I should offer a paid service to tweet shit that people can't say publicly because I really am capable of striking fear into a lot of cowardly men out there.

(which isn't to say I don't spend a lot of time Talking Shit but I do that off the clock, and extensively. good morning!)

It's funny because I really don't spend much mental energy thinking about the companies that make similar closed-source software to the ones I work on (or straight-up resell it as a service) because it's an entirely different game, but it's clear that companies spend a lot of full-time on-the-clock energy thinking about attack strategies

Big LOL at a "competing" software company making a copy of my company's open training materials, but accidentally making the copy in the same folder so everyone can see that they did it 😂😂😂

Been waking up red-hot-fire angry over the microaggressions so many of my friends have been experiencing and the cowardice of both the people performing them and the people around them who choose to stay silent about it

We're hiring still at Mozilla!


This feels squickily like self-promotion (which I hate), but some folks round here might find something interesting there.

I will also mention that we have ongoing efforts to recruit folks who are *not* like me - i.e. straight old cis white guys.

So, if you are *not* like me along any of those axes, I especially encourage you to give it a looksee.

alexander graham bell was an asshole and anyone who asks me to phone call is perpetuating his shitty, awful legacy

Why do people spend time queuing way before the gate opens, so anxious to be the first to sit on a 7-hour flight?

It's so hard to focus at work on the same day as when I have to take a flight, 50% because I can't stop picking up my cat and squishing him

you can lead a horse to water but they will still open up a vastly expensive web app and ask "why can't you just do it like this?"

Do you ever draft an email that says something like "and here is a link to a document" but it links to a doc that is still empty, just to motivate yourself to fill it out really really fast?

me, gesturing wildly at mailing lists and group email and RSS and just email in general, because people seem to have forgotten that these things exist and are well-supported and decentralized and secure with the right tools

Damn, people out here setting out of office emails on their personal email accounts

finally learning to gain strength from not responding. too many people not worth my time.

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