Hey colleagues, could you point me to some Unix CLI tools for splitting a single page into 2 separate pages, either vertically down the middle or using coordinates / sizes? Thanks! I'm *not* talking about splitting a file into individual pages

Very useful discussion of differences in copyright legislation in different countries and the implications for text and data mining, in particular for research purposes. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.add6124

Lots of folks warning that overreliance on AIs can lead to bias.

But that can sound a bit abstract, so let's just leave these examples here.

#CHATGPT #AI #bias

Could you recover material from a floppy disk or VHS tape? I co-teach an online course in digital preservation this spring that covers nitty-gritty stuff like forensics and checksums as well as Big Picture issues like preserving atoms v bits v experience.

We start 18 January--more at DigitalCuration.UMaine.edu

For here’s a little experiment in putting URL index data into a form you can run SQL queries on… github.com/anjackson/cdx-db

Just published in the journal of data mining and digital humanities "Rerunning OCR: A Machine Learning Approach to Quality Assessment and Enhancement Prediction" together with Pit Schneider https://jdmdh.episciences.org/paper/view?id=10239

& friends, do your position descriptions contain term definitions or examples of what you do? Just curious as to how much detailed explaining needs to be done in a pd.

iPres 2022 Conference documents are now available in the OSF osf.io/8bczf/

Early this morning I remotely presented my paper (preprint: arxiv.org/abs/2210.01196) at the International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries () in Hanoi.

The premise of this work that is aggregators are in a position for richer interaction w/ .

Pre-recording: youtube.com/watch?v=HzVco4g_gr

Slides: matkelly.com/presentations/202

Twitter thread with more high-level info: twitter.com/machawk1/status/15

I've created a #Lemmy community for Linked Library Data: https://code4lib.net/c/lld Lemmy is a #fediverse link aggregator and discussion forum. Just search the community URL in Mastodon to follow new links with RDF data and applications by libraries. Contributions are welcome! #swib22

Thanks @kayiwa for setup!

A less-known feature of IA Scholar is that every search result page has an RSS feed, via the link under the search bar.

Quick and easy way to keep up with a specific topic, venue, or author in your feed reader!

I have not seen this collection before. Love the website and experience it presents. It's a gorgeous project! citiesandmemory.com/obsolete-s from @citiesandmemory@twitter.com

New blog post:

Archive your Tweets with Tweetback


Tweetback is built with @eleventy and I do think #Eleventy plays a special role here. Eleventy is a production ready, stable site generator that now has very concrete public proof of many projects with ~50,000 page builds (and even one in there with >118,000 pages—hi @nhoizey)

As much as I like hybrid & virtual events when I don't have the possibility to attend otherwise, I absolutely hate them as a presenter. I had a 30 minutes presentation today and the whole time I was asking myself: Do they still hear me? Did I lose my internet connection? Will I even know if I'm just talking to myself? I like to be the 'nodding head' at events where I participate in person and I equally like to find the people who give me even the tiniest feedback when I present.

Film archivists: bit of a techie question for twitter, and I am asking elsewhere, but does anyone know of good guidance on what's achievable when digitising older films with optical soundtracks?

How do you get the best out of them?
What can be achieved?

The video recordings of #swib22 from yesterday were already uploaded!

1) Libraries, linked data, and decolonization https://youtu.be/cJxfZSv4xEI

Presentations of the Linked Library Data I session

2) Mapping and transforming MARC21 bibliographic metadata to LRM/RDA/RDF https://youtu.be/2NJPgMqEsnI

3) A crosswalk in the park? Converting from MARC 21 to #LinkedArt https://youtu.be/ZxkZnPerMgc

4) A LITL more quality: improving the correctness and completeness of library catalogs with a librarian-in-the-loop linked data workflow https://youtu.be/r29W73vle2I

#LOD #LOUD #LODLAM #decolonization #CulturalHeritage


Together with John Jung (University of Chicago Library) and @jakkbl of the @arks_org Outreach WG, we have just written a blog post using jointly Archival Resource Key (#ARK) identifiers and the International Image Interoperability Framework (#IIIF) specifications. @iiif

Indeed, persistence is crucial when disseminating cultural heritage resources. Feedback is welcome! 😀

#PID #OpenSource #OpenResearch


We're looking for partners to pilot the Internet Archive's platform for web archive collection datasets, called ARCH: webservices.archive.org/pages/

Start by expressing your interest here: form.jotform.com/2224943490061

Today I'm working on instructions for exploring these data as networks, text corpora, and image galleries, and having way too much fun

This time next week the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is kicking off the Winners Webinar series!!

In Episode 1 on Tue 6 Dec, 1100-1300 UTC, hear from Panagiotis Papageorgiou (University of Portsmouth), Sally McInnes (National Library Wales) and Clare Lanigan (Digital Repository Ireland) about their award winning work.

Sign up now: dpconline.org/events/eventdeta

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