I finally looked up what "reconciliation" means (English is not my first language) -- fascinating! How did this end up as the metaphor term for cleaning data sets?

It looks like Silicon Valley after one decade burned through a batch of money and suddenly limitless storage doesn't exist anymore

You know it's going to be a bad day when the instructions for the python library you need to use start with "Unpack the downloaded file to C:\Users\username\pywikibot"

I'm running an exciting URL game on Twitter: twitter.com/despens/status/130
If you know how to find stuff on the web, you might stand a chance of winning against some of the greatest minds on the internet which are already competing.

An impartial computer program will pick the final winner: colab.research.google.com/driv

Apparently it is not. Because, in Collective Access object identifiers are not unique. 🤷‍♂️

Is there any way to link to an item in Collective Access (Providence) by its Object Identifier?

...annotating revisions as if there was a tomorrow!

Early this year I accidentally made the EaaS install on my laptop unusable and wasn't able to fix it. In the mean time I had to fiddle around with bare qemu and manage my qcow chains manually. Today I've got my EaaS back, it is so great!!1

MySQL/MariaDB is such a crappy software, if I could go back in time...

The software preservation field is talking about disk images all the time, especially in digital art.

But unless you're considering CD-ROMs or some basic software pieces where somebody put a computer into a vault in 1992, the reality is Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku, CPanel, Perl 4.x cgi scripts, and shared hosting on IIS 5.0.

This year's sping/summer intern at Rhizome, Matthew Brucker, created Periphery, a frontend-library for expressing the boundaries of web archives. It can help marking up links or resources that are not in the collection, and explain users why that is the case. Read the blog post about it: blog.conifer.rhizome.org/2020/

Colleages, three hours away is a zoom event on The Thing, a legendar 1990's art BBS, and how Rhizome and friends are treating the remains of its data: mailchi.mp/rhizome/phantom-thr

What I don't like when working with a single screen is that I start writing notes on paper like a troglodyte

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