Mastodon sometimes sends me along notifies that people are saying the equivalent of "Here is Jason's account on mastodon but he almost never posts, he posts on twitter but twitter badddddd" across the month. Sorry about that, I go where the mass audience is.

If you're exclusively here, let me suggest my podcast, "Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It" - monetary support is encouraged but not required. I'm at 61 episodes and growing weekly.

@textfiles Started listening to your podcast and I like it! In some ways it’s almost like an audio book of your autobiography. 😊

@tsturm It's heavily autobiographical just because I needed a hook to put together the threads and "book report" format always turns me off, personally. I also run them on the short end because I think people don't like getting bombarded with one thing for an hour.

@textfiles I've been listening to your podcast since day one. Honestly, I haven't supported it monetarily, but I've shared it online and in meatspace very often because I love how you make me interested in subjects I've never gave much thought about. That's a gift, man!

@epifn Yeah, I wanted something that would both fundraise and also leave something useful behind it, and I've been happy with the results so far. Glad you're enjoying it!

@textfiles Maybe one day you'll record an episode called "The Mastodon Episode" ;)

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