Two year old news, coming to you live.

And again from 1997, a look into eight search engines. Remember when we had a choice?

Rhizome boosting the Flash preservation fundraiser with a telethon of Flash artworks on new year's eve*!

* for inhabitants around GMT-5 time zones

We literally had a request today from the art gallery that was like "hey what do we do about Flash" so thanks @despens for the quick primer!

Have you done any work in the last year with British Library data or digital collections? The BL Labs Public Awards are open for entries until 12:00 UTC on Monday 30 November!

We're open to all entries, but especially interested in entries:
1) with a focus on anti-racist work or projects about lock-down / global pandemic;
2) doing computational work in Jupyter Notebooks

Bit depressed after hearing how MPOWs leadership talks about information technology and sustainability. I shouldn’t be surprised, but still.

For Digital Preservation Coalition members, there’s a draft of Pragmatic Audiovisual Preservation, a report I wrote for archivists getting started with all things a/v (it’ll be out in the public in Jan.):

For most of this year, @zwol and I have been working on a pretty ambitious project:
* to make a fresh release of GNU Autoconf, a crucial #FLOSS build tool that hadn't had a new release since 2012
* to get paid for that
* to help put Autoconf on a more sustainable footing so it doesn't have to get rescued again a little while down the road

Autoconf 2.70 is due out next month, and you can read my fresh LWN story about the rejuvenation & what's next:

Indymedia reboot

Need some help to find online openweb conferences. Do you have any links for online events were we can present the #indymedia reboot video and do the Q&A to keep the momentum up. Am not finding any as they seem to be organized inside filter bubbles, let's cross the bubbles .

Please BOOST to other bubbles for a working NEWS part of the fedivers.

I am really excited that the first in our series of "EaaSI training modules" is live!


This is going to be one of my favorite things to work on for the next two (?!) years. It is a challenge to break down our technical and conceptual software preservation concerns to the most bite-sized and visual explanations possible, but figuring it out is extremely my shit.

Hello!! I am conducting a panel about this open access paper about workplace dissatisfaction amongst digital preservation practitioners with my co-authors.

Since the panel is pre-recorded, we wanted to get "audience" questions ahead of time to answer!!

This is the paper:

I would be soooo grateful if anyone wanted to send me any questions about the paper. Things you disagreed with, things you want us to expand on, etc!


Oracle vs Google (a software copyright case that has huge implications for preservation and freedom being heard in the Supreme Court) oral arguments being streamed now:

if Adobe just gives us the source code / arcane magic for basically every macromedia app we might be able to preserve the digital 2000s.

I wrote a piece about the barriers to using ISBNs as Persistent Identifiers for the British Library Digital Scholarship blog:

(Please forgive me for having fun with the clickbait title!)

I think it takes more than a handful of (niche) voices to define a common language.

I wish I was better at constructive disagreement but right now I just want to scream.

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