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I would like it if you watched something I made about how the web and I grew up together (only if you have 15 uninterrupted minutes to spare).

@ashley This got me to listen to the first by Ursula Franklin. Thank you! Lots of connections forming with Ivan Illich ("Tools for conviviality"; and David Krakauer's notions of complementary vs competitive cognitive artifacts (

citation with “email to author” is such a flex

Somewhat tangential, but I think it's better to teach accessibility by examples ("screen readers will read this part," "an Alexa will speak it in this accent") rather than talking about HTML tags as if they represent some platonic ideal of semantics. The abstract stuff is hard to grasp, and it's often just wrong, e.g. when screen readers have bugs or don't implement certain things correctly. I like the author's example of "if you forget this, mobile users will have to zoom in which is annoying."

recommended authors in the reading lists that are also on the fedi include: @aparrish @darius @ajroach42 @brainwane and @pluralistic


This has been on my mind for a long time, and now it's a real thing!

Well on my way to becoming Mastodon's DOS community's thought-leader of choice. (selfie, ec)

Aura-reader says: confidence and self-esteem, out the fucking door. Challenging times, get ready for them.

tfw you need the national guard to lock down a city so you can safely say 'democracy prevailed'

Which DOS error code are you today? I'm a bit 'Too many commands' and always a little 'Not ready'

I didn't realize ArchivesSpace docs were behind a paywall

I understand/work with the FOSS support model, but "the software is OSS but documentation is behind a paywall" is...... really something

We have new neighbors! The circle is nearly complete, surrounding me we have: Jeanine, Jillian, (skip a house), Janet, and Jenna


New episode of @fossandcrafts! @mlemweb and I are joined by @vickysteeves to talk about open and reproducible research, FOSS and library sciences, and even a conversation about what the FOSS world can learn from game modding communities!

My favorite episodes are ones that emphasize interdisciplinarity and gosh does this episode ever meet that criteria!

LiveJournal is the only platform that got privacy settings right

Ronnie Spector: ‘I love #MeToo and Time’s Up – because men’s time is up’ (CW abuse mention in the link) 

we've never seen garbage levels like this

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

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