Add to the huge shit-pile of things that vendors in the GLAM space get away with that would not fly elsewhere

I am always up in here tooting my own horn but, as a vendor, I have been absolutely amazed at how long vendors take to just email their clients back, if they even bother

There's some work being done by not-me at work on better communication to Grafana, which makes this apparent, but I feel like there's a ways to go -- not to mention lack of $$$ to pay people to optimize this

This isn't shade to anyone in particular, I just wish that this was made more prominent -- more charts/graphs that show how much work the computer is doing, so you know what's happening when you throw 100000000 huge files at it and don't understand why it's taking so long

Today I am wishing that everyone working in digital preservation were trained up on how computer processing takes power/time. I feel like there's a gap in how clicking a button doesn't take much time for a person, but it doesn't mean that servers aren't chugging along in the background, and that big things take a long time to copy around.

1999: dang all the cool kids have a Dreamcast

2019: dang all the cool kids have a Dreamcast

I love working remotely and I love working from home! I am hanging out with two cats right now and I save a lot of money and feel better eating basic meals at home when I want! And I spend a lot less overall which reduces my plastic usage and other eco-waste creation!!

Just wanted to quickly share that Rhizome has started using Nextcloud @nextcloud for getting files from artists and other collaborators into the organization. So instead of an attachment like to a subject-less email sent during a call, or a wetransfer link that has disappeared after the weekend, I can send a private file-drop link that displays a custom message and integrates the uploads into my project working directories.

"I guess it's easier to charge more money when you are making things overly complicated for no useful reason." me explaining docs written by other consultants

Deeper: "But I don't I think like there's my understanding it's their soul working on something like a URI for that goes directly to the emulation."

Autotranslation going deep: "How many people died in like full-time employee ish terms"

"The channel your workspace used most last week was , with 4 messages. That's quite a conversation."

“Women working in electronic computing early on were dismissed precisely because they had technical skills, not because they lacked them. As those skills became more highly valued, women were often forced out of the field instead of being promoted …“

📄 Marie Hicks, Against Meritocracy in the History of Computing, 2016 →

Once I get this fixed and I’ve confirmed (or disconfirmed) my investigation, I’ll put up a blog post that goes into all this in more detail!

At any rate, the “bad” version of the MPEG file is always having the “data” bit set, while the “good” version varies between “video”, “audio”, and “data”. Feels like Lunar is probably skipping over every non-video sector.

There’s also a format-dependent “coding” byte, which the “bad” tool is setting to 0. It has information about resolution and coding type; Lunar may be depending on it.

I’ll continue investigating, but I think I have all I need to attempt a fix now.

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