Huh. I may have found an unknown Director game for ScummVM. Submitted a bug tracker report for that. I should probably dump this disc...

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Been experimenting a bit with Sheepshaver, and I have somehow managed to find a disc that it refuses to load unless it's explicitly in ISO format.

Also the disc's contents will make the emulator crash and freeze in a few minutes.


(This is not a dig at the emulator itself, the demo menu it includes must be really poorly coded for it to cause all these errors...)

Also this is way better than it was a few years back. It's still glitchy, my computer can barely keep up, but it works!

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OH. I have to insert the CD. It doesn't recognize CDs already on the drive at bootup. Hey. Okay.

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Ugh why is Mac emulation so freakin' finicky. I'm trying to test a couple of games but I can't get the bloody CD drive to work. >_<

Well, I'm getting legit paypal invoices from people I don't know. Someone leaked a database. Bleh.

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Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

Picked up a lot of magazine demo discs I needed to complete my PC Accelerator set, and it also included a few non magazine discs. I've checked two and they're full of Director files...

Looks like one of them (Davidson Product Sampler) is already listed in ScummVM's detection tables. I'll have to examine the other CDs...

But that's not all! Information Society tried this again two years later, but it didn't go as planned thanks to executive meddling. But they posted the files online in the early 2000s, and I plucked them from a very early Wayback Archive capture:

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Well, let's see if this works: Here's Information Society's "Super Secret Coded Message" game thingy, which was reviewed by Robin of 8-Bit Show and Tell. He posted the program and source code on Youtube, so I reposted them to the archive with his permission:

Alerted to a really cool thing that I hope I will have ready for inclusion in MAME before the code lock

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If you weren't sure about abandoning Twitter, you better do it now. Or set up a massive blocklist that bans everyone who follows the orange traitor there.

As of right now it's up to 950k followers and it is SO OBVIOUS all of those are bots.

Question: I have a couple of job recruiting DVDs for game devs that I've picked up over the years, and I would like to preserve them, but the disc and case artwork has contact information for people.

What are the options here - post edited versions of the art, or not? The videos are well over 10 years old, so there's a good chance the phones don't work anymore (or the people involved have moved on.) One company no longer exists.

WOW that domain is full of porn, racism, and other nasty stuff. I'm just gonna block the whole thing.

Seems that bot followed everyone who was active in the past two days. Yeesh.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaand just blocked my first bot. From another instance, though. Yippee.

Also I don't know how to get the checkmark so I'm not sure it's working right :p

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