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This will be my terrible idea thread, where I post about all of my terrible ideas that I get.

- A bot that tweets/toots/whatever newly indexed websites added to Google's data base, I'm sure that will end well
- A spell checker that will sometimes correct the user on a word that they got right just to confuse them
- A bot that posts memes made by an AI (this already probably exists)
- Kind of like a battle royale but every time you shoot, a random document on your computer gets deleted

The other night I was in Asda at like 21:00 when I saw a bloke in all black who also had roller-skates on, now, I'm sure if anyone else were to do this, they would look like a massive knob (myself included), but this guy... This guy just radiates cool.

Mad respect.

OKAY! I finished it!!!

it's her.

(Yes I went silly and did scanlines and funny hacker textscreen I HAD to)

I'm never going to get another fucking captcha this good again

You know, I think I would like to have a dog as my familiar

It's that time of the day where I think about what my familiar would be if I was a witch

Screw it, I'm going to make my own licence for projects that I make rather than using ones like Creative Commons, GPL, or MIT

Here is the 'Penguin Wizard' of my #Krita workshop at #Penguicon 2021, and also the two live doodles inspired by discussions and good time in the virtual lobby room. A lot of fun! Details and description on my blog:

Another set of the #pleinairpril challenge, by the way all of these are on coasters, some wood and some cardboard, will do an exclusive for Mastodon friends sale at the end of the month, if you know someone that is interested on these let them know.

#mastoart #art #painting

"do you think if linus was genderbent we would call it linus tech tits" --alph

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