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Not sure I posted an intro before but since I periodically archive and delete, here's one again:

I do digital repository things (sometimes broadly, sometimes narrowly construed) at an academic library. But my background is in archives and history with a very brief side path (i.e. internships) through investigative journalism and government transparency advocacy in the late oughts when I was between types of grad schooling.

"information gathered from user interviews and unsolicited feedback"

It is 2022 and apparently word processors still don't get that when you paste text from the body into a footnote, you probably want the footnote font and style.

Google docs, please stop suggesting "accessed" as a replacement for "accessioned." I'm using both words in this document, the dictionary definitions are different, and I keep clicking ignore when you suggest the replacement. Is this what passes for helpful machine learning?

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Alternative caption: when you are not the property owner but want to make improvements.

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when you add features while leaving the legacy system in place

The answer turns out to be 30 pages, not too far from what I hoped might be about 25. By the time I'm done merging sections and finishing incomplete sections, it won't be the excessively long report I feared, though I'm sure most don't share my measure of what constitutes "excessive".

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Wondering who I have to talk to get "reaccession" added to spell-check dictionaries.

TFW someone sends a single-word email to the repository contact address and that single word is: "data"

A problem I have with composing in plain text is not knowing how long a document is going to be once it makes its way to something like a Google doc for sharing.

world cup 

I understand that most fans disagree and many find the suspense exciting but: I hate breaking ties with penalty kicks.

I also hated the way they implemented the "golden goal" experiment years ago because it didn't actually replace penalty kicks. It felt very much like it was set up to fail in a way that made it possible to say "we tried the alternative and it didn't work."

Warhol's cardboard boxes but as collections of browser tabs

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2nd edition of SPN's Guide to the DMCA Exemption for Software Preservation is out! Updated to reflect the expanded exemption that went into place in 2021.


feature I would like for bot accounts 

I would love to be able to filter a bot I'm following to show only a proportion of posts. Like if the bot is a frequent poster, show me only one of five posts.

health, too many almonds? 

If you're wondering how a person can eat too many almonds, I'm somewhat of a compulsive snacker when I sit and write for long periods of time. Usually, I have chips or pretzels but I hadn't been to the store for a while and the main non-sugar snack food I had were almonds.

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health, too many almonds? 

Somehow I missed learning that you can eat too many almonds until last week when I started to feel unwell. It took me a while to put things together but too many almonds almost certainly explains my odd (for me) symptoms. At least they aren't bitter almonds.

civic obligations 

I appreciated the local communications I got from my city representatives where I used to live but the problem with one-way communication is that they haven't gotten the message that I've moved.

newspaper digitization 

I have not yet participated in a project to digitize years of a daily newspaper and make it available online but it's kind of complicated, is it not? I mean the difference between "put digitized serials online" and "put digital serials with 365 issues per year online" isn't just the number of issues, especially if you don't already have a year/month/day browse interface. Or a full text search interface.

I think a lot about how my own "onboarding" could have been better but many of the problems that were a huge part of my first couple of years have been addressed. But just because there are fewer wildfires, it doesn't meant that you don't still need to understand the forest.

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Starting to work on "succession planning" and since I'm not actually planning to leave at the moment it has me thinking about what level of documentation or policy development would be a good base for a future repository manager to work from, knowing that enough is undefined that there will be a lot of opportunity for a successor to shape their own position. It seems rare in the library world for things to line up so that someone trains and/or mentors the next person to take over.

mastodon API (personal project) 

Currently, this is written in bash. I may as a different personal project try to port it to a less system-dependent language. It's been so long since I've written any code that isn't bash that people were still saying "learn Python 2 for now, it will take a long time to move to 3", and back then I wouldn't have even considered learning Ruby.

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