I'm looking for examples of file/directory hierarchies represented in digital preservation and/or access systems that take in born-digital archival data.

My go to example for years has been "Dad's laptop" in the John Kenyon Chapman Papers but there must be more now, right?

If you're interested I'll try to do "Preservation Office Hours" tomorrow on the unspeakable site 🐦

auto-archiver https://inkdroid.org/2022/09/26/auto-archiver/

I spent a bit of time this weekend adding browsertrix-crawler to Bellingcat’s recently released auto-archiver utility.

🔖 Preserve Vital Online Content With Bellingcat's Auto Archiver - bellingcat https://www.bellingcat.com/resources/2022/09/22/preserve-vital-online-content-with-bellingcats-auto-archiver-tool/ - Open source research often relies on social media posts that contain videos and images. However, these posts can be taken down by platforms or deleted by those posting them. That’s why we at Bellingcat created a tool — the Auto Archiver — to help the open-source community, as well as journalists and rese

Also, I was wondering if I should publicise this Masterdon instance more? It was pretty quiet here during iPres. But maybe it serves a different function?

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One of the things I helped set up is the digipres.org gateway page. I think it needs some changes, but I'm not sure what. See github.com/orgs/digipres/discu Does anyone have any feedback on these ideas?

Hey all, anybody who could put me in touch with a WebGL developer that has some experience with 360° video? There is a group forming that wants to add this as a feature to PeerTube. We have some initial funding for a planning phase and would need feedback from somebody who knows a bit about different 360° projection formats and how to make them appear in a browser.

Is anyone aware of a set of sample EWF/E01 disk images *other* than the ones on Digital Corpora? (or would be willing/able to send some examples for testing purposes?)

trying out a few things for a possible BUF proposal on forensic imaging -> emulation workflows and I worked through the DC ones (which would do the trick for a demo but I'm curious to attempt others)

I finally got around to reading @platypus's CNI talk (Beyond Implementation: Positioning Maintenance as a Core Commitment in Libraries) and it is :discoursechef:


Gonna share this with my team.

Not sure my presentation really did the paper justice. But the session really seemed to work and come together by the end! Sad to leave early.

For $work I had some fun customizing a web archiving crawl using Browsertrix Crawler's support for "Drivers" -- which are little chunks of JavaScript that run in the context of the crawl to do custom things that the usual crawl behaviors don't cover.


Just submitted a proposal for a Wikidata identifier for the NARA file format preservation plans! (If anyone wants to add support to the discussion: wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Pro)

🔖 Wavvy: a free, open source audio editor for the web. Derived from the open source Audacity project and modified to run in the web browser. https://wavvy.app/

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