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Lots of newcomers to Mastodon? Cool! Welcome! Suppose it's a good opportunity for a re ...

Hello, I'm Kestral! I'm part of a team of polymaths building a new university focussed on interdisciplinary learning and eliminating admissions bias in higher education.

I'm also a writer, radio presenter, all-round-nerd and enthusiast. I love old technology!

I am proudly neurodivergent and an activist. Let's chat!

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Thanks so much to everyone who came along to my session on allyship this evening. It was an absolute pleasure to talk with you all!

The recording and slides are here:

Really humbled to have been a part of such a wonderful series of talks. Huge love to all my fellow presenters!

I played my first ever game of D&D this week and it was amazing. Would love to get into it more - so if anyone is looking for a relative beginner to join a campaign... hi.

I eat skittles by sorting them into colours. My cat likes to “help” by waiting until I turn my attention for a second and spreading them across the table.

He looks so happy with himself.

Absolutely loved being part of / again this year. Thanks to all who came along to my talk, and thanks to everyone who presented - especially those taking the plunge for the first time!

I don't wear a hat but if I did I'd take it off for the amazing crew who put the event together. Thank you!

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in australia they call ketchup "tucker fucker" and i thik that's beautiful

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Additionally - big thank you and shout out to everyone who has helped with #SummerSchool

organizers, moderators, participants, and everyone in between!
It has been an amazing Third Year and the largest too. So, keep your eyes open next year of you'd like to contribute in any capacity

Thanks y'all
especially @bgcarlisle and their crow companions

Me an hour ago: "I have eight things on my to-do list, the first of which is breakfast."

Me, after eating breakfast: "I have twelve things on my to-do list and have done one of them."

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UK politics / PREVENT 

PREVENT is racist as fuck amongst other issues. CAGE do a lot of good work around this deeply flawed and discriminatory programme, I remember reading this report when it was released:

All health, social, and government data should be free, open, and reguarly updated.

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Do your children operate one of them nefarious internet machines?

I’ve seen these type of clueless snitch/recruitment posters for a while now,

and I always wonder.

Are the UK cops/IC really this stupid, or do they just think that parents are this stupid? Or is it a bit of both?

Boggles the mind..

As an aside, I'm excited that I'll be reunited with my vintage PC collection by this time next week, and will finally have all my demoscene/modtracking kit back!

Expect a lot more hardware restoration chat.

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Thank you so much for moderating and making the talks possible @suyu :blobcatheart: I enjoyed @LaCrecerelle 's talk a lot, thanks for your heartfelt response to my questions!

My day started with a 5am conference talk and will end with a game of Dungeons & Dragons (my first ever!).

Next up is breakfast. Then working out if I can get a server set up on campus. After that? Dunno. Might eat lunch for a few hours until it's dinner time.

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The talk by @LaCrecerelle has just ended!

It was really nice, with a strong call for action for people to be active in fighting inequality in their environments.

(as an aside, I really liked the meme game and the colors in the presentation materials)

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Huge thanks to everyone who came along to my / talk this morning! Some wonderful and insightful discussion.

Recording and transcription will be shared in a couple of days once I've had a chance to process it.

And - for those who witnessed my cat's cameo - his name is Compton and he's looking very pleased with himself.

Suuuuuper early start for me tomorrow ahead of my / talk as 5am in the UK is a sweet spot for the rest of the world - please forgive the coffee I'll be drinking while I speak!

I'll still be bringing energy, allyship, and a look at how we got from in 2014 to *gestures at world* all of this today.

Bonus: why it matters, why you should care, and how we can all start to fix it!

I'll be recording and transcribing, and the amazing Julia will be moderating!

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I'm excited for my / presentation tomorrow! Will you join me to hear about ethics, allyship, and building a more equitable world?

Details and signup here:

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