Rewatching Midnight Run because the plot involves floppy disks.

I want to relabel a chart of recent digital library usage from

Winter 2021
Spring 2021, etc.


Height of the pandemic
Cases begin to drop
Maybe reaching an equilibrium?
Uh, this is looking bad

Came across some workflow documentation that's been updated a bunch of times in the last decade but retains a header with a note explaining that it replaces the previous workflow of printing born-digital documents and sending them to the bindery.

"it's a group of universities that think they're special but they're not"

Making the argument, in a licensing discussion, that the "life of a file format" will ultimately be how long we're able to preserve it. Whether it remains useful or web-accessible in that format is another question.

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SUPER delighted to announce that we're hiring an Open Science Librarian at New York University Libraries

This is a new position working to build up our science research services, with openness as a core value 🔓

Apply here:

Preference given to applications before March 15th; must be able to work in the US. I'm chairing the search & may be able to answer some of your questions about it!

#academic #library #librarian #openscience #job

Maybe this will be the year I finally learn enough Ruby to do the only thing I can think of doing with it: writing the equivalent of shell scripts.

Almost gave up on my one blog post per week goal after just one week, ended up writing more about my pandemic anxiety than I meant to

(then had to fix some links during my lunch)

TFW it's easy to find a shared doc because the doc owner called it "Mata Data"

Deleted the google drive client from my personal computer because I couldn't figure out what was going on. Somehow I had local copies of shared documents for working groups I've never joined (though I've been in another working group under the same umbrella).

Wondering when more gated sites will start blocking the lynx browser. I've found generally that dynamic sites like social media won't work in lynx, but article-publishing sites still work surprisingly well.

I don't generally load a page in lynx to avoid a subscription, but I do regularly use lynx to read some html that I create via a script that pulls from a social media API, so I end up clicking through on links in lynx every few days or so.

whistling in the dark 

My dad, as he's gotten older and become a mainly tablet and phone computer user occasionally refers to his Mac Mini as "the mainframe."

Always a relief when you stop preserving things for two weeks and then you come back to work and they're still there.

Home networking mystery: at my parents' home, when I connect two computers to wifi, I can ssh between them for about an hour right after I connect them to the wifi. Then they partially disappear and I can't connect via wifi even if I know the local IPs. But I can still connect to them from ethernet connected computers on the same network.

Is this some kind of router setting? I've never seen it on my own home network, where I can always ssh on the local network using the same machines.

one more day until I have to reinstall the Slack app on my phone

Time to increment the clocks. Wait, I think that's a different day.

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