Sometimes at work I have to refer to "big-S Software" or "little-s software", and now I will force you all to learn why


do any of the lovely digital preservation and CS educators on here have a favorite resource that explains or begins the question of "what is software?"

Hopefully of interest to and the fediverse - Software Preservation Network is recruiting new members for working groups!

(You don't need to be or work for a SPN member to join! Just an interest in software + digital preservation)

I'll be co-coordinating the new Community Engagement Collaborative, which is a working group aimed particularly at outreach, events, and welcoming new members/folks into the SPN circle. Happy to answer questions!


I was hoping we would get this out before the winter break so as not to be trying to promote new resources during *all this*, but oh well:

This was a super fun Case Study to work on, Annie's the best, and I learned a bunch about early Macintosh and Lisa development that we couldn't really squeeze in here but that I would be happy to rant about at any time


now *this* is the kind of commitment to Yale's "go-slow" week that I can appreciate

Help, fediverse - a little while back I saw a post about a self-hosted Twitch-like streaming platform, and now I can't find it again (might've been on the birdsite). It wasn't Open Streaming Platform.What am I thinking of?

It seems like The Storygraph is actually gaining some buzz/traction as a Goodreads alt so just putting my profile out there, curious if there are any fedi friends to follow!

A strong and definitive legal precedent for emulating/virtualizing Apple hardware as fair use makes it waaaaay more likely that, say, a certain academic/research grant-funded program could directly sponsor open source development in that direction 😇

Oh now this Corellium news is VERY interesting

In particular I did feel like I got in a lot of good reading this year

A rhetorical question I've been mulling over since reading Lathe of Heaven in July: *was* Ursula K. Le Guin the best English-language writer of the 20th century??

I don't *think* I'm going to squeeze in any more new books/movies/shows into 2020 (we just started rewatching Peep Show for the ~fourth time, so), meaning I can post my year-end recommendations:

I couldn't get it together to actually apply to Logic School's first cohort - any digipres clubbers interested in doing some kind of follow-along with them in the spring?

We literally had a request today from the art gallery that was like "hey what do we do about Flash" so thanks @despens for the quick primer!

@ashley inspired me to do my own end-of-year review thing! this year was terrible and I felt terrible for most of it but at the same time there were a few very bright spots that I would never take back! life is confusing!

"If you are using FOSS in a commercial deployment, stop it, only we're allowed to do that"

trick is to select "don't call the BIOS" from the Safe Mode menu during boot - BeOS and hardware seems to issues so far, but would like to get sound running

Anyone ever managed to get BeOS (stand-alone Professional edition, not the funky Personal Edition Windows binary) running under QEMU? I can get it going under VirtualBox and VMWare, but hit some kind of kernel panic in QEMU no matter what settings I use...

An underrated tragedy that Apple went for NeXT instead of BeOS - maybe we would still have "don't nag" buttons

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