Great news, @internetarchive is now the official Internet Archive Mastodon account. Accept no substitutes! We also have @brewsterkahle , the ever-fascinating founder of the place, and more coming soon. Hop on!

@adnan @skinnylatte @textfiles @textfiles I mean… it is Internet Archive’s own mastodon instance for employees of Internet Archive. And I doubt @textfiles would let any rando make an account impersonating Internet Archive in their own instance.

@textfiles @internetarchive can you please add a URL the way it needs to be, on your profile, such that it confirms you're really the internet archive? @brewsterkahle

@textfiles @brewsterkahle @internetarchive why is it to hard for y’all to verify that you in fact control those websites? Surely you speak html…

I feel like I missed a magic trick between these pictures.

@textfiles @internetarchive @brewsterkahle
If you want you could put a link verification back to for that account.

You put a link on the page and it shows in it's profile that it "owns" (whatever that means) the page/website.

@textfiles @internetarchive @brewsterkahle! Yeaaah, that's how it's done! Now I wonder, will there be an archive of old mastodon posts on

@textfiles @internetarchive Hell yeah!

Dear @brewsterkahle, you should bring Wendy here, too!

I tried to convince her back in Venice last April

@textfiles @internetarchive @brewsterkahle great, heroku deleted my database cos they stopped supporting some version of mongodb , so i only have my old work thanks to the archive

@textfiles @internetarchive @brewsterkahle Have you considered running a hometown instance? (It's a Mastodon fork that supports local posts and is maintained by @darius: ) I imagine being it a good choice for an organization as you can choose for a post to stay local and not federate, thus enabling org-internal-only exchange.

@acka47 @textfiles @internetarchive @brewsterkahle happy to get on a call with whoever is managing this at the archive too

@acka47 @internetarchive @brewsterkahle @darius Appreciated but we are not doing that at the moment. It is meant to be part of the fediverse and aimed out. We use Slack internally. And hello, Darius! That’s very good to hear. We hope Open Library will also be there soon.
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