I have a piece in the forthcoming American Archivist (same issue as the Boles piece), and it was peer reviewed to hell and back, twice. So, idk what happened here? They must have solicited this piece, right?

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Hi everyone! At the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision we're seeking a digital preservation analyst! ➡️ vacancy in Dutch, English summary in the making: beeldengeluid.nl/vacature-anal

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my university counselor asked me for recommendations for trans literature to put in the counseling library

do you know any really good books about gender? please let me know!


(boosts appreciated too)

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For the Archivists on here who are members of SAA...

there's a petition to establish a new section for accessibility. The link includes goals for the section: https://surveymonkey.com/r/PZTQGVQ

Had my students do a quality assurance assignment this week, and I said I'd give feedback, so now I'm doing quality assurance on their quality assurance.

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What is it about the online that makes people (dudes) think that existing in a public space means they can engage in unlimited unwanted interaction? That's not how public spaces work.

If you can't even fathom the concept of consent at the level of
a conversation, you're a menace at best.

I used to think teachers were Over The Top when their syllabus included a paragraph on how to properly send an email, but — lord. We’re barely into week two and some of the emails I’ve received are wild. No, ‘Hello!’ No, ‘I have a question!’ Today’s best was: ‘Archive-It is broken’ with no subject and no further information.

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NDSA Levels of Preservation Reboot Project Implementation Subgroup Survey

We hope you might take the time to complete the following survey & let us know what you think of the Levels, especially what you like most about them, & where they might need a rethink. And please note, the survey isn’t just for those people who are already using the NDSA Levels. If you don’t intend to use them or have decided they don’t meet your needs we are also interested in hearing from you.


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Hey folks -- who do you think does Codes of Conduct really well? Can you share links? I've got a bunch collected but I am sure I'm missing some!

Relatedly -- do you have favorite examples of social expectations which _aren't_ codes of conduct (e.g. things that are more aspirational about how we should BE together but aren't codes of conduct because you shouldn't enforce aspirations in the same way you'd respond to harmful behaviors)?

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Been a long time coming and I'm super stoked to finally share some bilingual web archives and outreach:

🇺🇲 archive-it.org/blog/post/2018-

🇲🇽 archive-it.org/blog/post/archi

Thanks to Natalie Baur for being that kind of collaborator we all aspire to be in digital archives and libraries.

Is 2019 the year I leave Twitter and Instagram? I’ve already left Facebook.

i want to talk about doing quality assurance on websites in languages that i do not speak (it's hard, and i don't feel like i'm doing a good job)

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WEB ARCHIVISTS: If I want to use the materials your institution is collecting, where do I go?

(looking for both literal URLs and descriptions of the processes by which I'd found out that these exist)

They — I — say it couldn't be done, but here's 257 Wix sites, captured with Webrecorder, in Archive-It: archive-it.org/collections/107

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SURVEY OPPORTUNITY. Library, Archives, and Museum workers! Have you held a position created through grant funding (US)? Was any of the work you did digital? We want to hear about your experience as a worker: https://pennstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bODNUR7shGKXemx

(this is separate from forum participation)

This survey is gathering data for Collective Responsibility: National Forum on Labor Practices for Grant-Funded Digital Positions, IMLS funding number LG-73-18-0236. Help us & share the survey w/friends and colleagues.

Can you direct me to institutions capturing webpages related to the upcoming Brazilian presidential election?

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