Web Archives in Repositories https://inkdroid.org/2022/05/24/wacz/ I鈥檓 fortunate to be back at code4lib again this year. It gives
me hope to see this conference working in the same spirit as it started
out with, albeit with much honed mechanics. It is also refreshing to be
talking about someone else鈥檚 work, in this case the work of the
Webrecorder project, rather than my own.

One of the dire pitfalls of PhD research, and academia more generally,
is the tendency to focus so much on your own int

Who out there in the ether has a lot of experience dealing with corrupted HFS+ partitions?

I've been running into a lot of failing Seagate Barracuda Pro 10-16TB drives. Not sure yet if it's logical or physical failure. Seems to be HFS+ giving up 馃ぃ

#digipres #datarecovery #macos #hfs

does anyone have any documentation of how well the SGI Indy鈥檚 Windows/Mac desktop software emulation worked

I鈥檓 trying to write quarterly updates on the technical side of the UK Web Archive, in case that鈥檚 of interest?! blogs.bl.uk/webarchive/2022/05

Hm it was slightly buggy but should work okay now. Amused that I can now run format ID on my phone!

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You can use it to identify the PRONOM format of a file without installing anything, and the data stays with you.

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Here鈥檚 a format identification hack you might like: Fido running in your browser fido-js.glitch.me/

How does image hosting work in the fediverse? I assume any images are downsized for efficiency and that it's generally a better bet to host photos on e.g. #Flickr or #WikimediaCommons and just post links. But maybe there's some groovy photo software that supports ActivityPub? That'd be cool.

There is a super segment on tonight's PBS News Hour about archiving the Ukrainian cultural heritage web with @quinnanya https://youtu.be/hmHiABjh-4o?t=2840

It's amazing to hear the webrecorder.net project get mentioned and to see open source browsertrix-cloud on my fav tv news program.

We've had a few positive responses, so I'd like to open a poll for digipres.club users: would you like to switch to Hometown?

It features a few differences from Mastodon, including enhanced list support, longform articles and server-local messages.

For more information: github.com/hometown-fork/homet

Please only vote if you have an account on this server.

Anyone know if there's an open RSS to #ActivityPub server available? I.e. something that allows people to subscribe to an RSS feed as though it was any other #fediverse actor. I'm sure there used to be something but I can't find it now

Hi all, not sure whether I did an #introduction when I first signed up here, so here goes...

I'm a historian who spends most of his time working with digital GLAM collections 鈥 developing, sharing, and supporting a range of tools & examples, many of which can be found through the GLAM Workbench. https://glam-workbench.net/

I live in Tassie, where we're regularly visited by these little critters. (Image credit: By JJ Harrison - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6976776)

RT @webrecorder_io@twitter.com

The Webrecorder April Community Call is will be on Thurs, April 28th!

Join us if you have questions or want to learn more about Webrecorder tools, including the new http://browsertrix.cloud !

Sign-up here:


馃惁馃敆: https://twitter.com/webrecorder_io/status/1517025188344303616

Can anyone recommend an instance for a friend? She鈥檚 a school teacher. I鈥檓 aware of scholar.social but it seems to be light in K-12 teachers and heavy in librarians and university academics. :boost_ok:

#SUCHO day 56: (Now also posted to Mastodon!) Today didn't go at all as planned on my end. But the metadata folks had a meeting, and @apjanco@twitter.com & @Zoe_LeBlanc@twitter.com moderated a wonderful discussion that will turn into one of the first SUCHO write-ups soon. 1/4

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