I don't think I've shared this improvement for our metadata record history page.

You can now see what fields changed and a hint on how (+ = added, - = removed, ^ = 'adjusted') they changed.

I would love to see the "back of house" interfaces others are creating for managing digital collections and metadata.

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@vphill What system are you using for this? And is this just static history of the metadata changes or is it used for metadata versioning? Can you roll back changes & go to a previous version of the metadata?

@RoxPoNinja This is the interface we have built in-house that we call "Edit". We version all of the metadata so you can go back to previous versions to view exact changes as needed. We don't have a roll back to previous version feature but could add one in the future.

We've done a little work on metadata change over time with our versioned metadata as a dataset.

@vphill And is your digital preservation system synchronising its metadata with Edit or are they completely separate?

@RoxPoNinja the access system (which includes edit) and our preservation system (which we call Coda) are connected by reference with ARKs.

When you pull an item from Coda, if you need the updated descriptive metadata, you ask Aubrey (the access system) for the metadata.

Over the years we have seen most people just request the preservation copies of files and not ask about descriptive metadata.

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