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Thanks so much to everyone who came along to my session on allyship this evening. It was an absolute pleasure to talk with you all!

The recording and slides are here:

Really humbled to have been a part of such a wonderful series of talks. Huge love to all my fellow presenters!

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"There's no ethical consumption under capitalism" isn't a free pass to continue to perpetuate shitty behaviour.

My cat just came in from being out in the garden, flopped onto my feet, and proceeded to clean all of the seeds out of his fur onto my feet.

He then got up, chirped at me as if to say "you're welcome" and then headed back outside.

Ah yes, nothing more anarchistic than *checks notes* opening a business and paying taxes.

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This is the ideal scroll bars. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.


*covers every inch of house in solar panels*

*waves at energy industry*

There's a giant ball of gas in the sky that provides us with unlimited renewable energy.

But nah let's keep destabilising the ball of rock we live on instead.

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violence, christian missionaries, "uncontacted" tribes (as if we had to contact every last bloody tribe out there and give them jesus and CiViLiSaTiOn) 

Toast and marmalade. Sometimes it's the simple things in life.

It's so great to see back for a second year - was so proud to present at least year's event, and I love that it's now a continuing tradition in the Fediverse!

The eternal struggle of taking risks vs choosing 'stability' and making sure that risks aren't going to lead to shitty transphobia or neurophobia.

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On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend Blåhaj to a friend or colleague?

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