Always good to see "# fuck it" as a comment in a module you're using

"The Internet Archive just put 565 Palm Pilot apps in your web browser / Dope Wars, Space Trader, Graffiti, memos, calculators and more: the Internet Archive’s instant Palm Pilot emulator is an app store before the App Store."

go @internetarchive ! go @textfiles !

Wow, so @internetarchive is launching Palm Pilot emulation soon and it turns out they have my #Diabetes app GlucoPilot up and running in the browser. I released this in 1998 and it was the first portable diabetes management app! plus charts!

...featuring a pretty sick image map tbh!

(Mozilla is a play on "Mosaic killer", so "Killer Products" must be a nod to that.)

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Have just seen that the Mosaic Communications Corporation's website is still intact and online. It's a real portal to the Web of 1994.

It also means the "Welcome" "What's New?" "What's Cool?" etc. buttons work in Netscape 0.96 beta!

Bonus: a fun (semi) early version of a (sort of) free software commitment.


French Touch is a #demoscene group on Apple II.

We've been doing demos since 2014 and we try to do never seen before effects on this platform, using advanced tricks.

Most of our demos require an original 1Mhz IIe or IIc, with a Mockingboard sound card (released in 1983).

Current members are @grouik and @fenarinarsa

All our demos' source code is released under GPLv3!
(link in profile)

Introducing the first alpha release of Mastodon 3.11 for Workgroups!

Available for Windows 95 :BlobhajShock:

Or consider this copy of a Usenet post advertising a seminar with Douglas Engelbart on "BOOTSTRAPPING ORGANIZATIONS INTO THE 21ST CENTURY"!

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One of the benefits of making your own mirror of (the first website!) is that you can dig through the directories and find things that are hidden away.

For example, behold Tim Berner's Lee and Robert Cailliau's notes from ECHT90, "the first European Conference on HyperText" -- which took place at Versailles in 1990!

digipres hivemind question! 

Does anyone have experience/know where I can read about taking an existing journal open access (e.g. one published by a university press or by one of the for-profits)?

Just something I've wanted to learn more about for a while, and I realize I might have found exactly the right people to ask.

A message for you from Melon Brains (Multimedia Creators Network/Pioneer, LaserActive, 1995)

Here's a little project I've been meaning to pull together for a while.

For my own website, I created a CSS reproduction of the stylesheet used in Tim Berners-Lee's original web browser. Now, I've mirrored a copy of the *first website* ( and applied the stylesheet to it.

tl;dr: you can surf the first website as though you were visiting with the first web browser!

"Stay cool at all times 😎"

Art, humor, and personality in Patrick Buckland's Crystal Quest (1987)

Hello! A quick introduction:

I'm interested in retrocomputing in general, and I'm especially interested in the early history of the web.

I'm attempting to archive and preserve the earliest versions of the earliest web browsers before they're lost:

In my day job, I research and teach moral and political philosophy at LMU Munich.

New to Mastodon and was never on Twitter, so please excuse me as I get my bearings!

Thanks to @dsalo @misty and @joshuatj for the welcome<3

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