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I get some (mostly subtweeted) anger that clumsy ol' me gets a lot of attention while others don't - the question is if that talk would be wanted.

I can't decide if it's useful for self-aggrandizing asshole (that's me) offering to do a speech/presentation on building a public persona around archiving for this iPRES thing. Any thoughts appreciated (negative or positive).

This is roughly 200 tapes. Some are backups I apparently did of others, but that'll all be sorted out. All have now been ripped and uploaded to the Internet Archive, and I'll be fixing up the metadata and the rest so that it's easier to understand. I'll link it back and forth to the BBS Documentary main site. This is a goldmine, one I'm glad to finally put up.

This script goes through uploads to the archive software collection, detects when people are uploading CDs, and is adding them automatically to subcollections.

Enjoying my 30 minutes of watching Code4Lib from afar.

Everyone knows the EaaS folks and the Emularity folks get along, right - we all want emulation accepted by the world at large, and we have different technology that does similar things with advantages/disadvantages on each side.

The Internet Archive now has WebAssembly for the "Emulation in a Browser" setup. - there's no real action items here; it'll just start working in browsers which support WebAssembly, which is all of them. It mostly means that as WebAssembly gets better, tighter, improved, our emulation will improve along with it.

So many BBS documentary tapes going on! In general, very, very little glitching. I'm focusing on just getting them up there, metadata later.

Some of the DV tapes have a little bit of schmutz/problems, but thems the breaks. On the whole, the tapes are in very good shape. Currently transferring the DV data over, uploading, then hoping some volunteers will highlight issues or we'll simply mark them off. 99% of the data's good so far, which I'll take.

Ridiculous nail-biting fear as I put old tapes into a new deck and hoping the tape will read.

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