@vphill Kia ora from Aotearoa NZ. Fellow sector archivist here. I found when coming over a few weeks ago now, hashtag everything as those are the only searchable words. Search, find, add, explore, connect. Do an intro, make more posts with interests hashtagged to find those with mutual interests. You will soon find your local timeline (those on our .digipres.club instance) full of interesting people and topics, the workd or federated timeline has all those other instances we can view. 😊

@CentralAndWesternArchiveGLAM I appreciate the suggestions. Feels like attending a social event for the first time and trying to figure out the lay of the land.

@vphill No worries, try to lend a hand if I see someone who appears lost in the room, so to speak. I had others so for me when I first arrived, it was super helpful. Hope your experience is a good one, there are a lot of new connections to be made here. 😊

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