(also the new Glossary could use some love - if you know how to set up some Hugo shortcode to create tooltips that link to the definitions on that page, hit me up plz)

moving to a static site generator (Hugo) I think gives it more of a "knowledge base" feel - if you know how to do anything, literally anything with QEMU, put it in a markdown file and contribute!

shouts to @nkrabben who previously provided content (all migrated!) and @ashley whose original color scheme inspired the defaults here (though you can also pick literally whatever color/mode works for you!)

pssst for the past ~6 months when I had a minute I'd tweak on a redesign of QEMU QED and it's finally shareable:


I've also drafted a PR to include a note on my thoughts re: gendered language bulsh*t in the contribution guidelines. Since it's an organizational repository, I want the go-ahead from some of the other maintainers/AMIA open source commitee members before I push something that could be read as speaking for others, though I don't expect any objection. +1s or just general feedback from anyone on the writing appreciated tho!


New highlights are small but include:
- proper sample images and better descriptions for a number of serial data protocols (three years of working with old contooters has really helped me know what I'm talking about here better)
- attempts to explain USB 3.x, USB4, and Thunderbolt 4
- ...what *is* MIDI?

I have been forcing myself to take a slice of time out of each day to work on stagnant personal projects (the ones that bring me great joy!)

So today I pushed some long-simmering edits to the Cable Bible! Like, edits I've been meaning to make for three years!


Love that the entire global economy is now predicated on the idea of granular, highly personalized ad delivery, yet services still can't figure out that maybe if they're running a promo for new customers they shouldn't send that email blast to existing customers

the playbook in this space has been well established by their peers

Like, if the ESA truly thinks that public libraries will somehow become abandonware arcades overnight if given a DMCA exemption, why not just get out ahead of things and create a shi(tier) version of Stadia that only libraries can buy into for an exploitative institutional rate plus a per-stream flat fee, then send bullying emails out directly to patrons implying it's their beloved branch librarian's fault you can't play Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball or whatever

I really want the Net Art Anthology catalog but it's been out of stock everywhere I look, for ages :(

Further update - I don't know about Google Drive's status in general, but I am now only seeing this problem with certain shared folders and it can be solved by ->

opening each individual CSV as a Google Sheet ->

downloading the Google Sheet as a CSV. conversion and download to any other format (ODS, XSLX, zipping) is not working, but again, only for these files in certain folders


Anyone aware of good options for creating an interactive decision tree? Like, not just a flowchart, but something that users can actually click through, only be presented one question at a time, etc

wait maybe Drive is just down? their Status Dashboard is showing bupkis though:

love it when my day's plans are thrown off b/c my boss "saw a tweet that google is down"

Google Drive is refusing to zip and download a folder with 5 CSVs in it, no error message or details whatsoever, love it, terrific software

I'm often jealous of TBM conservators for the way those jobs generally encourage one to sit down and figure out *one* weird digital object/artwork at a time, but this is a place general archivists will have the sanity advantage

As long you find a USB-C cable, it's prob not going to matter much to get data off a hard drive or whatever, but you *know* some monster is out there designing a Nam June Paik-ish installation piece that requires 500 Thunderbolt 4-only 4K monitors

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