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Thanks so much to everyone who came along to my session on allyship this evening. It was an absolute pleasure to talk with you all!

The recording and slides are here:

Really humbled to have been a part of such a wonderful series of talks. Huge love to all my fellow presenters!

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CW: medication 

Sometimes trans joy looks like marching for our rights at a protest alongside hundreds of our beautiful and amazing peers.

Other times, like tonight, it's making a veggie bolognaise and watching Star Trek with a friend.

Happy Friday!

Idea for an anti-NFT… the NFTree.

You send me £500, and I’ll plant a tree. You won’t own the tree but I’ll send you a photo of it. The planet gets another tree, and you get rid of the money you’d have spent on an NFT.


Made the most lovely vegan ragu tonight 💪

CW: selfie, eye contact 

CE: selfie, eye contact 

Also added the line:

"In 2021 I joined a radical team of polymaths and revolutionaries to put my varied, interdisciplinary skillset to good use by building a new university in the UK aiming to disrupt traditional models of higher education and bring radical change to an important yet stagnant institution."

Which sums up what I do, but I hope in a not too condescending way?

Finally updated the front page of my website and included a link to my Mastodon. Woohoo!

I still feel torn between this instance and but the beauty of the fediverse is that I can still be in both places all the time.

Mundane First World Problems 

I could do my budget for the year.

Or I could play with my cat.

CW: Climate Crisis 

Grace Hopper died 30 years ago today, on January 1st 1992.

She was an early computing pioneer, and modern programming wouldn't be as advanced, nuanced, or commonplace without her.

She truly believed in empowering young people to build a better future. Utter legend.

Made vegan bobotie with tarragon rice last night, alongside some vegan pastry delights and a few sauces and dips. Love experimenting with new spices and recipes - here's to more home-cooked goodness in 2022!

Last loaf of the year. Seaweed and chilli bread - tastes phenomenal!

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Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ 100.0%

Damn, fedifriends. You're all beautiful and I can't wait to fill your timelines with awful puns in 2022!

People keep talking about Web v3 as if it's an actual tangible thing.

It isn't. The web is what humanity makes it. It's gone from potential-tool-for-good to capitalist-nightmare-hell, and the only thing that has the power to change that is people.

No ledger, magic code, or AI will save us. Just like climate change, equality, poverty... the change has to come from humanity itself.

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Philosophers hate him! Local techbro solves ethics with this one weird trick

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