I've read some "classics" but probably missed a lot too as there was a point where it became clear in my work context that the opportunity to build more on top of file-level preservation wasn't going to happen in any near timeline.

What are the best things you've read about repositories (broadly defined, doesn't have to be a library context)?

Also, I'm still learning how to use this static site generator (pelican, chosen mainly because I felt even less comfortable running something ruby-based) so please let me know if something's broken, especially links.

It might be a weird choice to have something like 'tmux' among the first posts, but the origin of these notes is documentation needed for work, and there's a server heavily involved in the repository where something like 'tmux' is a must for long-running processes where you need the flexibility to disconnect and return.

I really need to make the screenshots look better.

Soft launch of my command line notes, with an introduction and posts on 'ls' and 'tmux':


Trying to put pressure on myself to keep adding to it. For a while I thought I'd launch with 10 commands, but it turns out I write a lot.

As much as I love ffmpeg, I tend to use handbrake to make access mp4s from dvds, which are generally nightmares that lead to ffmpeg yelling at me for hours.

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I also need to get that DVCAM documentation finished up that I mentioned a while back. I ended up making more changes than I expected, many aimed at doing a better job of validating input and exiting more gracefully on errors.

I had a bunch of writing momentum built up in February that I'm trying to recover since I left a bunch of things unfinished.

The biggest is a set of public facing notes on bash/command line usage that I've accumulated over the years. I'm trying to find a balance between generic manual pages/helps and specific recipes.

So more like: here's how I use rsync to tackle various problems, and here's the options I've used and why, and here are potential problems that I need to remind myself to avoid.

also, I called a virtualbox AIP store "vAIPstore"

I called a test ingest package "fog-5000" and now i think it should be a sci-fi movie.

Years ago someone went to the effort to put barcodes on dozens, maybe hundreds of folders of institutional records, which also have handwritten folder titles at a level that's good for archival description. In the folders I've looked at, the individual sheets of paper in each folder have the folder barcode written on them, what must have been a laborious task. The boxes also have barcodes. And yet none of the barcodes at any level appear to have been entered into the collections database.

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Also, they did complimentary registration for speakers and I even got a nice-ish backpack, so there's that too.

Presentation seemed to go ok, but felt out of place given the audience of mostly interested in data analysis people. I think I'm going to try to work it into a blog post but will need to clear some images/documents for online use.

To be clear, I would be ok with them not being able to solve the problem, or suggesting things that might be too costly for now, like updating a proprietary thing like Oracle. It's simply ghosting that crosses the line.

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