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This will be my terrible idea thread, where I post about all of my terrible ideas that I get.

- A bot that tweets/toots/whatever newly indexed websites added to Google's data base, I'm sure that will end well
- A spell checker that will sometimes correct the user on a word that they got right just to confuse them
- A bot that posts memes made by an AI (this already probably exists)
- Kind of like a battle royale but every time you shoot, a random document on your computer gets deleted

I can't wait for the day when a forum stops me from signing up because my name, Cass, has the word "ass" in it

I've read a bit about this kind of thing (on Wikipedia) and it's called the Scunthorpe Problem, I've even see that some forums may replace "ass" with "butt", and that's just great to know that there is a possibility that I could be called Cbutt

There are two types of people in this world.

Avoid them both.

dinosaur village rv mobile home park, dinosaur statue head detail, route 40, jensen, utah, 1991

"I thought that you had aa speech impediment and not actually British"
- Someone on a VC

The other day, my mum asked me why I didn't speak to any other British people online, and well, the only people from the UK online are either 40-year-old men on Twitter who like to play with their ZX Spectrums or my locals, so not all that many

"Icon" even has a demo version that comes with a little demonstration of what this hidden CGA mode is capable of.

sure teddy roosevelt did whatever but you cant deny that its objectively cool as hell that he got shot while giving a speech and not only did he not die or leave but he finished the speech and then started mocking the assassin for being unable to kill him. truly our most chad president

I just hate how most art websites that I browse don't support RSS >:-/

CW: Transphobia 

CW: Transphobia 

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