Partway done with another readme on another set of scripts I've been working on getting out into the world

The great thing about FFV1 being officially recommended as a preservation format is that FFmpeg’s libraries already power much of the digitization hardware and software infrastructure. Adding support is genuinely practical, and I don’t think I can say that about older recommendations.

Are there any good blog posts/resources out there you know of that are like @bitsgalore 's Preserving Optical Media from the Command line guide but for hard drives?

Shoutout to @beet_keeper for leading me to this thing I wanted to exist, the test corpus roundup:

I made a couple of Archivematica technical training and diagnostics videos, this is a Masto sneak peek!

Does anyone know of a a free converter for QuarkXPress files? We have some electronic records from an agency that are not version 4 and our InDesign won't open them; InDesign seemingly needs a $200 plugin for versions other than v.4.

Should File Identification and/or Characterization be added to the NDSA Levels of Digital Preservation? It's sort of hinted at or implied but not explicitly mentioned as an action.

It seems to be one of the most glaring omissions to me. And of course Siegfried, Fido, JHOVE, FITS, and DPF Manager are fun to use. There's nothing like Siegfried's anvil of truth.

After a couple months of giving Gmail's "improved" interface a shot, I switched my default view to "Basic HTML" and it's nice to remember that the web is supposed to be fast now

I see it's the time of year when I'm reminded of just how many resources some institutions have for digital preservation.

MoMA's unionized workers have been without a contract since May 20:

"We are curators, librarians, visitor services, stewards, accounting, and we are in contract negotiations. We thank you for your support and we have a museum. Solidarity forever is our message."

(cc @TeamMidwest )

If at first you don't succeed, try reposting the exact same job but at a lower salary: the GLAM hiring story

Is there a markdown editor that supports Zotero citations?

@andrewjbtw In the future, they have computer time travel access to files in the past, rendering digital preservation obsolete. But they still haven't figured out how to keep from altering the timestamps

Need video capture help

Trying to capture video and audio through v4l2 using , but I also need to preview it. How is this usually done? Do you split the signal to a monitor, or would you use -f tee in ffmpeg and split the output to a pipe?

Tired of the Mac vs. Windows grind? A post for how and why you can freshen up your experience with Linux for everyday computing. (Come join the dark side, gooble gobble, and all that jazz)

Had my first dream about Archivematica — I was lost in a massive confusing factory and every room did a different microservice. 😅

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