I will find all of the art of Xenia, the furry mascot of Linux, and when I do, I will be complete

#Painting practice of Flux as a bardic mage, having a stop on his trip.

Hard days make peaceful nights. β›Ί

#digitalArt #art #anthro #mastoArt #creativeToots #fantasy #illustration

Art Commission // Boosts OK 

best number

"Steroids are gonna NOT make you better at Rocket League."
"How would you know, son? You've never played Rocket League!" #overheard #oh #rocketleague #steroids

Big shoutout to whoever owns boobies.org who has had the website since the year 2000

03:30. It is 03:30 in the morning and it is already light outside.


Hate it that whenever I am annoyed I rant about Linux, while Danny Elfman just makes a banner of a song

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