We had to pick the last of the peppers because of our first freeze this week. Time for some salsa.

@vphill Kia ora from Aotearoa NZ... Amazing and I am jealous! I used to live in a fairly hot summer central area, but we moved a few years ago to near the coast and almost at Fiordland (or Te Whakataka-kārehu-a-Tamatea in Māori) and it is decidedly cool here most of the year round, so no more pepper growing for me until we can afford a hot house.

@CentralAndWesternArchiveGLAM this was sour first year with so many pepper plants. It was so hot this summer in Texas that the peppers didn’t start to produce until very late in the season, basically fall. But when they started they really produced. Peppers, peppers everywhere.

@vphill That is amazing, well done! I used to grow a lot of hot peppers as I love them, still have 3 jars of dried ones left from before we moved here, but they are fast disappearing. I hope you enjoy all of yours, I personally find it a lot of fun preserving things for later use, whether that be history or food! 😂

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