Hey folks -- who do you think does Codes of Conduct really well? Can you share links? I've got a bunch collected but I am sure I'm missing some!

Relatedly -- do you have favorite examples of social expectations which _aren't_ codes of conduct (e.g. things that are more aspirational about how we should BE together but aren't codes of conduct because you shouldn't enforce aspirations in the same way you'd respond to harmful behaviors)?

Been a long time coming and I'm super stoked to finally share some bilingual web archives and outreach:

🇺🇲 archive-it.org/blog/post/2018-

🇲🇽 archive-it.org/blog/post/archi

Thanks to Natalie Baur for being that kind of collaborator we all aspire to be in digital archives and libraries.

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Is 2019 the year I leave Twitter and Instagram? I’ve already left Facebook.

i want to talk about doing quality assurance on websites in languages that i do not speak (it's hard, and i don't feel like i'm doing a good job)

WEB ARCHIVISTS: If I want to use the materials your institution is collecting, where do I go?

(looking for both literal URLs and descriptions of the processes by which I'd found out that these exist)

They — I — say it couldn't be done, but here's 257 Wix sites, captured with Webrecorder, in Archive-It: archive-it.org/collections/107

SURVEY OPPORTUNITY. Library, Archives, and Museum workers! Have you held a position created through grant funding (US)? Was any of the work you did digital? We want to hear about your experience as a worker: pennstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/fo

(this is separate from forum participation)

This survey is gathering data for Collective Responsibility: National Forum on Labor Practices for Grant-Funded Digital Positions, IMLS funding number LG-73-18-0236. Help us & share the survey w/friends and colleagues.

Can you direct me to institutions capturing webpages related to the upcoming Brazilian presidential election?

Do I renew my SAA membership for 2019 or not?

Periodic reminder: not everything needs to be preserved.

New from Ivy Plus — the National Statistical Offices and Central Banks Web Archive: archive-it.org/collections/106!

It's Election Season, and Ivy Plus Libraries has a new collection for you to browse: the State Elections Web Archive, which aims to preserve campaign websites of declared candidates running for state elective offices in CA, CT, IL, MD, MA, NH, NY, NC, PA + RI. archive-it.org/collections/107.

Cost of iPRES got you down? Well, if you have the means to get Boston on September 27, there will be a FREE half-day unconference style event called apres iPRES. Hopefully some good digital preservation conversations will be had!

Registration and more info here: ipres2018.org/apres-ipres

Like: 'The UN seeks a colleague to help or lead with a couple of big initiatives: gathering requirements for an enterprise preservation system and preparing an RFI/RFP, and developing a distributed custody and secure data storage protocol for on premises network storage.'

Five months?

Someone asked me to prepare a ten minute lecture that covers ‘everything about web archiving’ and I feel like I’m being punked.

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