New blog post on how I tried to restore (and subsequently capture to WARC) one of the oldest and most unique Dutch homepages from the mid-'90s

For those in search of some next-level digital preservation weirdness, look no further than my review of the ISO/IEC TS 22424 standard on 3 preservation

Does Microsoft OneDrive export large ZIP files that are corrupt? UPDATED version of my earlier blog, turns out that one unexpected ZIP64 field value results in ZIP files that are unreadable by most extraction tools and libraries

Does Microsoft OneDrive export large ZIP files that are corrupt? New blog: (if anyone has any more info or test results on this I'd love to know!)

Really useful blog post on how to add tracker-free commenting functionality to static Jekyll web sites using Github issues (I can confirm this actually works, as I used it for my own blog at

We just published the jpylyzer 2 release candidate, which includes (among other things) support for raw codestream validation. More info here:

Here's a weird and slightly spooky 1-minute trailer(!) I made for the upcoming jpylyzer 2.0.0 release (don't miss out on the audio on this one)

Here's a video of the presentation I did on recovering '90s data tapes at (audio is not from the actual presentation, but from a rehearsal I did a day earlier)

Recovering '90s Data Tapes - Experiences From the KB Web Archaeology project Web-friendly version of the paper I wrote for the upcoming conference in Amsterdam. Contains links to lots of tape-related resources

Attention jpylyzer users - I'm considering some changes to jpylyzer's output format for an upcoming 2.0 release in November. See this note for details: If you have any comments or suggestions just let me know!

One for the floppy crowd - a simple disk imaging workflow tool (basically a simple graphical front-end around dd and ddrescue)

UPDATE: OPF call was this morning, and codestream validation in jpylyzer will happen! (already did a quick test last week which confirmed this is easy to implement)

An email I got yesterday about validating JPEG 2000-encoded video frames made me think about adding an option to jpylyzer for validating raw JPEG 2000 codestreams (through the Python API and the CLI). Is this something anyone would find useful? (Next week there'll be a call with OPF about the priorities for an upcoming jpylyzer release by the end of 2019, so if this is something people are interested let me know so I can try to push it up the priority list!)

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