@ashley my landlords name is ursula and she is the only cool landlord in history

Selfie w/ eye contact 

@platypus @auntiekiki @bgcarlisle same! my current landlord said they didn’t need to meet my husband or cat because they love librarians! she’s a schoolteacher and said she felt kinship with me. it probably also helps that i’m a small white woman, though, and i recognize that.

@platypus Yeah, no. This is why I’m not applying this year.

suicide mention (not a famous person) 

@dsalo excited to see who it is! i’m sure there will be a written announcement soon? or i’ll meet them when the semester starts!

@dsalo btw, where’s the announcement? i missed it

@ashley @dsalo (tbh I was thinking about tossing my hat in the ring for that class at Pratt, but I already have so much fall travel that ... idk.)

@ashley @dsalo Having it online helps! I probably couldn’t teach in person.

@dsalo Oh, good! And yeah, I was taking to Michele a bit about this while we were fleshing out my course. Any luck filling her position?

@dsalo @ashley Liking the idea of Ashley teaching at Wisconsin, not at Wisconsin being understaffed. That part makes me v sad.

@andrewjbtw Hm, good to know! I’ve only been a ‘guest reviewer’ for a special web archiving edition of a journal, so I don’t know enough to know what’s standard. Will be curious to see if AA puts out a statement at some point.

@jennifer Yeah, that’s a possibility. Either way, I assume his piece didn’t go through the normal process — for some reason.

I have a piece in the forthcoming American Archivist (same issue as the Boles piece), and it was peer reviewed to hell and back, twice. So, idk what happened here? They must have solicited this piece, right?

job advice needed 

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