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This will be my terrible idea thread, where I post about all of my terrible ideas that I get.

- A bot that tweets/toots/whatever newly indexed websites added to Google's data base, I'm sure that will end well
- A spell checker that will sometimes correct the user on a word that they got right just to confuse them
- A bot that posts memes made by an AI (this already probably exists)
- Kind of like a battle royale but every time you shoot, a random document on your computer gets deleted

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It's the universal non-palindrome day! This is the only date consisting of nothing but zeroes and twos that is not a palindrome no matter how you write it!


Relish it, we won't have another one of these for 20,000 years

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Yes, of course I want a rotary cell phone.

The power switch is an actual slide switch. No holding down a stupid button to make it turn off and not being sure it really is turning off or what.

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I legit fucking hate how well this meshes with evangelion

CW: Cultish imagery, artistic nudity 

While the Mrs Miller record was kind of bad crap, a few months back I uploaded an album call "The Worst Demo Tape Compilation In The World Ever" that is full of so many terribly-funny demo tapes - it kind of reminds me of 'Don't Buy This' by Firebird for the ZX simply because of how the people made the end product did such a terrible job.

Oh God, I forgot about this record, but basally this old lady in the 1960s, who was called Mrs Miller, made a pop record full of covers of other songs in such an odd way.

It's certainly not the worst record I have ever heard, but I won't like to replay it for a while.

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"👀" is "owo" for people who aren't furries change my mind

Update: I might even call it "IDDQD" after the Doom cheat code that will activate god mode (can't be killed) cuz I'm such a nerd for Doom. Or even call it "CrapISP" after how much they drop the ball on me - that will show 'em!

Renamed my WiFi box to "RemyTheRat" (on the request of my sister), thinking about recalling it to "SilenceOfTheLAN".

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͏ ︋︉︋︋︍ ︋︍︋︀︉︋︍︉︋︍︋︋︋︉ ︋︋ ︉︉︋︀︋︀ ︋︉ ︋︋︋︀︋︋︀

- A Masadon that is in the style of Facebook, but the whole idea basically boils down to all of its users being bots pretending to be middle-aged people interacting with one another

My ISP decided that rather than giving me access to the internet, they would just drop me for over then hours yesterday, so yay...

Or it might have been a blessing, as yesterday was also the Super Bowl and I just can't be asked with that as I'm not an American.

When you exit Doom, a little screen called ENDOOM shows up (some modern ports have this turned off by default), and most of the time when it's changed it's stuff like "This WAD was made by Jo :)", but damn, this WAD *really* went out of its way to make one of the best looking screens ever.

WAD link:

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You don't need fancy pens or notebooks to keep a journal and it might help to put your thoughts down somewhere.

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yo neocities homies imagine our websites...... but as cute animu girls

- A bot that merges two swear words together to make a new one (I'm sure all of the 14-year-olds are laughing so hard right now at that idea).
- A video of ever Vevo music video played at once.
- Like those bots that post screenshots of changes made to Wikipedia using a Whitehouse IP/related building, but the bot posts screenshots of changes that were removed (changes made by *any* user mind you, not just Whitehouse ones), the larger the better.

Update ~two hours later: This was easer then I first thought it was going to be and quite fun to learn too, I would recommend that you try this out!

Okay, so I know that it's already 01-30, but I have a New Year's resolution, my first in fact, and it is to learn how to count in binary on my hands


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