Wordpress making draft blog posts visible in mobile view only is such a deep betrayal

Pandoc is a blessing and I take back anything bad I ever said about it

There is an anonymous chinchilla hanging out between my first and last name in a shared document I'm looking at, and I am wondering what its motives are

before you say 'tmux', I keep a different tab for each different project I'm currently working on!

tired: my god, I have way too many browser tabs

wired: my god, I have way too many terminal tabs

The funny thing about cultural heritage is when you apply for a job, don't get it, but you do end up added to their requests-for-money mailing list until the end of time

Anyone out there know of good diagrams/explanations about the various relationships between ICANN, IANA, IEEE, ARIN, IETF, etc.?

vim froze in my docker environment and docker completely self-destructed as a result, I am tired

In the spirit of the NYT, I am endorsing going to work, but also endorsing just five more minutes of sitting on the lounge

But another, which isn't really a big deal but an example of something annoying, is when someone makes a new issue complaining about a bug, and then tries to call my older, previous issue the "duplicate". No, yours is the duplicate! Check the numbers, they increment!

I've been frustrated lately at one example in particular where someone has been claiming to be a major contributor to some OSS projects, but you can look at the history and see that it's absolutely not true. Unfortunately, he gets away with it because he is saying it to people that aren't familiar with that and/or take people at their word.

Something I really appreciate about git and git-based sites, as a woman working in this field, is the transparency of it, for when someone wants to trample on you but there's a whole history to back it up

Every day more convinced that no one who works at Slack has ever used Slack


Friday note to actually look to make sure the screenshot you took is the one you intend to upload

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