Did you know that the Digital Preservation Outreach & Education Network (DPOE-N) offers grants in digital preservation training, and our spring online DIG550 class is on their list? Some of our past students have benefited from this generous funding 💸

In case you're wondering about our fabled running list of digital curation jobs, you can still find those on the bird site twitter.com/DigitCurator. We are in the process of transferring that feed here and appreciate your patience in the meantime 🥲

Could you recover material from a floppy disk or VHS tape? I co-teach an online course in digital preservation this spring that covers nitty-gritty stuff like forensics and checksums as well as Big Picture issues like preserving atoms v bits v experience.

We start 18 January--more at DigitalCuration.UMaine.edu

A reminder for the Mastodon crowd that I run GLAMedOut, & to reply or reach out if you want an invite link! 😁

GLAMedOut is a Discord-based community for people who have switched from careers in Galleries/Libraries/Archives/Museums to other fields & those looking to do so, too! The discord is 100+ people strong now, with wonderfully varied backgrounds and career paths.

Hey, everyone! I'm the VP of the New England American Studies Association, a group for scholars of the US who are located in the northeast. I'd love to connect with others in the area! Stay tuned for the CFP for our 2023 conference - if you're interested, you can join our listserv via the link below!

#AmericanStudies #humanities #NewEngland #ASA #Literature #interdisciplinary #histodons #history

Can we build a decentralized Internet that doesn't depend on tech giants? Watch Microsoft researcher and RadicalxChange founder Glen Weyl argue for a web3 where trust comes from social ties in this interactive recording of Monday's webinar From Platforms to Protocols, organized by @DigitCurator.


Now that the 15-year-old stranglehold that Twitter and Facebook/Meta have kept on the public sphere is loosening, we'll be looking at decentralized alternatives with Glen Weyl in the next teleconference from @DigitCurator this Monday at 11am Eastern blog.still-water.net/can-the-n

Huge job opportunities!

Multiple hires for Digital Projects Coordinators in the Library of Congress Collections Discovery and Metadata Services division.

Pays $126,233 - $164,102 per year

Apply by 12/09/2022

These jobs are a huge opportunity to play a key role in implementing
the new Library Collections Access Platform -> bit.ly/3XptbP4


Another great job opportunity!

Two openings for Digital Collections Specialists in the Library of Congress Digital Content Management Section. $61,947 - $80,532 per year with further built in promotion potential. usajobs.gov/job/690167000 Apply by 12/16/2022

Learn more about team's values here -> blogs.loc.gov/thesignal/2019/0

For those who have downloaded their archive data, you might want to check out this Twitter Archive parser by @timhutton:


This converts your Tweet archive to and HTML, and replaces t.co URLs (which will break once Twitter goes away) with their original versions.

Afterwards, it asks if you want to try downloading the original size images.

Just ran this myself without any major issues, really easy to use as well.

🏛 🆕 🐘 Are you a librarian, archivist, curator, collection manager who's just joined Mastodon? Consider adding yourself to this public list of professionals that @Nickpoole1 shared on Twitter: t.co/pdYrUtUkpy

There are now no less than 42 curated lists of academics on Mastodon, in various subject areas, on this GitHub, as well as links to groups, preprint and bibliography bots, and servers/communities. Check it out, tell others about it, and bookmark it for future reference! https://github.com/nathanlesage/academics-on-mastodon

Please note: I am *NOT* the maintainer of this GitHub! Please contact "@ hendrikerz@scholar.social" (*without* the space in between!). Here's a direct link to his profile: https://scholar.social/@hendrikerz.

Trying to catch up on this site after 3 years. What's your favorite iOS ?📱

Did you see that we're holding a free webinar on decentralized alternatives to today's tech platform monopolies and how that might impact cultural heritage?

Join Glen Wyel @jonippolito and others this Monday at 11am Eastern. More info and registration at blog.still-water.net/can-the-n

Roundtable to discuss aspects of power & ethics in 3D digital technologies and cultural heritage at the School of Advanced Study next Wednesday at 4pm GMT via Zoom: https://www.sas.ac.uk/events/ethics-3d-and-cultural-heritage

"There can be a tendency to be blasé or even triumphalist about these tools, the ways in which they change our interaction with heritage, and the legal and ethical implications of the new kinds of digital objects and rights created by them."

Free and open to all

If you care about the future of the web, join me Monday 21 November for the next @DigitCurator teleconference. We'll think through what a post-platform web could be, with the help of Microsoft researcher and radical economist Glen Weyl. Register at blog.still-water.net/can-the-n

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📢 Great #postdoc opportunity if you are interested in digital #archives!

EyCon (Visual #AI and Early Conflict Photography) is funded by AHRC in the UK and LABEX in France.

#AcademicTwitter #digitalhumanities #dh #academicjobs @ProjectEycon@twitter.com


🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/lisejaillant/status/1588156243100696576

Our bird site DigitalCuration.UMaine.edu has regularly posted jobs related to digital curation—at least a dozen each week. Thinking of continuing that practice here 🤔

We're an all-online Digital Curation grad certificate for folks working in museums, archives, labs, studios, government offices, et al. We cover the whole enchilada 🌮 from acquiring stuff to preserving it long term. We regularly post related resources and opportunities!

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