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SURVEY OPPORTUNITY. Library, Archives, and Museum workers! Have you held a position created through grant funding (US)? Was any of the work you did digital? We want to hear about your experience as a worker:

(this is separate from forum participation)

This survey is gathering data for Collective Responsibility: National Forum on Labor Practices for Grant-Funded Digital Positions, IMLS funding number LG-73-18-0236. Help us & share the survey w/friends and colleagues.

Can you direct me to institutions capturing webpages related to the upcoming Brazilian presidential election?

Do I renew my SAA membership for 2019 or not?

Periodic reminder: not everything needs to be preserved.

New from Ivy Plus — the National Statistical Offices and Central Banks Web Archive:!

It's Election Season, and Ivy Plus Libraries has a new collection for you to browse: the State Elections Web Archive, which aims to preserve campaign websites of declared candidates running for state elective offices in CA, CT, IL, MD, MA, NH, NY, NC, PA + RI.

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Cost of iPRES got you down? Well, if you have the means to get Boston on September 27, there will be a FREE half-day unconference style event called apres iPRES. Hopefully some good digital preservation conversations will be had!

Registration and more info here:

Like: 'The UN seeks a colleague to help or lead with a couple of big initiatives: gathering requirements for an enterprise preservation system and preparing an RFI/RFP, and developing a distributed custody and secure data storage protocol for on premises network storage.'

Five months?

You can be the Information Management Officer at the United Nations — for five months:

Someone asked me to prepare a ten minute lecture that covers ‘everything about web archiving’ and I feel like I’m being punked.

What do you all know about Primary Research Group? Saw on a listserv that they're looking for an author to write a monograph about web archiving, but I've never heard of them and I'm not sure if I should be wary?

i’ve been asked a few times lately to present to ischool courses — is this something i’m supposed to add to my cv?

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My SAA slides & speaker notes for "If a checksum falls [/fails] in a forest..." from the panel “Opening the Black Box: Transparency and Conplexity in Digital Preservation” are available here:

What's a good alternative to Gmail that isn't Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc.? Protonmail?

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Did the Archivist of the United States seriously say that he used to work with ‘crazy’ people?

Always and forever, the best part of my job is taking a Selector’s far-flung collection idea and turning it into something real. Collaborating with them, pushing them to think differently, and actually building something in tandem with a group of people is a privilege.

I love web archiving and its people. I love my job. I love the days in which I get to connect with Selectors and other professionals and build things that mean something to people. I hope I can do that forever.

Spending the train ride home trying to think about what kind of archival professional — librarian? — I am, what I value, and how to best give something to this profession of mine. A blog post, maybe?

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