git commit messages for my blog are the one place where I let myself be truly free

rms, a defense of free software 

This is really just a small and personal version of much larger news stories this week about bad people who have caused so much damage to so many people. I hope there's many more to come.

I will be 100% treating myself with a mini chocolate mousse from the French bakery next to my apartment as a result of this great news! I hope he is currently hurting even a fraction of the amount of hurt he put on other people.

He bullied people while avoiding all work/responsibility and still pulled in $180k/year for way, way too long, and I can't believe it took so long -- and also can't believe it took so long for my vindictive ass to find out!

Found out someone who was absolutely terrible to me and others was at long last likely-fired from MFPOW. It's been a long time coming.

Student work is giving me so much life right now!

Thinking about one of my all-time favourite bugs, "OpenOffice can't print on Tuesdays"

Can you imagine making 30% of your students' total grade "Twitter discussion"???

But lately it hasn’t been blatant, rather a thousand tiny cuts from consistently insensitive people

@ashley it’s hard to keep going in the face of so much blatant animosity!

Feeling burnout lately as not a thing I’m suffering from, but a thing I’m constantly being pushed into from nefarious outside sources

I'm gonna be tweeting from the conference handle #iPres2019 in case folks don't wanna hear about digital preservation/data librarian work

I've been back for less than 24 hours and already feeling completely done and run over x2

wow welcome back to the world of having my idea taken, attributed to and replaced by another man, and having my non-male recommendations for speakers thrown out the window in lieu of trying to get yet another unqualified dude to speak on a subject

Does anyone else wait until the last minute to pack clothes for a trip, as if the extra 2 hours is going to make a difference when they'll be crammed into a suitcase for at least 24?

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