"There is a choice of 2 Virtual Worlds, one is more suitable for users with fast connections, the other is more suitable for users with 56kb modem connections."

Which is worse -- no docs or years-out-of-date-but-not-apparent docs?

!!Con is a fantastic conference about how computer programming is joyful and strange—their call for talks and talk-like things is open! bangbangcon.com/give-a-talk.ht

(the conference is in NYC but they cover travel expenses for speakers)

One of my hobbies is watching the DOW drop so it's been a fun few days

I thought I would have to go on a very very very long (~14hr) flight for work, and I just found out that I don't have to do that and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relieved

friends don’t send friends links with utm codes at the end. delete that shit dawg

Oh my gosh y'all, today is the day my game, Snake People: A Game of Anticipatory Grief went up on Kickstarter as part of #ZineQuest! Threading unlocked.


I had a couple of small tasks that I had been putting off for reasons that are unclear to me and I just did them

Completely forgot about major 90s websites having "Java" and "Decaf" versions depending on if your computer and browser could handle it

"Scrumptious! If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or Netscape Navigator 3.0, then you'll never look at the web the same way again. It's got live news and a hot interface. Not for the weak of heart or slow of access, but if you've got a Pentium 100, or a PowerPC or above, and a Java enabled browser, you're gonna love it."

X-Face is a 48x48 black/white bitmap you add as a header in e-mail. Then supporting clients can read the X-Face header value and display it in notifications and/or your mail. It's an early attempt at avatars.

Tested X-Face [0] and QR code to Braille-Unicode conversion and it's too bulky to be useful in a terminal. Perhaps with sixels then.

On a related note, anyone has a Usenet/mail archive with X-Faces for testing?

[0] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Face

#email #mail #usenet #unix #rust #terminal

I keep thinking about how I was prepping for a job interview that mentioned a requirement that the applicant understand Virtual Machines, and I went deep in understanding networking/emulation, but they actually just wanted to know that a person could use a computer

Used my 'how did i get here?' page to summarize my work experience to my students and only just now realized I probably scared the shit out of them by setting a horrible work-life-balance example, as someone who has never had less than 3 jobs at a time

it is very obvious who the bad actors in our tech spaces are, but people are just too polite to stop giving them money


Art of Python, a small arts festival cultivated within PyCon North America, is now accepting submissions for its 2020 season, which will run at #PyCon. Call for Proposals is now open. We're looking for 5-15 minute performances that impart new and needed perspectives about the emotional and challenging work of programming through the medium of performance.


Boosting appreciated!

Update: just experienced my first DST/no-DST regularly scheduled meeting mess-up, for a meeting that seems to be not-so-regularly scheduled

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