This is not a data breach. Its a surprise code review!

My God, my dreams are getting boring, just last night I had a one where I was on Discord and I forgot what I was saying

OFFtober 15 - OFF Fangame Moment
I had never watched/played any OFF fangames so this was an interesting prompt. I came across HOME, where we play as the Judge, and seeing him ride in the pedalo was the cutest thing ever!
#MastoArt #DigitalArt #Krita #fanart #videogames


Cleaning up some files, found a video I made in my old job to demonstrate why you should try to digitize video from the closest copy you can get to the source. I made a short gif of it to post here.

The left side is from a DV made from an unknown source. The right is from a U-matic that might have been the original.

I had a dream that I had a paper shredder but didn't shread anything... really dream me, really?

using my monthly post to say that hi! i'm making a conlang and i put a page on my site about it @ check back often because i'll probably be updating it pretty frequently

also, here's the image i put on the page. it's transparent so black backgrounds will fuck with it so open it in another tab

My sister also suggested that it would be funny if there was a spelling misake on there also

I hope my gravestone says "I'm dead 😂😂😂" on it or else I'm rasing all Hell

My hands aren’t very steady tonight so this is as good as it gets! Day 6, “vertigo, a sensation of whirling and loss of balance associated with looking down from a great height,” and day 7, “zephyr, a soft gentle breeze.”

Really want to put on nail varnish but I know that my family will ask questions about it and just be cring about it

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