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Dragan Espenschied @despens@digipres.club

This week, Rhizome's Net Art Anthology presents one of my favorite net art pieces of all time, UBERMORGEN's Vote Auction



Anybody here familiar with the whereabouts of Randy D. Ralph, MLIS, Ph.D., webmaster of "Randy's Corner of the Web"?


Dear colleagues, if I have a Java browser applet with the filename applet.class, how would I convert it to an 8+3 MSDOS filename? APPLET.CLA?

Glad to discover that the investigation by @OCCRP into #DanskeBank's money laundering used #OpenRefine to extract information from bank statements! It makes me very proud to contribute to this software.


Rhizome hosted an event centered around linked data and federated Wikibase instances for the last three days, with folks from archives, art preservation, computer science, museums, bio informatics, digital art, WMF, Wikimedia Deutschland, etc.

Hoping to have the report ready for sharing soon, probably after iPRES.

More than ever, standing by my tweet from October last year: twitter.com/despens/status/100

I have to admit I developed a habit of reading David Rosenthal's many tear downs of ridiculous preservation projects based on "the blockchain" just to unwind from time to time.

Here's the latest: blog.dshr.org/2018/09/blockcha

oneterabyteofkilobyteage.tumbl is back... sorry for the long outage. Windows XP is just so flimsy.

You can't make this up: Chrome is changing how URLs are displayed, effectively achieving Worse Than Safari state:


People still keep mixing up Java applets and Javascript, as well as Shockwave and ShockwaveFlash.


Getting email attachments from ELO people is a delight, because they send RTF and TXT files!


An internal beta of Webrecorder now has experimental integration for the dat p2p protocol. The idea is to allow collaboration on and simplified, partial sharing of web archives:


It apparently could be done with Adobe's Brackets editor, if it wasn't constantly having issues with extensions.

GitHub's Atom editor can be forced into handling Zotero citations with plugins for both Atom (like, supporting markdown footnotes) and Zotero, a manually exported BibLaTex file, and pandoc tools. It is flimsy at best and not really giving you the "simplicity" of markdown.

Editor-agnostic instructions are here:

"Scholarly Markdown" is not really there yet :)