neues projekt zur umwandlung eines #warc files in #graphviz implementiert in #java und zur verfügung gestellt auf #github - dank inspiration von @despens ...

People were hating so much on Netscape 7 in the early aughts, but look at this thing, it's gorgeous!

Dear web archiving colleagues, is there a tool that you would recommend for creating a graphical site map? For instance, a tool that would crawl a site or ingest a WARC file and export graphviz, or SVG?

Apple managed to kill off Flash, and I would suggest they take on Safari next

Today worked on an artwork created at the time of transition from perl 4 to perl 5—fascinating.

Don't worry, "GetMeth" is supposed to mean "get method" in this 1995 perl script!

A series about a bunch of wannabe-crackers living in the Finnish countryside in the 1990's by @viznut, a decade in the making

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