You think you're on top of all things HTML because you know <BLINK>?

Well I used <SPACER> today.

Look it up:

Working on the technical exhibition setup The Art Happens Here, the gallery version of the 100% online Net Art Anthology.

We're using emulation, web archives, and a special live Linux distro that runs both for exhibition purposes.

Learning a lot about Windows 2000, Java 1.5.1, and IBM dot matrix printer control codes at the moment.

Today I installed Wordpress 1.5.2 in the name of art.

Just because you never change the size of your browser window it doesn't mean you fully web archived that responsive design :wink:

This week, Rhizome's Net Art Anthology presents one of my favorite net art pieces of all time, UBERMORGEN's Vote Auction

Anybody here familiar with the whereabouts of Randy D. Ralph, MLIS, Ph.D., webmaster of "Randy's Corner of the Web"?

Dear colleagues, if I have a Java browser applet with the filename applet.class, how would I convert it to an 8+3 MSDOS filename? APPLET.CLA?

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