sentence. Screenshots welcome!

@ me or reply to this tweet, paste text or screenshot.

When I had a career as a SEGA DJ I would write the best tunes on the cartridges. It was possible in all games to access a "sound test" menu by pressing some secret controller combo and playing all music and effects. I did beat matching by using PAL or NTSC consoles, as the music and sound timing would run in the screen vsync, music would play slower on PAL.

I wonder if all USB thumb drives people lost over the years globally suddenly returned, would that be enough to build a really huge datacenter owned by the people?

Mad props to everyone out there writing grant applications 🤙

Thanks to ffmprovisr I am now comfortable deleting half of the notes on my computer.

Working on a web component that scales low resolution images depending on rendering size in hardware pixels. Blurriness be gone!

You are likely going to see this image of scaling techniques scaled again on your device.

Just imagine how much better the world would be if XULrunner would have won instead of Electron

This is for the true headz who are trying to submit a grant right now:

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