I wrote a blog post of some of the most interesting and powerful books and articles I read in 2018, along with one or two sentence commentaries on them. You might find it interesting:


topics include pacifism, nuclear history/war, the end of the world, anthropocene, how we should BE, social responsibility/activism, social analysis, and some kickass fiction.

I don't know what @ashley is up to, but it sounds exciting.

in the year 2000, you may have been able to watch a video in real media format of the 1998 presentation where Swatch announced Internet Time web.archive.org/web/2000052818

sadly it appears that video is no longer on the internet

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here's a link to the recent climate report by the IPCC.


Anyone who isn't worried about this is not paying attention. And you know what? If you're worried, that's a good thing. Maybe we all need to be.

Because fixing this is going to need us to work together in a way we never have before. All of us.

No Time To Wait 3 at the British Film Institute
MozFest in Greenwich
including this session on web archiving I think?

@ashley can you be in two places at once?

But what's the most common self-hosted server on earth? It ain't fediverse software, it's Minecraft. Why? I think the appeal of building a world with you and your friends is very appealing.

If we can make it very easy in-world to be able to program the entities you're interact with as you walk around and talk, that could be a big win.

I'm always surprised at how little digital preservation is discussed at Samvera Connect. Is it just me? I attended the one in Minneapolis and there wasn't much that I noticed.

At any rate, I was on the hydra digipres group with Chris and I'd love to be able to attend this session on Archivematica/Hyrax.

This is a subtoot about how if you host an .XSD to validate METS files, you should not let that page go down because then everyone has invalid METS, like people testing systems for valid METS.

My rent check got lost between my bank and landlord, and now my landlord wants to charge me $50 and my bank wants to charge me $15 🙄 I think I got out of it, but double 🙄 🙄

"Looks like winamp is going the way of netscape now that AOL has buddied up with Real again." bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.

Off-topic: I had a tooth extracted today and I'm already tired of ice cream and broth, which I didn't think was possible. digipres.club/media/BkR0TSrdbh

I was on the verge of creating my own roundup and I'm glad I don't have to, and that it's a shared resource for everyone's contributions!

Shoutout to @beet_keeper for leading me to this thing I wanted to exist, the digipres.org test corpus roundup: digipres.org/#test-corpora

Being a programming teacher these days means saying things like "now add we add a comment which is a hashtag followed by whatever we want"

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