feedback wanted i have no idea what to do with landscape layouts like desktop and tablet

Oh, by the way, join the Minecraft server that I'm very active on

I can never get over how funny it is when RuPaul thought that THIS was the trans pride flag but is really just the "train flag"

I was told on Reddit that, in the context of Pooh Bear and Bambi being now Public Domain, that "Now Bambi can finally be an official resident of the Hundred Acre Wood. :)" (to quote The_Match_Maker) and that makes me surprisedly happy to hear

Callout post: @Owly fucking unleashed pornbots on my Twitter notifications

the final piece from my 2021 #inktober / #rnadtober

a still from one of my favourite movies, A Ghost Story. oil on canvas

#oilpainting #AGhostStory #A24 #MastoArt

Man, I really want to make a little text adventure game with others, that would be fun to do and the humor would be good

Apparently Sheezy.Art doesn't allow me to upload artwork not made by me despite it being open-source - sadly had to delete my account as this is unacceptable as the whole point of open art is that it should be shared

Hello there everyone, just wanted to pop by and wish you all a very happy Christmas from myself to all of my followers on here!

I can't believe that Elon Musk won Time Person of The Year, that's the most Reddit thing ever

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