🔭 visiting an old website with broken images but working javascript animation

Any painting digitized with a 10 Gigapixel resolution looks fine, but great art also works when digitized with a Gameboy camera.

From primordial slime until today, we have come so far, but as soon as you try to insert an image into text you start to question if it all was worth it...

Writing is already bad, but inserting images is the worst

First time collaboratively writing a grant app using nextcloud, pretty nice!

The dark side of open source is that for this Wikibase project I need to be fluent with Lua, PHP, Python, HTML, Docker, SPARQL, and of course bash.

Rhizome boosting the Flash preservation fundraiser with a telethon of Flash artworks on new year's eve*! rhizome.org/events/flash-sunse

* for inhabitants around GMT-5 time zones

Reading "Interop" by Palfry and Gasser, 2012. Probably marks the tipping point when everything was called "technology" for long enough and the first sprinkles of "experience" are appearing.

Ugh. PDF DRM. Just encountered this for the first time. A document with some JavaScript in it. It took me and a lawyer and four different computers just to open it.

Messy messy. Also Adobe’s PDF reader is over 500mb now. What on earth could be in that?

Anyway, Adobe is awful.

Finally arrived at a point where I find it much easier to write SPARQL than SQL

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