For those who have downloaded their archive data, you might want to check out this Twitter Archive parser by @timhutton:

This converts your Tweet archive to and HTML, and replaces URLs (which will break once Twitter goes away) with their original versions.

Afterwards, it asks if you want to try downloading the original size images.

Just ran this myself without any major issues, really easy to use as well.

As this toot has gone a bit viral, I've expanded this into a full blog post with much more detailed info on how to preserve your personal archive

@bitsgalore @timhutton You guys, must help, please, people like @auschwitzmuseum to rapatriate their tweets but also to give them a reliable way to post on masto/twit/insta/faceboo etc same time

@bitsgalore @timhutton did you get your archive easily? Still waiting for my download to appear

@Zehavoc @timhutton In my case about 24 hours, but that was 2 weeks ago. Right now I'm hearing from people who've been waiting for over 3 days.

@bitsgalore @timhutton I am on Mac and not savvy enough to figure out the process and instructions without spending hours learning it. But I’m sure this helps a lot of people! Awesome!

@timhutton @susybotello FWIW I'm currently putting some final touches to a blog post on this. Sadly no Mac instructions, as I've never used a Mac in my life!

@susybotello @bitsgalore @timhutton If this helps, here's what I did on Mac:

First, install Xcode from App Store. Then, in terminal:

> xcode-select --install
> sudo port install wget
> wget
> sudo port install python311
> sudo port select --set python python311
> sudo port install py311-pip
> sudo port select --set pip pip311
> sudo port install py311-requests

[change your active directory to your twitter archive folder]

> python

[edited: omission]

@bitsgalore @timhutton Thanks for the tip!! I should get my Twitter download as a Zip archive in 24 hours

@bitsgalore @pallsopp42 Nice! We now output DMs to. And a tiny point: there are a couple more user questions that went in this morning.

Sorry, it's fast moving, thanks to all the people helping out!

@timhutton @pallsopp42 Thanks for making this tool, it's incredibly useful! Must say I was a bit taken aback by how that Toot went viral, didn't expect that at all! Anyway, this also gave me the final push to turn it into a full blog post. If anything major changes in Archive Parser I'll try to update the post accordingly!

@timhutton Also I see it now also reports followers/followings, so I updated my earlier comment about that as well.

@bitsgalore @timhutton I'm lost at step 4 🤣. How do I open a command prompt in the folder?

If you're on windows, shift + right click in the folder, then 'open powershell' should work

@taneyakoonce @otto @timhutton There's also a a pretty good explanation (with screenshots) on how to use the command prompt here: Note that this will open the command prompt, whereas @otto's suggestion opens PowerShell. Either should work for this (but I never use PowerShell myself)

@taneyakoonce @otto @timhutton Also, I wrote up some slightly more detailed instructions here (section "Improve archive with Twitter archive parser"), in case that helps: (this also references the link from my previous Toot)

@bitsgalore @timhutton

Hmm, is a cost-cutting opportunity short of "all dead."

A lot of us lean on those.

@bitsgalore I requested my archive days ago and it never showed up. I wonder if this is because all the employees are gone.

@drcaberry It can be slow, heard several people who had to wait three days.

@bitsgalore @drcaberry Yep. Requested mine on Thursday and got it Sunday.

Doing right by their users is not their thing.

@pwc Okay let me request again, it has been way longer than that for me.

@drcaberry @pwc What is the benefit of the archive? Is it just to not lose things if they disappear? That makes sense but I think it is the people I worry about losing the most. Does it come with a following and follower list?

@limbicnoodle @drcaberry For me, a bit of curiosity. Maybe something in there I might need.

Mine was 2GB with all media.

It comes with lists and followers and following....but they are just URLs. Meaning you have to copy and paste the URL into a browser to see who it is. :(

@pwc @limbicnoodle @drcaberry You can use FediFinder for this, see explanation here: Recent versions of archive parser also extract follower/following user names, but it's more limited in that regard than FediFinder.

@limbicnoodle Not sure I just got one to download and need to see what's in it. Everyone has told me it was important to do so I did.

@drcaberry The person running that machine is probably gone. :)

Keep at it!

@pwc HAAA! I finally got one but not the other one, trying again today

@pwc @drcaberry It's probably just demand. It took for 4 5 days to get mine.

@kenya Thank you! I just tried again, I don't even know what I would do with it but at least I will have it. I guess just for peace of mind!!!

@drcaberry I'm hoping someone creates a way to load them into something else.

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