Considering including this SPECS BROS print out as disclaimer of sorts when I return AMPEX 3/4" tapes to archives staff. Two rounds in the oven didn't help this one.

After 15 years of doing videotape digitization, you'd think imposter syndrome would be a thing of the past. I still wonder if I'm doing everything properly.

But it's always reassuring when an expensive vendor's transfer doesn't seem to be quite as good as yours.

These 10-bit uncompressed .mov files are slowly choking FITS (and my computer) to death. DC Video doesn't do MKV/FFV1 ๐Ÿ‘Ž .

digitizing a VHS tape with same content looped and I feel like I'm trapped on a merry-go-round

Although it rarely occurs, being called out for scanning errors isn't cool. What's cool is being able to prove that your digitization unit did not scan the image. We've never used a Nikon slide scanner.

digital preservation meetings were far less stressful back when I was leading them

Best recent advice I've gotten: If you're running Ubuntu 18.04, ditch Nautilus and use Nero instead.

Last time I upgraded this machine to 18.04, it was a hot mess and I had to do a fresh install of 16.04. No issues with the upgrade this time and Archivematica 1.8 works (mostly).

I'm finally a sudoer in a legit Archivematica installation. ๐Ÿพ

I've never taken so many screenshots as I did during this morning's Preservation Action Registries thingy.

It's like PCDM for digipres (but not really).

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