99% of images tumblr's AI detects as "adult content" and then "hides" look like this... what a waste of GPU cycles. 

Today I helped a dude to load sound banks into his e-bay'd E-Mu ESI 4000—first time all this disk imaging knowledge lead to tangible results.

First time receiving pull request spam on GitHub

Google drive trash message just keeps on giving, nominating this banner for the worst web design of 2020

The new Fedora uses btrfs as the default file system?? I wouldn't store my spam email on btrfs...

Me, telling museum people that creating a "museum app" is a waste of resources

pywikibot is a mess, maybe the Python Foundation should demand that "py" is removed from the project's name.

Running a full Wikibase deployment on your laptop almost uses as much processing time as an electron note taking app

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