Signing emails as "Dr Carlisle" in order to increase the chance that a prospective landlord actually takes me seriously and answers rather than just blowing me off

@bgcarlisle I've never not had a prospective landlord absolutely glow with happiness when they learn I'm a librarian. On occasion, stereotypes come in handy.

@auntiekiki @bgcarlisle my current landlord let me rent this house without meeting either my husband or dog because I’m a librarian. It shouldn’t work that way but also fuck I’m willing to go through less pain.


@platypus @auntiekiki @bgcarlisle same! my current landlord said they didn’t need to meet my husband or cat because they love librarians! she’s a schoolteacher and said she felt kinship with me. it probably also helps that i’m a small white woman, though, and i recognize that.

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