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Code4Lib live streams available today, tomorrow and Friday on their youtube page!

Sarah Roberts' opening keynote on megatech content moderation has been bone-chilling but confirms that I want to be a part of a community that is putting issues like this front and center

digital preservation meetings were far less stressful back when I was leading them

Love this summary of No Time To Wait (from JTS), which we'll be running for its 4th year next December in Budapest: "For our tech savvy, -loving, DIY spirit-embracing fellow " 👋

NDSA Levels of Preservation Reboot Project Implementation Subgroup Survey

We hope you might take the time to complete the following survey & let us know what you think of the Levels, especially what you like most about them, & where they might need a rethink. And please note, the survey isn’t just for those people who are already using the NDSA Levels. If you don’t intend to use them or have decided they don’t meet your needs we are also interested in hearing from you.

Out now: new release of the tapeimgr tape extraction tool. Now with improved metadata support (incl entry of identifiers, descriptions and annotations through GUI or CLI). Default output dir is now configurable as well

Well, I guess the good news is that my MacBook Pro can resample 400 large tiff files in just over 4min, while my iMac takes 18min.

The bad news is that I had to pay the MacBook Pro myself. 🤑

Best recent advice I've gotten: If you're running Ubuntu 18.04, ditch Nautilus and use Nero instead.

Last time I upgraded this machine to 18.04, it was a hot mess and I had to do a fresh install of 16.04. No issues with the upgrade this time and Archivematica 1.8 works (mostly).

🗒️✍️ The full Call for Contributions for the @iPRES2019 conference is here! 🚨➡️… ⬅️🚨

I've never taken so many screenshots as I did during this morning's Preservation Action Registries thingy.

It's like PCDM for digipres (but not really).

code4lib diversity scholarships are open! It's what got me to my first code4lib in 2012, when I couldn’t have otherwise afforded it. It’s a great opportunity.

Show more is a space for folks interested in productive conversations about, well, digital preservation! If you enjoy talking about how to do memory work with computers, or even with cardboard boxes of old photos, you belong with us on Many of us are/were Twitter users looking for an inclusive and community supported approach to social media. If any of these things sound good to you, consider joining us now.