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I would like it if you watched something I made about how the web and I grew up together (only if you have 15 uninterrupted minutes to spare).

Small File Media Festival is live now until 20 August, and I have a piece in it! Excited to learn from the other artist investigations of time and space compression

COVID-19 and the USA 

been making end grain laminate from scrap plywood lately and it looks so cool!

MIT holds to their principles and ends contract with Elsevier in favor of free education and communication:

Learning a lot of new words lately: pergola, soffit, tiled shower pan, sump pump

Any hackers in #Toronto interested in networking and mesh networks? Toronto Mesh ( set up our first supernode yesterday!

Boosts welcome.

thrasher's french fries sign, boardwalk, seaside park, new jersey, 1984

elephant statues, papa joe's fireworks, route 17, hardeeville, south carolina, 2004

After a month of physical therapy, my shoulders/neck have finally stopped hurting after a few hours of being at my desk, so now I've been running around the apartment enthusiastically yelling "I don't feel anything! I don't feel anything!"

Is this toot powered by coal? I have no idea.

Isn’t that wild? You don’t either.

Finally got around to reading @bitsgalore's "Restoring Liesbet's Virtual Home, a digital treasure from the early Dutch web" :)

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