If you're interested I'll try to do "Preservation Office Hours" tomorrow on the unspeakable site 🐦

Nice in-depth article about my preservation work by Miki Koishi for the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan: https://mediag.bunka.go.jp/article/article-20305/

Hey all, anybody who could put me in touch with a WebGL developer that has some experience with 360° video? There is a group forming that wants to add this as a feature to PeerTube. We have some initial funding for a planning phase and would need feedback from somebody who knows a bit about different 360° projection formats and how to make them appear in a browser.

I quickly recorded my IPres talk as a video and hope it'll work out to be shown tomorrow during the planned session...

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A thorough travel infrastructure meltdown made me miss iPres2022 in Glasgow. I also downloaded all Rustie albums to my phone to get me in the mood. In vain.

Macht Platz für die Schwäbische Pixelpolizei!

Just had a peek into this book that discusses floppy disks as a cultural practice onomatopee.net/product/floppy- — excellent stuff

What a time to apply for funding when the Euro, the US Dollar, and the Swiss Franc are at a 1:1:1 exchange rate…

For this year's iPres, I'm using the following CSS to make the conference schedule easy to browse:


New blog post! I wrote about Eriko Tamura’s Oz, a Wizard of Oz pastiche for kids with shockingly good photography and some pretty cool CGI design. cdrom.ca/games/2022/08/28/erik

I got asked to present about web archives to a group of legal experts interested in web3 tech.

I decided to tell them how juridical conceptions of archives border on fascism, and how web archives are no different.

I'm guessing I'm probably not going to get invited back, which is fine with me.

In personal PDF hell right now, as I have to copy/paste "tabular data" from old bank statements

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