@dsalo Some tapes with sticky shed have a slight odor, but it's never really that strong - at least not to me.

@akorphan, you're right. Many people I've worked with think that sticky shed is the same as vinegar syndrome. They're just getting av formats confused.

Considering including this SPECS BROS print out as disclaimer of sorts when I return AMPEX 3/4" tapes to archives staff. Two rounds in the oven didn't help this one.

@archivist_Liz Although there a ton of issues I have with my employer, they do give me complete freedom with computing platforms. I'm actively using macOS, Ubuntu, and Windows10 in my digitization labs.

The caveat is that I don't get any any assistance at all from our IT dept. I end up spending a lot of time setting up workstations and troubleshooting issues.

My employer has insisted today that I remove the categories of 'Digitization' and 'Digital Preservation' from my position description and replace them with 'Archival Expertise'.


I was an archivist for 4 years. I am no longer an archivist and don’t do archival work - I’m just in the archives dept.

Happy !

@ron@glammr.us @ashley @dsalo That's a good scanner, I have one of them in my office. It's a fixed focus scanner so removing the glass makes sense. Let us know how they turn out! 🙌

@ron@glammr.us @ashley @dsalo Some might cringe at the thought of this but I often scan emulsion side down to prevent Newton’s rings. If the scanner glass is clean and you don’t move the film around after you place it, you should be fine.

@ron@glammr.us @ashley @dsalo Although I’m sure that it will temporarily curl slightly, you could just put the film directly on the glass since it seems to be an odd size. Base/shiny side down is worth a try. Newton’s rings might show up in the scans shiny side down, so definitely zoom in at 200x to check.

@ron@glammr.us @ashley @dsalo Although some flatbed scanners have an adjustable focus (epson expression series), I'd most definitely remove them from the glass holders. There's just too much of a risk of scratching up your scanner and there’s the focus issue if you have a fixed focus scanner.

@ashley professional & hot/humid weather should never be used in the same sentence 😓

Did you know my !!con West talk from February is online? You should watch me talk about old video games and obsolete text encodings! youtu.be/t37Cr3FDyvU

@ron@glammr.us hopefully it's not too chaotic and we all survive

@ashley Yes, I imagine that the pressure is on with this. 🤞🏻 I'm thankful that I only have to worry about my stuff.

The words "unceremoniously" and "marginalized" appear often in my annual self-appraisal.

I might have a problem here.

also putting spaces & punctuation marks in the filenames just makes me want to 😭

If you are applying for a job, sending your CV and cover letter as word docs probably isn't the smartest thing to do. 🙄

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