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This has been on my mind for a long time, and now it's a real thing!

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I would like it if you watched something I made about how the web and I grew up together (only if you have 15 uninterrupted minutes to spare).

'Preserving Worlds is a documentary series about aging virtual worlds'

Refraining from subtooting multiple things this week -- ready to accept my trophy

hey!!! sometimes i forget about social media, didn't mean to b gone so long. here's my newest bb ♥ #art #mastoart #embroidery #artistsOfMastodon #artist #plants #landscape

Wondering why my head felt funny and then it started snowing hard (this is the second time this has happened) -- old witch level unlocked!

OK happy to report that I’ve responsibly withdrawn from my two part-time jobs even though it was very painful for me, because at one point I very much enjoyed both. But right now, I’m so burnt out that I don’t enjoy anything so I know it’s what I’ve had to do (and have been avoiding doing for many months). I hope this helps.

no shade to the surely-mortified person who sent this out but really enjoying the typo of "Bootstarp"

Feeling just a lil bit of dread right now because 1) I haven't eaten anything today and also 2) this is the last day of a 2-week unpaid leave and I still feel absolutely terrible

Do you think it's worth it for me to keep a log of any time I feel exhausted/overwhelmed, as a way to attempt to understand what is making me feel that way? But the idea of doing that also exhausts and overwhelms me

This is pretty neat
The Internet Archive has a French Silk Sample book from 1895

I like the flowers the most

It's amazing how some of these haven't changed in almost 126 years. Probably longer

#Art #Design

Last year, we spent 51 days at sea during the passage from Japan to Canada, it was the hardest thing we had ever done. We kept a physical logbook of daily happenings onboard. This is that logbook, revised, and with a ton of extra notes.

new 2021 goal is to get down to having only one full-time job instead of one full-time job and two part-time job, which is how it's been for me for the past decade

I’ve consulted the I Ching on many matters and it’s never been as consistently positive as it has about this one thing I’ve been asking it about

I am on vacation until Feb 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My CC vendor hates Bandcamp and it's so annoying

Btw, we still need one or two volunteers for the #RetroComputing devroom at #FOSDEM

We still need hosts (for Q&A and chat moderation) for these talks:
- the welcome talk,
- #Gemini, a modern protocol that looks retro
- Scan2Run - Reviving old listings in MAME emulator
- Why your PC only has sixteen colors

Show more is a space for folks interested in productive conversations about, well, digital preservation! If you enjoy talking about how to do memory work with computers, or even with cardboard boxes of old photos, you belong with us on Many of us are/were Twitter users looking for an inclusive and community supported approach to social media. If any of these things sound good to you, consider joining us now.