I would like to spend time doing things that are creative but apparently not enough to actually spend time doing them.

the street finds its own for things, where 'things' = 'digital repository software'

One of the mysteries of application development are when systems depend on stable files that could be stored locally but aren't. Like when an infrequently updated schema is downloaded from, say, a national library, every time a task runs and one day that download doesn't work and every task run fails.

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I had to inspect the http traffic from the Firefox developer console, but I finally found a few queries that retrieve some of this county's Covid-19 data in a machine readable format. The official presentation of the data, in this and a number of other California counties, is apparently only via some Microsoft business intelligence product embedded in a webpage. It has charts and tables, but it doesn't seem to be possible to copy and paste from the tables.

I don't suppose anyone would know why an openwayback implementation that hasn't been updated since 2017 would stop showing archived https URLs?

It occurred to me yesterday, as I updated a datastream, that the end of Flash before the end of Fedora 3 is really going to happen.

"Your data is important to us. We are experiencing higher than normal ingest volumes and your submission will be processed in the order in which it was received."

Don't mind me, just zotero-ing things on a Saturday night before the paywalls all come back.

Maybe add "third party preservation service provider takes massive legal risk with other parts of their business" to the list of factors to consider in your own preservation planning.

"perhaps after JHOVE2 adoption" - the optimism of past documentation

record keeping laws and public oversight as collection development

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birdsite bananas 

Taking a half day because every week ends with me feeling exhausted and I want to take full advantage of the three day weekend.

As a still newish employee I've been more conservative with time off than I'd like to be.

"...in a modern state much real power is suffused with boredom. The agents of planning are usually boring; the planning process is boring; the implementation of plans is always boring. In a democracy boredom works for bureaucracies and corporations as smell works for a skunk. It keeps danger away. Power does not have to be exercised behind the scenes. It can be open. The audience is asleep. The modern world is forged amidst our inattention."

Richard White, The Organic Machine

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I would like it if you watched something I made about how the web and I grew up together (only if you have 15 uninterrupted minutes to spare). ashleyblewer.com/throttled.htm

Just making sure I can still access my Digipres 2018 slides before finally writing up the talk.

Whenever I hear about records being key for accountability, something I think is absolutely true, I wonder how many records that have been used to hold people to account were preserved for that purpose, and how many were preserved because people who did horrible things thought they were right.

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everyone likes to deep-dive philosophize about a floppy disk as a save icon but no one talks about the lingering absurdity of carbon copy and blind carbon copy

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