Actually I have no idea whether my site is low or high traffic because I don't use any trackers whatsoever on it

My personal homepage is extremely low traffic but I am following suit and taking it offline in solidarity with

I've never been a user of AO3 -- not a big fanficcer -- but love the inclusive ethos of the community, and it's great to read how this manifested in their technical choices

I feel very grateful to be auditing SFPC's Dark Matters course right now. Unlearning takes a lifetime.

This Zola Jesus cover and the humid breeze outside my window is really hitting me with some nostalgia this morning for some reason

Just sent in an application to do another thing as if I am not already pulled in 400 directions right now -- story of my life

Finally… a blog post for me. How to compile Rust binaries for Windows 98.

from a cross-stitch manual, this template is called “The Office”

Fun photography tip: floppy disks are infrared pass filters and your mobile phone camera might be sensitive to the near IR that passes through.

"Google no longer providing original URL in AMP for image search results"

Time to share this one again before it's too late:

How to fight back against Google AMP

high-profile death 

I would love to once in my lifetime read a novel where a prominent female character does not receive multiple paragraphs describing how thin and small-framed and thus beautiful she is

𒊀𒈉𒊀𒈉𒈉𒊀𒈉𒈉𒈉𒈉𒊀𒊀𒊀𒊀𒊀𒈉𒈉𒊀𒊀𒊀𒈉𒈉𒊀𒈉𒊀𒊀𒈉𒈉𒊀𒈉𒊀𒊀𒈉𒈉𒈉𒈉𒈉𒊀𒊀𒈉𒈉𒊀𒈉𒈉𒈉𒈉 𒊀𒈉𒈉𒈉𒈉𒊀𒈉𒈉𒈉𒊀𒈉𒊀𒊀𒈉𒊀𒊀𒈉𒊀𒈉𒊀𒊀𒈉𒈉𒈉𒈉𒊀𒈉𒊀𒊀𒈉𒈉𒈉𒊀𒈉𒊀𒈉𒈉𒊀

Currently visiting one of the most earnest places left on the internet, a fan-remade Virtual Magic Kingdom

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