The "expected behavior" part of bug reports always feels weird to write when the issue is something that you don't see as a user when it's not broken.

Expected behavior: it works?

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Going though my Computer History Museum photos and I found the original copy of this 1971 Telnet system diagram from RFC 158. Now you can compare the charming pencil on lined notebook paper to the official scanned version that's been the only one available for decades.

I love this stuff, it reminds me that the internet was invented by humans jotting things down on whatever paper was at hand and not godlike programmers planning everything exquisitely.

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Hey fam, does anyone know of a DIY hardware kit for digital audio players? My grandmama is losing her sight and I want to make a device for her that I can fill up with audiobooks and podcasts. Has to be button-controlled (ie, no screens). Any help appreciated!

real-life research data management: a single, 411 GB file named 'DATA.tar', for deposit

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Fixity checks only tell you if you're still storing what you thought you were storing, not if you're storing what you thought you should be storing.

A weird thing about Chinese naming conventions is that when I email my parents and my sister together, I'm never quite clear on which name to put as the signature.

(definitely not "Andrew" tho)

I updated my personal Archivematica VM last week to try to finally wrap up some writing and then Artefactual went out and released a new version again.

Even if you're not going to audit your preservation system right away to check on the content, I highly recommend asking this question right away: if we were going to audit the system, what would we need to know to be able to determine what is success?

"I'd love to get down to a single point of failure."

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First official day off I've taken in quite a while (not including being between jobs). I'm glad I'm in a state where accrued vacation is paid out when you leave, but because I didn't know exactly when I was leaving or how long I'd be between jobs, I used very little time off in the past year at my last job, then started with very little at this one. And I'm obligated to use four days to cover part of winter break closure.

It's kind of wild to me that of all the things I've written online that it didn't seem like all that many people read at the time, a blog post I wrote as in intern a decade ago has ended up in a bunch of citations:

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