Do you ever feel like sometimes people design software systems that require solutions to fundamental problems in computer science and the philosophy of language just so you can move files from one place to another without regularly throwing errors?

I feel like World Digital Preservation Day happens earlier every year.

What's a good mastodon client for iOS?

I've been using amaroq because it was the only one I tried a couple years ago that supported alt-text for images, but it hasn't shown notifications for a long time and seems to not have kept up with mastodon updates for certain kinds of toots (polls, some images).

As a digital preservationist, the thing that concerns me about the Google Drive notices telling me that my trash will be permanently deleted after 30 days is that it wasn't being deleted before.

Incorporated ffv1 into my mp4 editing workflow because I couldn't figure out how to split mp4 cleanly at the time code I wanted, so I went up to ffv1, cut, then went back to mp4.

Also, I don't really have a video editing workflow, which is why what I described sounds like such a mess.

After repeating myself for forty minutes in order to get two minutes of passable audio, I'm not as self-conscious about hearing my voice.

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Youtube-dl is a legitimate tool with a world of a lawful uses. Demanding its removal from Github is a disappointing and counterproductive move by the RIAA.

TFW you had too many meetings to attend your alumni association's webinar on burnout

Registering for DLF+Digipres because it's not good to drop out of everything.

Sometimes you're determined to stop bad habits; other times you acknowledge that if you're going to get any writing done it will be in the middle of the night and you will go to sleep thinking about tomorrow's coffee.

As a repository manager, I refer to what the cat coughs up as "deposits."

respiratory false alarm 

respiratory false alarm 

This is a fascinating story about a doctor who found hand-washing effective in reducing mortality at maternity clinics who then got run out of the profession by doctors who couldn't accept that they were killing women with their own poor hygiene.

Fascinating until you get to the "takeaways" that is, which are the usual trash that it's the responsibility of those without power to convince those who have it, and if that fails it's the fault of those without power.

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"I'm going to be nice to this (internal) system and put in a 1 second sleep in this loop between metadata updates."

[does math while looping through small subset]

"Maybe half a second."

[after larger subset]

"Maybe a tenth of a second."

[160,000 updates to go]

How it started: staff member starts draft self-deposit item with an embargo of a few months

How it's going: repo manager notices an error, sees that draft item's embargo expired three years ago, staff member who started draft left one year ago, nothing was ever deposited

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Back into blogging and I wrote a thing.

CW: mild incidental climate mention, minor swears, conservatism.

Thinking there should be a bot that highlights uses of the phrase "digitized yet" in a collections context, as if being digitized is the eventual fate of all things.

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