"pre-ingest" on my brain brain brain brain brain

I feel kinda anxious this week for no reason except that I started drinking coffee again and-- oh. yep. bye again, coffee!

Last year, I wrote about an early, no-longer-existent website that was influential to young me for this “Museum of The Lost Web” project allegrarosenberg.com/school/ml 😍🖥

If you DO have a Soundcloud, etc., consider checking out Preserve This Podcast preservethispodcast.org/ and learning more about what you might do to preserve your own files.

Does anyone have readings off the top of their head along the lines of "don't refer to computers as 'magic' because it obscures the human decisions and biases and labor that go into making technology"

I want to start picking this bone and would like to be able to point immediately to more well-thought-out arguments ;)

“Content providers like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon now own or lease more than half of the undersea bandwidth” nytimes.com/interactive/2019/0

Happy digipres.club is back :D :D :D I missed it!

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I wonder if Dara T. Khani ever did anything with all of those postcards?

"Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to unlock this computer" will always absolutely amaze me

Using an clicker eraser and James P. Carse's book "Finite and Infinite Games" to hold the eraser in place in order to manually adjust the backtension on a vhs tape while I digitize it.

Now watching Karen Sandler and Bradley Kuhn's talk at FOSDEM 2019 titled "Can Anyone Live in Full Software Freedom Today?"


I can strongly relate to Bradley Kuhn's experiences.

I wonder if there's even one person in the world who lives in full software freedom, which includes not outsourcing your proprietary software needs to others (which I'm quite guilty of, myself).

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