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This will be my terrible idea thread, where I post about all of my terrible ideas that I get.

- A bot that tweets/toots/whatever newly indexed websites added to Google's data base, I'm sure that will end well
- A spell checker that will sometimes correct the user on a word that they got right just to confuse them
- A bot that posts memes made by an AI (this already probably exists)
- Kind of like a battle royale but every time you shoot, a random document on your computer gets deleted

I just told an Amazon scammer about Oingo Boingo - sadly, no recording of it, but I did my duty for today so I'm happy

Do not interact if:
* You have never seen Rocky Horror
* That is it

Thank yooou (~๏ฟฃยณ๏ฟฃ)~ is shutting down, the passage of time is inevitable and everything around us is impermanent

classic female behaviour is when you are fucking evil

It's not "simping" if it's over Tim Curry, it's called being normal

i'm legally a girl, which suggests that at some point i was illegally a girl, which is cyberpunk as fuck

uepol ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ 

teepee shed, teepee in the hills building, montauk highway, southampton, new york, 1989

sherman bible chapel, facade detail, sherman, pennsylvania, 1990

Hi all, on Halloween night, myself and a bunch of other people will be watching Rocky Horror, Shock Treatment, and other fun and camp movies, so you know, feel free to join us!

One of my many unfunny jokes that I like to do while in a Discord call is say "OK Google" despite not owning a Google Home.

Hold your laughter in.

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