Another stunning podcast from and crew on compelling stories for getting work done.

For me, especially the first 10 minutes and how telling horror stores (which I see all too much) can trigger a flight not fight effect.

Trending tag on Twitter: Something something Lilleth is coming...
What I see in my head: 👇👇👇

A dream desc protocol.

CREATE TABLE for_future_archives (
what_do_i_do TEXT NOT NULL,
do_i_support_a_software BOOLEAN NOT NULL,
name_of_software TEXT,
should_i_be_human_readable BOOLEAN NOT NULL,
link_to_schema_docs TEXT,
devs TEXT,

I really need a ZFS disk to try this interactive "time machine" utility:

Looks super interesting!

Cryptographic vs. non-cryptographic hash functions.

Do folks in have any thoughts on non-cryptographic hashes? (beyond MD5's "demotion")?

This is a really interesting project for those who always have it in the back of their mind there's more that can be done with a git repo, i.e. not just as a place for code...

"tig" text-mode/interactive-git viewer:

"baked in not bolted in"

1. That's super judgmental.
2. Bolting-in is not an anti-pattern.

So, like, the beep is the new iPhone message tone, eh? Just like all-the-time!

This last episode standing in for Gideon Coe, is absolutely perfect! Sea shanties and folk galore!

is there a good overview article for laypeople about all these various AI writing tools? I feel like I'm seeing different references and I'd like a birds eye view article that breaks each down

"Wikipedia is really very ahistorical"

I didn't really think about it, but it's a fascinating insight, out of many from this talk by about & finding new ways into Australian government data via Wikidata as a portal.

“OpenAI have put a lot of effort into preventing the model from doing bad things. […] Your challenge now is to convince it to give you a detailed list of ideas for crimes.” #AI

I’m not an infosec expert or anything but I don’t think that’s right

Perfectionism is the one degree the thermostat can't find when you leave the lid slightly off the electric kettle...

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