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Fun way to find random documents. Go to Google search, and search for

filetype:pdf the

Feel free to replace the word "the" with any other innocuous word. You'll get a bunch of random PDFs.

Another fun constraint:

filetype:pdf site:org the

This will return PDFs by ".org" domains (mostly nonprofits) so you get a bunch of random reports.

Also try

filetype:pdf "internal use only"

Center for the Study of Things People Already Study but We Need to Look Like This Is New

I want to watch a movie like Hackers but I've seen Hackers so many times it can't be Hackers.

Last weekday of my gap between jobs. I have been surprisingly successful at just kind of relaxing, visiting my parents for a while and then just at home trying to make better use of space in my apartment, but I've been very not successful at reading and writing more.

Tech visionaries: Every innovation should be seen in terms of the first moon landing. Let's call them moonshots! Only limit is our imaginations!

Tech visionary #1: So, what's next for you?

Tech visionary #2: What about, uh, going to the moon again?

You just know some computer nerd is hoping for a Jupiter mission so they can use the phrase, "Io bound".

professional commitments and the like 

professional commitments and the like 

professional commitments and the like 

professional commitments and the like 

I don't start my new job until next week, but they've turned my accounts on and when I went to the library website to see if I have journal access now I saw a link to the "repository" and thought: "Oh no, that's going to be my responsibility now."

The switch from nearly invisible to highly visible work is going to be an adjustment.

I just modified a couple of bash scripts from my old job so I could start tracking my personal files with checksum information.

racist and anti-racist language 

Storage units definitely bank on vendor lock-in. Unique locks, regular rent hikes once you're there for a while, etc. I may end up shifting my books around on a regular basis if initial rates remain so much lower than continuing rates. It's only about 250 books, which is a pain to pack but not a $$$$ pain to pack.

The real labor cost is in the fact that I'm managing my inventory now so I have to update the tags every time I move a book.

I rented a small storage unit to use as personal offsite print book storage and the process of signing up made me way more aware of the risks involved than any cloud data storage sign up process I've ever gone through.

Professional archives work: "miscellaneous" is unacceptable.

Personal archives work: there will be at least one box that things get thrown into that won't get looked at again for years.

Trying to deal with my personal (literal) papers reminds me why I headed down the digital archives track.

In the future, sites won't ask you to turn off your adblocker, their eye trackers will tell you to look at the ads before you can scroll.

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